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By: chickenscratchstudio
Hair by Jennifer Marie at Rock n Roll Hair
Review for JUSTIN-I am a platinum bleach blonde with long hair and hot pink tips. You can ONLY imagine the kind of damage that can do to your locks. On top of the abuse I do to my mane, I spent 2 weeks at the beach flinting around in the ocean like I was a mermaid. When it was time to return from my fairytale life and come back to Tejas, I took one look in the mirror and realized that my pink had faded almost completely, my blonde was fried and my hair was in complete shambles.I am BEYOND picky about my hair and usually just do it myself (so that I can't wish ill upon others who mess it up) but this was beyond what I could repair. The roots were even like 2" long and I looked like a lot lizard instead of the hot mermaid that I thought I did. It was horrific. So I put on a Rangers cap and called Rock N Roll Hair.Justin was able to get me in immediately. I made the appointment for an ombre 'do. When I got there, he TRIED to run his fingers through my hair... no dice. His eyes were wide and shocked (probably disgusted) at the immense damage I had done. I told him what I wanted and he very kindly and gently said, "no way!" He could read me like a book and could tell that I would be sorely disappointed going from platinum to adding so much brown. He recommended a subtle transition with lowlights and to soften up the blonde. I just took his advice and rolled with it.The mocha didn't take like we had hoped because the bleach on my hair just ate it up. It was so porous. As he was TRYING to brush my hair, it was so damaged (on my account) that it got tangled and lost in his brush. He recommended that we trim the ends to bring it back to a healthy level. I admit, I cried. I have been growing my hair out for 3 years. It has never been this long, but what's the point in having long unhealthy hair?! He was so sweet and so reassuring through the whole process. He calmed me down and made me feel so much better about it. He trimmed my hair and it looked sooooo much better.I went back today (a week later) to add the mocha lowlights and he did such an amazing job!He is such an artist! He is quick and fluid! I was so happy that I gave him a huge hug (totally freaked him out! hahaha) and left with the biggest smile on my face! He also does the BEST blow dry and style. Seriously, Justin is the best. I love him and totally recommend him. I had to sign up for YELP just to recommend him! <3 He's awesome!!!Thanks, Justin, for making me feel pretty again!!!
By: Domonique D.
Bees Knees Salon
I've had a lot of bad hair experiences in my life time, to the point were I just couldn't stand walking into a salon to get it done. I was pretty nervous since it'd been over a year for a decent cut, and I was afraid I'd have a lot of unanswered questions as per-usual. After making a few phone calls to another salon downtown, with no call backs or even take the time to answer the phone, I figured I'd give Bee's Knee's a try. When I walked in, I was greated with a smile and asked if I wanted a beverage. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. Upon getting my cup of coffee, I met Sarah. She was pure delight. I had a general idea of what I wanted, she made it crystal clear what would work. I asked my usual questions and now I feel I have all the answers for styles and cuts that would work. It's not like any other salon I've been to, and it was well worth the wait and courage to try. Hands down, I will direct anyone looking for a friendly staff and cute atmosphere to go give Bee's Knee's a try. I will definately be back again. This is my go to!
By: romykay7770
Salon Purple
Congratulations!! to Terry and Salon Purple. Terry has been a Master Stylist for several years. He worked at a fabulous salon in the area and had so many clients, he had to do some at home! Opening his own salon was the natural progession in his line of success. Terry is a wonderful Christian person with a Fantastic family! He has been my stylist for about 10 years. I will never go anywhere else. Terry does a wonderful job cutting and coloring my hair exactly how I want it. He is extremely knowledgable about what he does, and is up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Terry is a great listener. He is interested in giving you precisely what you want, and will work with you until you are satisfied. I have 2 teen boys and he does their hair, as well. They, too, are always satisfied with their cut ( and you know how kids can be about their hair). The salon is beautiful and inviting and so are the people! The best salon in the metroplex by far!!
By: Emma K.
Chateau At Forest Park
Went to a wedding reception at the Chateau. Everything was beautiful! The building is rustic on the outside and the inside is REALLY nicely done. WOW! The room and decor is stunning and the beautiful lighting really made the place come alive. I loved the centerpiece and linen combination. My fiance and I are talking "wedding" and I want to do our wedding here. The food was delicious and the service was very professionally presented. The street taco station as well as the mac n cheese station were perfect. The staff was very service oriented. The DJ (Complete Music) did a phenomenal job and had everyone up and dancing all night. The bartenders mixed some tasty drinks. I especially loved the frozen pink margaritas. We drank margaritas and danced until midnight. Fun, fun, fun!
By: Nell F.
Bees Knees Salon
The salon is adorable, the people are great. Nestled away "on the bricks" of Camp Bowie Blvd, this salon really is the bees knees! They have online booking, which is great because you can make your appointment 24/7.The salon is in what appears to be an old house. They have vintage-y furnishings and each stylist has his/her own station done in their own personal style.I have gone to Mandy to get my hair done for years. She is amazing because she is such a good listener and communicator. She will take your idea and give you her advice, and transform your hair! She is the only one I trust to do my hair. She can give you a change without causing you to freak. She is a wonderful stylist and I love this new-ish salon! (Not sure how long they've been open.)
By: meganholland
Catered for You
Used Catered For You for our wedding. A fantastic job is what I got. The food was so tasty and well presented. Our guest LOVED the street tacos. Chef Able is so talented. And the food was so yummy. Had Sarah as our wedding coordinator. Going with the wedding coordinator was money well spent, as I was truly able to enjoy our family and guests. My husband loved how well the night flowed and we danced and danced. Never had to worry about a thing. I would highly recommend them.Looks like we have some haters on this site. I really can't understand why some people do that. Is this for real, or is it jealous competitors trying to slander someone? You can get sued for doing that, either way. But...OUR experience was fantastic.
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By: Clint C.
Violet Vapor
This shop is for all types, people wanting to get off cigs and start fresh from that nasty thing to the hard core cloud chasers out there. The staff will bend over and take the time, even hours if need be, just to help out a person with what they are looking for. It is a refreshing home-like atmosphere and very dog friendly. After a hard work week it's nice to just come there and hang out and help others looking to quit smoking or wanting to blast the biggest clouds. This place is the warmest feeling of being at home when your not home. Out of the vape stores out there, this one has got it 100% right on all factors. If I could give it more then 5 stars I would. This is my home away from home as you can tell =-)
By: Odilia H.
Bees Knees Salon
Today was my first visit to the Bee's Knees and let me just tell you- the name fits! This place is great. The receptionist is extremely helpful and friendly. The salon is easy to find, clean, and hip without being pretentious. My stylist was Mandy and she was THE BOMB.COM. Seriously- I got a scalp and shoulder massage, the best shampoo of my entire life (trust me... they do this thing with a hot water towel to seal in the conditioner and it is REDUNK!), a super sexy bob haircut (with lots of options for different sytles), and she's super fun to talk to. She even showed me how to do a proper Victory Roll- which I didn't think would even be possible with a bob! So great!
By: Lisa B.
Chateau At Forest Park
Attended my niece's quinceanera at the Chateau. That place is gorgeous! I couldn't believe how beautiful the inside of that place is. I mean, really... It looked magical. Really cool lights, a great DJ, a huge dance floor and lots of yummy drinks. The service staff kept everything tidy and were especially gracious when it came to tending to the family. And the bartenders were really good. My niece was very pleased with everything. And the food was really, really good. I don't know who their chef is, but they should consider opening a restaurant. Great job! You have made us VERY loyal clients. We will recommend your venue to everyone.
By: jeffwhits
WorldWide Kitchen & Gourmet
I went to this place a couple days ago and it was better than I expected. I didn't think the sushi would be good because it was a buffet, but it turned out to be better than I ALOT better than I expected. The staff was very friendly to me and they made me want to come back. The food was decent. Pretty good for a buffet. There was a lot of options from japanese to chinese to american and some mexican food.The tacos were not that good but the kung pao chicken was very good. The dumplings were good too.I would recommend going to this place because there is a lot of variety and it is not like other asian buffet places.

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