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By: lesspaul
Cabo Grande
Just had a party of 30 for my dance company. We go to Fort Worth every year with the cheerleaders convention. Last year was a disaster since we didnt make reservations and all the restaurants were of course booked. This year I called Cabo a couple of weeks before and even though they already had reservation for this group, they were able to accommodate us. I was so thankful and I changed the number of people twice. Even that same day in the morning. we went from 30 to 60 from my original reservation. Managers were very understanding and willing to help us. They said they were gonna do everything possible to make it happen but that we will have to move our reservation 30 min later. Which we didnt mind for a group of that size. We had several servers and everything went smooth even though we requested separate checks. Food was very good and servers were prompt and kept our drinks full. Next year we will definitely be back. See you next year Cabo.
By: fabulosasenorita
Cabo Grande
I would definitely say that Cabo Grande is my favorite place to dine. I took my mother to Cabo for her Birthday and I was pleasantly surprised that they have a Cuban sandwich on the menu as well as Caldo Gallego. I haven't had either the sandwich or the soup ever since I left Miami. Also the sandwich was as good as I used to have at La Carreta Cuban sandwiches in Miami. My mother had the Brazilian boneless ribs and she also said that the dish was so good and now she wants us to come back with my father. I'm in for another visit to Cabo and next time I'm going to try their famous Cabo Rita to see what's it like. At any rate Cabo is my new 5 star restaurant food and service. My waitress was Pam ans she did a great job making us feel welcome.
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By: Alicia L.
La Familia Mexican Restaurant
New owner bought the restaurant about 2 years ago and they've changed things for the better!! They installed a bar in the back, more tvs, but left the place family friendly. They also have a great fajita special on Wednesdays after 4 p.m. They're different from the regular fajitas they have the rest of the week. The owner used to own a restaurant in Fort Worth previously and it's his special recipe. My other favorite is the brisket tacos they have every Friday until 3 p.m. just delish. And it's really cool that they have flaming margaritas!
By: pink-opal
Joe T Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
From FW all my life & I am aware that not loving Joe T's is not legal, but food is just so so & service is less than that especially if it one of the many catered events. They just quit trying & are living on reputation. They are stingy with the servings, ignore simple reqests, & don't even perform basic service functions. Ex: no picking up dirty plates or refill water. Food was "ehh". Good cheese nacos (1only) & guacamole though. Go for the legend not the food or service.
By: bwallace1303
Caro's Restaurant Inc
I have enjoyed Caro's from about 1957. Their menu claimed they were the only restaurant in town without a can opener or a steam table...Everything is fresh. While I have never lived in Ft Worth Caro's has always been worth the trip. I tend to "pig out" every time I go...I only wish I had a place to take a good nap afterwards. Caro's is a place I visit as a special treat for myself. I know I will leave with a big, happy smile on my face.
By: Steve A.
Mezcales Mexican Bar & Grill
Not only is the atmosphere and service outstanding the food and quality of food is amazing. Reasonably priced the restaurant also has a full bar and even serves Pacifico Mexico's finest beer in my opinion. If you find yourself looking for authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price with service and ambiance that exemplifies the absolute best, you must visit Mezcales Mexican Bar & Grill. You will not be disappointed and you will not go away hungry.
By: Mellie B.
Habaneros Grill & Catina
As we were trying to decide where we could stop for a drink and appetizers Habaneros Grill appeared like an oasis in the desert. The beer was served in ice chilled 18 ounce goblet-like frosted mugs! The salsa was extremely good with just enough kick, the sampler appetizer platter included amazing bacon wrapped shrimp and was perfect size for our party of four. Great experience!!
By: love4goodfood
Cabo Grande
My son and I were in downtown Fort Worth and ww were told about Cabo Grande's all you can eat lunch buffet for just $10, so I thought I give it a shot. I must say that the choices are out of this world. There were so many choices from fresh fruit and salad to tamales, and even dessert! there service was fast and friendly. We will be visiting again soon!
By: lreedjackson
Juan Burrito Express
This is one of the best hole-in-the-wall Mexican food places in South Ft. Worth. The ingredients are authentic . The taste and flavor are very important to the owner. He really listens to his guests and rarely changes anything once he finds something the people like. Prices are very reasonable and service is quick.
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By: babyboomer1949
Original Mexican Eats Cafe
Had lunch there last week, got the taco plate. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they season the beef taco! Bowl of queso came with the meal (surprise)! Overall, liked it. Will go back and just have a couple of tacos, they're that good. Was lucky enough to get a parking place which is nearly impossible.
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