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By: Deeanna B.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
I came into the program not knowing much about COPD. My doctor had not given me much instruction about breathing techniques to practice when I was having trouble breathing. While I was in his waiting room one day, I began speaking with one of the other patients and the topic of pulmonary rehab came up. During my appointment I brought it up to my doctor and he highly recommended the pulmonary rehab program at Kindred Fort Worth Southwest. I contacted the staff and then came in for my initial evaluation. Ron, one of the therapists, was very knowledgeable, pleasant and informative. After my evaluation, I was scheduled to start attending classes within the following week and I did not have to wait. The therapists gave me a book about COPD and I began to receive very valuable information about proper breathing techniques and the reasons to take different medications that have been prescribed to me. I learned the difference between fast acting medication and long acting medication. I've also received numerous handouts that I can refer to when I'm at home. I was taught a lot about oxygen as well. The therapists here are very vigilant during our exercises and they monitor our vital signs very closely. They are also very encouraging during our pulmonary rehab sessions. I now know the reasons for my treatment as this was explained to me in great detail. I was also informed of how to listen to my body if I am over exerting myself. This program has been excellent and I no longer have to guess things about my condition. The therapists also gave me their contact information in case I ever have any questions. I have called in with some questions since then and I have received immediate answers to them. The staff is very courteous and personable and they really take a personal interest in everyone. They make everyone feel very valued. I think that anyone that has been diagnosed with COPD should attend the pulmonary rehab program at Kindred Ft. Worth Southwest. Deeanna B.
By: Albertine D.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
Just thought maybe a story would help others understand why I am giving kindred a five star. My daughter was actually the one who did all the research and decided that I should go to Kindred. And we are happy that we made the decision to come here. So kudos to some key individuals that deserve to be highlighted for the outstanding work that they have done in taken care of me. Dr. Adamo who is my primary care physician at the hospital has done an excellent job in providing a great care plan and just visiting me every day to see how I'm doing. Some people who never really get to be in the spotlight is the housekeeping team. However Virginia who works in housekeeping department was very thorough and keeping my room nice and clean. Kind of felt like I was in a hotel. Thank you for doing such a great job. Mia who was my night nurse provided excellent care. If you're here make sure you ask for her as I am sure you will be happy as I was. Yidah who was my nurse during the day is another person who deserves a great kudos. Thank you for providing great care as well. One of the most difficult jobs in the hospital is being a tech because they have to help people do things that they just can't do however still maintaining my divinity. Beverly who was my tech did it outstanding job by going above and beyond. She helps me with a lot of daily task that I wasn't able to do. Jeremy who is the tech also deserves to be in the spotlight. I don't think I cant say enough good things about him and it's kind of difficult for me to explain exactly what he did. However the overall hospitality and care that he provided was outstanding. I don't recall the team member who was in the rehab department but she did an excellent job. Just an overall five-star to that whole entire team. Apologies that I wasn't able to remember your name but kudos to you all. Jennifer who is an intern student who is currently working at kindred is very attentive to my needs. Thank you all.
By: Shelly B.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
Corinne who is one of my nurses is very much on top of her game. She is a outstanding nurse who was there for me during my time at Kindred. I have to say that she has been fantastic in her care and overall hospitality. She definitely is a team player and I would recommend anybody to ask for her if you are planning to admit at Kindred. Another great nurse during the night would be Laura Langelley who I wanted to identify because she is a new nurse however is so much conscientious of her work and the patient she looks after. Very tenderhearted and compassionate as well. Christie Chavez deserves a five star as well because she visits me every day and understands what I'm going through due to her own personal journey in life. I have been to Kindred now for a total of six times and people who work there have made me feel very much at home. With that in mind everybody considers me as family and not as a number. Jamica I just want to say that you are fantastic. You like to light up my room with your fabulous smile. It touches me in more ways than you would ever understand but I think that with this review I hope to share my experience with you. Vanessa Bowles your fantastic. Always make me feel great even when I'm down. Thank you. Marcus you are another outstanding individual. I know that being a nurse tech is not the easiest job to have. I do have to say that is one of the most difficult jobs in the hospital but you make it look easy. You're so respectful to me and my care. Your positive attitude helps me in many ways. Raymond you were like my third son. You definitely know how to push me in a positive way. Not letting me be dependent on others but me myself motivating myself to do more then what I can possibly do. Julia Julia Julia I love you as you're so sweet. Always with a great smile on your face. I couldn't you walking into the hospital and seeing you with a frown because of your cheerful all the time. Shelly B
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By: Robert B.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
Its has been a great journey, a total of 36 classes to be percise. I've learned so much about myself and the human body that I didn't know before, especially how the lungs function. I originally didn't want to go to the program however my doctor advised that I go and see them for evaluation. He said once I'm there, just make a best determination if the program was fit for me. So I took his word for it, and give it a try because I didn't have much to lose. Surprising myself I think the program was an excellent choice that I made in my life. We know sometimes when we meet people you can always tell that if that person is really dedicated to helping you, or if they are just there working for the money. However I met a young lady by the name of Tanya who is one of the pulmonary experts. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease about myself and the condition that I was suffering from. She was very interested in me and eager to get me back into the condition that it was before I had this respiratory issue. She was very patient and open minded to the things that happened during my life and how I have struggled with my breathing. She was one of the greatest inspirations and motivated me participate in the class. I would have to say it has been an adventure. During those 36 sessions, each day we were performing various and different activities that worked out each body part however contributing to my breathing recovery. During the exercise they taught me how to work out and breathe properly. Something that I didn't do before! I would have to say that the pulmonary program has made me better understand my body and how to control my breathing using various techniques that they have taught me. I finally graduated from the program but it doesn't stop there! I recently joined 24 hour fitness to keep myself in good shape for myself and family. Please be sure to share my story with them if you read this.
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By: Salvador V.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
I had to spend Christmas at Kindred but it's ok, as long as I got the best care possible. Which I did! I really appreciated the kindness and care that I received from all the staff at the hospital. I never met one staff their that was unfriendly or just a bad employee of the hospital. Everyone was terrific and I really mean this from the bottom of my heart. They have such a wonderful medical team and everyone should know this. My room was on the 4th floor which was my very own room and I got lucky since it was private room. Some of the nurses that I think deserve a good review are Mickey, Lawanda, Rita, Deborah, Emily, Gerianne, Godfrey, and Donna. I actually didn't remember everybody's names so I had to ask George from the business office to find out exactly who was looking after me so I could do this review. But these nurses are some of the best. They were always checking up on me, giving the best care possible. I don't think I could have asked for a better team than what I received at Kindred. Hard to believe but it's true! Also Dr Moran and Dr Chennupati were some of my favorite doctors. I feel much better now than I was during my admission. Able to walk further, think more clearly and most important is my ability to be more independent. I also have to give credit to the Physical therapy team for making this happen. I was actually walking over 10 to 12 times a day up and down the halls on my own. Romeo and Angela thank you for being the best CNA nurses for me. Was great to have both of you helping me. Romy your my favorite physical therapist and thank you for letting me exercise in my room when I wasn't able to go down to your gym. As I haven't worked for over one year now, I am hoping with my health in a better condition, I'm looking to get more activity and exercise out of myself. Thank you all for your help and everything that you have done to get me where I am today. Salvador
By: Al S.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
I was in a pulmonary rehab program in 2014 and that was similar in duration to this program. This time a physician related to UT Southwest prescribed this program for me. They wanted me to start immediately so I begin to research online the location of a pulmonary rehab program. I got in contact with somebody that recommended Kindred Ft. Worth Southwest and they also provided a phone number for the program. I called the number and spoke to Ken and he was able to schedule an appointment for my evaluation. One of the pluses to this program is that I could start immediately and they also scheduled me at a time that was convenient for me and my schedule. Some of this,review is going to be based on comparison to the last program that I attended. While attending this program, they explained how to properly use my medications, how to exercise correctly and also taught me how to use the equipment. They all did a very good job with all of these things. They use a device called the Lung Boost for breathing exercises and this device was affordable enough for me to get one of my own for home use. The therapists also explained the benefit of using a spacer for my inhaler so that the medication is better administered. The handouts that they gave me were also very relevant to my situation. However, the equipment here was not in abundance and they could benefit from more of it. Now the exercises were better explained than in the other program and I did benefit more from these exercises than I did at the other program. Overall I think that this is a better program and I also thought that the weight training here was explained very well to me. Ken, Tanya, Ron and Alfred are all very good at what they do. Another positive is that they were very flexible with scheduling and they were willing to work around my schedule. A. Smith
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By: Kim J.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
When I was at Harris Methodist my doctor, Dr. Lee was my primary care doctor. He was the one that actually referred me to Kindred because he said they have an outstanding Wound Care Program. And to my surprise he was correct. I believe that I received one of the best cares that I've had in a long time. They have a great wound care team, nurses and CNAs. Everybody has been so helpful in my recovery and are some of the nicest people that you can possibly meet. During my time at Kindred I have had multiple visits from the wound care team visiting me in my room and looking after my care. My wound has healed about 60% When comparing it to what it was before. It has a lot to do with the hyperbaric chamber as well because I am also in that program. It's been about 11 dives and a little bit more to go. The greatest thing about it is that I will be coming back for the remaining sessions at Kindred but as an outpatient this time. There are three nurses in the HBO that I have to talk about. Kudos to Brandi, Bryan and Robert! both of these individuals they definitely know how to make you feel right at home. Great personality and very caring. As I am very claustrophobic they let me try out the chamber before getting into it. If it wasn't for them I'm sure that I wouldn't be in the chamber today. Resulting in my wound not healing at all. Also some great kudos to David who is there director of radiology. He's such a funny guy and everybody seems to love him. He definitely knows how to treat others and to make people feel very comfortable in a hospital environment. I can tell you now that being at Kindred doesn't really feel too much like a hospital even though it is. Is very friendly and the environment is nice. I think it has to do with the people they have working there.
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By: Margie G.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
I'm going to give a five star to this nurse who I really think deserves it. Her name is Julia she works during the nightshift. The reason why I give her a five star or if I had the opportunity to give her a six star I would. But she deserves my stars because she is one of the most compassionate nurses that I have ever met. She does everything she possibly can to try to make me feel as comfortable as possible. She sometimes does more than she expected to in trying to make me feel at ease. She also helped to explain some of the medications that I was taking and how it affects me in my recovery. Very smart girl! Julia is definitely somebody that they don't want to lose because I'm very positive it's going to be hard to replace somebody like her. Let me explain just a little bit more about Julia. Being a patient at the hospital sometimes we require a little bit more time to communicate or just to get situated inside the room. But since I'm a little timid to ask for her help all the time I'm always trying to tell her that there are other patients who need care maybe more than me. But Julia reinforced that if she spends around 15 minutes with me that I would be less likely to push the call light after she left the room. And you know what it's very true! My mother was a nurse and my grandmother was also a nurse so I can definitely identify who is a good nurse. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff! Another person I cannot forget to name. He is a nother most learned nurses. Very smart indeed. If I could match Jeff up to somebody I remember seeing on TV I would have to say he reminds me of MacGyver. He can make anything happen. He could basically start an IV with a piece of paper and a match. All the nurses know exactly who I'm talking about.
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By: Yvonne Y.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
If it wasn't for Dr. Le and Dc. Osafo I probably wouldn't be at Kindred. But these two doctors really did a great job in referring me to the right hospital for pulmonary rehab. I actually knew about kindred before coming as I used to be in the transport business, transporting patients from one hospital to another. So I wasn't too worried about going there. The care and treatment that I received there would definitely be one of the best that I can say. Their pulmonary program was outstanding as I learned a lot of things about myself from two great pulmonary experts. Alfred and Ron definitely know a lot. They taught me about different breathing techniques and signs to look for if if I think I'm going to have an attack. The prom in every class was definitely interesting as well as they helped me to better understand my breathing techniques and how to breathe more efficiently and effectively. They also provided me with a lot of information that I can take home and to better understand my condition. And final big thanks to Sandy Davis as she has been very helpful during this day. She was assigned is my patient advocate which is a unique program they have there. However she checked up on me daily just to see how I was doing and she help to address any worries and concerns that I might have during the state. And if there was anything she would help me to get it resolved as fast as possible. I really appreciate that and thank you Sandy for being such a great patient advocate. I think this program should be at every hospital because sometimes if there is a concern or even a complaint sometimes patients like myself you don't like to talk about it as we worried it could jeopardize the care.
By: Linda P.
Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest
This pulmonary rehab program has meant the world to me and has changed everything for me. Before going there, I was diagnosed with COPD but I was sicker than I knew. I had gone to see my doctor, Dr. Maldonado, and I found out that I had a lung infection. He started me on antibiotics and referred me to this program at Kindred Fort Worth Southwest. Once I started going there, I began to learn a lot about my condition. I used to stay home a lot before and I was unable to go out because I would always get so short of breath. My husband would have to drop me off at the front door of restaurants because I could not walk the distance from the car without getting short of breath. I also was not using my oxygen much but after attending these classes I began to accept that I needed oxygen 24 hours a day. The staff here made me feel that it was OK for me to wear oxygen. Ken, Tanya, Ron and Marty are priceless. They provided a lot of education while keeping things fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Everything is so different now. I now have the ability and the want to do both inside and outside activities as well as things that I wasn't interested in doing before because of my condition. They and the other patients there also taught me that I had a lot of options for my oxygen needs and they helped me get set up with a great portable oxygen machine that I didn't know was available to me. I am going to continue at home with everything that I have learned there but I am really going to miss going there. They have a great program. I have attended a pulmonary rehab program before but it was nothing like the one at Kindred Southwest. Linda P.
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