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By: laura_smith
Sunrise Learning Center
SUNRISE gets MY A+ GRADE in ALL AREAS!I've worked as a second grade teacher (In Fort Worth, Texas) for the last 4 years, and I've seen the actual child-related results of the majority of the (Alleged?) children’s educational preschool programs being taught by the local area childcare’s here in Western Fort Worth. Needless to say, there are good preschools and there are those who ARE NOT good at all (And the results are obvious). Likewise, the definition of a good or a miserably BAD program has nothing to do with the so-called “Nationally Known Name-Brand” of the daycare business. The program of “Sunrise Learning Center” is without any doubt, one of IF NOT the BEST children’s preschools in this part of Fort Worth if not the Entire City. The children that I've seen that have been at Sunrise for a few years and have had parents who cared and were involved in their children’s learning, come into the elementary school well prepared to meet the expectations & entry requirements of any area public or private school (Usually skipping over kindergarten and advancing to the first or even the second grade-level). The staff of Sunrise get my A+ Grade for teaching the best well-rounded program of children’s preschool I've see.
By: Karen D.
Trail Lake Montessori
My son has been attending this school for a year and a half. I am very impressed with how the teachers care for the kids, challenge them academically and nurture their psychosocial learning. The school feels like a family. I watch the teachers and kids greet each other with hugs. Disagreements always end amicably. The school is located in an old church. It isn't very attractive from the outside like some other facilities, but I know my child is safe, cared for, challenged and happy. The school was recently rebranded and I love the new look. Due to holidays, my son has experienced three other facilities in the area. The results after just one day in each of these places, were dramatically different than Trail Lake. He was agitated at one place because some kids were being mean to someone and the teacher didn't intervene. He was scared at another one because the kids were wild, no order and no direction from the glorified babysitters. I've never experienced that at Trail Lake. The people here are wonderful and from a financial perspective, what a great value!
By: stacy_dewitt
Sunrise Learning Center
I’m a single mom who’s had more then my own share of experiences with daycares in west Fort Worth. I've seen good daycare and I've seen some of the worst that there are. When I found Sunrise & Miss Ida, I knew I’d been BLESSED! There really aren't any other childcares that I've seen that even come close to the excellence you will see at Sunrise Learning Center. Sunrise isn't like the other big “Name-Brand” corporate childcare mass-production mills… At SUNRISE they actually CARE about you and your children! When I drop my children here, I KNOW that they are in the BEST CARE and I KNOW that my children will be better prepared to do well in big-school when it’s time for them to attend Fort Worth ISD. Sunrise is CLEAN, The Staff CARES about YOU, & the children are LEARNING SKILLS! There’s truly nowhere else I know that can say all three!
By: alfredl
Comfort Keepers
I had major surgery and needed someone to help me function alone. The caregiver that Comfort Keepers sent over was wonderful. She was so efficient in taking care of my meal preparation and housekeeping without specific direction. My laundry was always done to my standards, the way I would have done it. She was very friendly and professional. It was easy to trust her; there were never any problems when I sent her to the store to shop for me. She was always a competent and safe driver when transporting me to my doctor’s appointments and to the pharmacy. I was also relieved with the professionalism demonstrated by the management and office staff of Comfort Keepers. They went out of their way to help me and service my needs. I can only think of positive things to say about my caregiver and of the Comfort Keepers organization.
By: jandeuvo
Sunrise Learning Center
Sunrise has the BEST CHILDCARE HOURS I've found on in west Fort Worth Texas! I'm a nurse and have to work hours that aren't 9-5 banker's time. Sunrise is the ONLY licensed daycare in west Fort Worth that opens earlier then 6:00 AM & stays open LATER than 6:30 PM! My children are 3 & 4 and have been enrolled here sense 2011 and THEY LOVE going to Sunrise every weekday!!! I'd recommend Sunrise to anyone anytime. I use to have to rely upon someone else to either drop-off or pickup my kids from daycare before I found Sunrise. NOW I have plenty of time before & after work to do this myself. Sunrise works MY hours and has the high quality child care that I look for!!!
By: heatherearnhardt
ARK Christian Learning Center
My oldest son has been to other daycares but this one is the best one I have ever sent him to. Both of my sons go here and I am amazed at the transformation that has taken place with them. The teachers are wonderful, patient, kind, and loving. The staff is INCREDIBLE and helpful. They are the most kind and thoughtful people I have ever dealt with. Their focus is on Christian teachings for the children and helping parents as well. I HIGHLY recommend this daycare to anyone who wants a loving, home-style teaching/learning environment for their children. They are another family to me and my boys. Thank you Cheryl, Justin, and Heidi for all you do!!!
By: yolanda_j
Sunrise Learning Center
Sunrise and Miss Ida are the greatest! The daycare is always clean, orderly and the children under control & well behaved. Before I discovered Sunrise, I move quite allot and I’ve had my boy and girl in 4 other area daycare over the last few years, so I’d say that I’m quite an authority as to what a good daycare is and what a BAD daycare is. SUNRISE is DEFIANTLY 5 STARS in my book! If I could give them 6 stars I would. Even if I had to move as far away as Arlington, I’d STILL have my children HERE because of how fantastic they are! My children are LEARNING “Here”!
By: Daniel B.
Learning Well Academy
The effect that the Learning Well Academy has had in the life of my child and our family is remarkable. My child has some developmental delays, and in the last 6 months since my child started attending the Learning Well Academy their behavior has greatly improved and their communication has exploded. Every day we see improvements, mark milestones, and see prayers answered. The Learning Well Academy is a remarkable school and attending has had the greatest impact out of all the things we have done for our child’s development and happiness.
By: joannstevenson35
Sunrise Learning Center
Miss Ida (The center director) is fantastic with the kids! As far as any daycare I've been involved with, Sunrise is the best without any close seconds in the running. My little girl can’t wait to go to daycare in the mornings and begs to stay longer when it’s time to go home. If that isn't the indication you've chosen your childcare right, I don't know what would be. My 3 1/5 year old child is already is already writing her own name and trying to read things by herself!
By: theavidgardner
Klarus Homecare
I will start with saying, several home health agencies have taken care of my grandfather, but none as well as Klarus. He frequented the hospital often with the other home health companies; but not anymore. They are 2 steps ahead of his care, and it's like they bring the hospital to him. The nurses and therapist are wonderful. I can't say enough good things about them. Thank you Klarus!

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