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By: Tiffaney A.
The Cryo Spa
My husband and I starting going to the Cryo Spa about 3 weeks ago after my trainer told me that I either need to start taking senior citizen vitamins (I'm only 44) or start doing cryo but to stop wining about my aches and pains! I had never heard of Cryo before this but I was curious so I started reading almost every article I could find online, watched dozens of videos, and of course had a great testimonial from my trainer. Still I was skeptical. After my first Cryo treatment I didn't notice much immediately, but the following morning my normally achy knees and joints did not seem to ache nearly as much and my husband who has had three surgeries on his ankle also said he noticed significant relief. We are now believers! We go to Cryo almost everyday and we both feel wonderful! Our energy levels have increased significantly and our aches and pains due to injuries have reduced significantly. I would recommend anyone with previous injuries or arthritis to try Cryo treatments. I can say for a fact that you have nothing to lose and all to gain.
By: Melinda W.
Hannington Massage
I had my first massage at hannington and Charles was amazing. I have a recurrent issue with muscle tension in my shoulders and back, so I occasionally need a deep tissue massage and with some light trigger point. As a relatively new resident to the Dallas area, I read the reviews and decided that hannington would be a good option. I'm so glad I did! From the moment I walked into the reception area, I felt comfortable. Charles greeted me, and then carefully listened as I explained the pain I was having. He understood exactly what I needed to relieve the 'knots' in my back. I have since been to several different massage therapists in the area and I can say without hesitation that he offers the best massage in the Dallas-Fort worth area. I'm a fan!
By: ollie1946
Naturopathic Therapies
This place is a GOD SEND. I've been seeing Naturopathic Therapies since 2006, and it has turned my life around - I'm such a healthier person. I came in with chronic sinusitis, and was able to eliminate this after consulting with Gayle and her talented staff. I've learned what it is to REALLY detox the healthy way. Fast may not always be the best quick fix like most over the counter treatments you see promoted. They do fabulous closed-system colonics and are administered by the highest rated, highest certified colon hydrotherapist in the city (and probably region). Very knowledgeable staff! They are like a walking dictionary when it comes to health, nutrition and prevention. Hands down the best.
By: mlumpp
Center for Skin & Cosmetic Dermatology
I decided to write this review after reading the negitive reviews. I had a procedure done here on my face. These guys were very professional and the results were outstanding. I had a basil cell on my cheek and that is scary as it gets for someone to operate on your face. You can not even tell i was cut on. Most likley the bad reviews came from the snob crowd there to that gets proceadures done for fun. If you have a serious issue I will stand behind these guys 100 pecent.
By: Bridget H.
Hannington Massage
I expected oil and massage. What I got was so much more. It was as if my whole body relaxed from gentle pressure and pressing. There were no elbows. No pain. I felt as though I was melting into neutral gravity. And when I finally found my legs to stand, I felt at least 2" taller. Charles is my new best friend.
By: sarah9973
Mega Tan
I've been tanning here for about 6 months. It's the best tanning salon I've ever tanned at! It's the biggest salon I've ever seen in my life and the beds look like spaceships. Customer service is excellent! They seem to know everyones name which is a nice change. I would def recommend Mega Tan!
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By: Bill T.
Shelia Baugus Comments and Have many more.Best skincare product I have ever used. CelSana is amazing. Not only have I seen great improvement with my skin, I've seen many others who have had great results as well.
By: paulashill
Beyond Lavender
Oh my gosh - I never new a facial could be so wonderful. Thank you Laura! Your room is beautiful and I felt so rested and rejuvenated after your treatment.
By: Nataliya K.
Olgas Spa
Excellent service from the minute you are greeted as you walk in the door. A must go! The esthetician, Olga , showed great care with great results!
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By: Radford A.
Polished Spa Lounge
My first visit today. Cathy (Kathy?) gave me a manicure and pedicure. Excellent and professional treatment. Five stars with no hesitation.

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