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By: lindalaveck
Sam Won Garden Restaurant
We have eaten at this restaurant often. Every payday I have to get my korean food fix, and this is where we go. I have NEVER seen it filthy, in fact it is quite clean all the time unless you walk in and someone just finished eating where the staff has not had time yet to clear the table. They have a couple of meeting or banquet rooms and the people who run this place service that side and the individual tables as well, so if you walk in and they aren't right there (which has never happened to me yet) then they might have stepped into the other room to do some service and will be back momentarily. In the beginning, first couple of visits, they greeted us and said we could choose whatever seat we wanted. They don't seat you to divide you up among waiters equally, so you can go where you want. It's a small restaurant space with pleasant decor. Having been there several times now, the staff now recognize us and kind of know what we like without having to ask. Every dish we have selected is always very good. I have even begun using the chopsticks and have become quit good with them, though they will give you a fork if you ask. Service is always attentive. You will see some reviewers mentioning service is slow. Yes, if you are in a hurry, this is not the place to go for dinner. I like the slow laid back atmosphere. It is family owned and operated. If you need something, you just ask and they will graciously bring it. If you need to get out quicker, just tell them that. Otherwise they will assume you are eating at your leisure, like everyone else. They are very friendly and accommodating if you let them know what you need. And the food is always very good, with a full bar, if you are so inclined. This restaurant one of my favorite place to go regularly. It wouldn't be that way if they had really poor service, bad food, or were filthy. The bad reviewer didn't even eat there. They must have been in a big hurry, like many Americans are. I strongly recommend this place if you like asian food. It really is very good and prices are in line with other Korean restaurants. 많이 드세요

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