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By: chris2001
Hwang Martial Arts Dfw
Hands down best school around! TestimonialsI have been in and around martial arts my whole life. I have trained in various styles such as; Shotokan, Judo, Moo Duk Kwon, Tong Soo Do and now Tae Kwon Do. I never really felt at home anywhere until I met the instructors at Hwang Martial Arts. Our family wanted to start but we did not have much money to spend. Their plans were the most reasonable around. I quickly found out that at Hwang Martial Arts it is not just another self defense school; it is a life changing experience! They teach that it is not just about self defense, but that it is about a change in how you live your life and act on a day to day bases. Furthermore, they are an integral part of all their students’ lives. It does not matter whether your favorite is Mr. Chris, Mrs. Stacy, Mr. Weeks or Mr. Cowns because they all have true interests in their student’s lifestyle and health. Over the past 3 years my children have grown and learned that martial arts’ training is about oneself, their achievements, both in class and in public school. Because the business is a family owned and operated we have grown to be good friends with the Weeks’ and all the other instructors there. I would not trust my family and especially my kids with anyone else. There is no doubt in my mind that joining here has made a huge positive impact on our lives! The Stephenson’s My boys were always interested in martial arts, but, as a single mom, I always assumed I couldn’t afford it. I had a membership to a gym right next to Hwang Martial Arts and passed by it every day, not certain of whether we could just go in. Finally, we visited them. My boys were very interested and I was unsure. When we sat down and discussed this, I found Hwang Martial Arts to be very affordable. Not only that, but my children had no male role model in their lives at all. Now they have incredible male teachers, who demand respect, but at the same time, give positive motivation, teaching the kids the most important principals of being a solid person. Not only did my kids take advantage of Tae Kwon Do, but I attended the Muay Thai classes for fun and exercise. I had no idea that Mr. Weeks and Mr. Hall would change my perspective completely on physical fitness and how much my mind, body and spirit require physical exercise. My confidence level was very low when we started and I didn’t see anything extraordinary about myself. All of that has changed drastically in just a year. Now, when I talk about my life, about fighting techniques and working out, people are very intrigued. My passion and zeal for life have skyrocketed. I went from being another single mom to being an extraordinary, tough woman nicknamed “Killer”. I’ve lost a lot of fear in going places with my children, and gained a lot of confidence in my ability to defend my family in an aggressive situation. In short, just going to these classes has changed my entire life. It opened me up to receive positive things that I believe are coming to me because of my increased confidence level and better perspective. Such a small step, but what a huge difference it has made in the quality of our lives! The LongsJoy, Bethani, Garrett and Jeffri ReillyI cannot think of a better family activity than taking Taekwondo lessons together; and Hwang Martial Arts’ professional staff is very family oriented. Sharing the whole mind, body, and spirit learning experience together as a family has been the most rewarding endeavor we have undertaken – and it’s fun too. Both Mr. Chris and Ms. Stacy are uniquely gifted Taekwondo Masters effectively teaching with a balance of discipline and compassion…providing for a great learning environment for all ages.I highly recommend Hwang Martial Arts for anyone or family interested in benefitting from improved physical health and self-confidence; while also learning how to protecting yourself and your family.Mitch Rozell and Preston Rozell
By: tracy.darcy.9
Roberto Kaelin Bjj
Please call us at (817) 431-5432 (phone number listed on YP is incorrect) or visit our website at http://www.kellermma.comWe are the ONLY academy in Keller with Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Instructors! We have students who train for competition, hobby, and to get in great shape. Come by any time and get 30 days of FREE classes!
By: cvtwayne
The Karate School
One of the best Karate schools I've ever attended. Carl Whitaker, 6th Degree Black Belt, is our Primary Instructor and he really cares about the students and fosters an exceptional learning environment that makes all the students, white belt through purple at this point, comfortable. Classes are very enjoyable!
By: jamaal.gooch
TX Black Belt Academy
My son K-lon described to me after each session how much he loved the facility his classmates and instructor's! As a proud father Its very important to me that my son is happy and happy with learning not only karate buy life skills. This is the place he choose to call home! Come join us!
By: kshoward
Croft Taekwondo
The Croft Taekwondo Academy is awesome! The staff is wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, & very professional. Highly recommend!
By: chris2001
Jack Hwang Martial Arts
Hands down Best Martial Arts School around!

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