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By: Kipp B.
Dr Sydney Chau
After treatment by both Dr. Sydney Chau and Dr. Stephen Morris - who's practice she assumed - I can vouch for Dr. Chau's high level of expertise and professionalism - as well as those of her office staff. In support of my review, I offer these credentials:I've lived in Fort Worth for over 60 years and received dental work from well over a dozen orthordontists, dental surgeons or dentists - so I have considerable experience as a patient.I have had fillings, caps, braces and a dental implant since I was 17 due to a sports injury. My brother-in-law of over 30 years is a well respected dentist (but out of state), and over the years we've had in-depth discussions about the medical industry in general and dentistry in particular. We've had these discussions because, in addition, I have just under ten years work experience within the medical healthcare industry as a Medical Television producer for UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. There, I developed scripts and video productions to help doctors be better doctors and show patients how to better work with - and understand - the medical-industrial complex.My point? These experiences say I know a good doctor when I see one.Recently I needed extensive dental surgery to rebuild the implant of my incisor. I was apprehensive, since this implant has had 3 previous rebuilds and my circumstances could make it problematic. It is the most visible in your smile - and it had to be perfect - Dr. Chau made it so.The color and position of an implant as visible as the incisor is very difficult to match due to the translucent nature of natural teeth. Previous treatments were close - but Dr. Chau's finished work was as perfect as it gets.In addition, after a financial and insurance issue arose around the implant procedure, her staff "bent over backwards" as they say to "go above and beyond" to stick up for me and make it right. As for regular cleanings and visits - and in response to an earlier review - I'd say that "personal information" revelations are a two-way street. If one does not feel comfortable hearing or discussing those things, one needs to simply say so. My experience says this staff does NOT take liberties in that area - but they ARE friendly. I feel very much at home, comfortable and in the best of care because of their attitude and behaviors.To close, I can honestly say Dr. Chau is the best dentist I have been to in the last 60 years....and now, after recently moving back into the state after a near 10-year absence, my daughter and future son-in-law are her patients as well. I don't think you can make a better recommendation than that.
By: chickenscratchstudio
Hair by Jennifer Marie at Rock n Roll Hair
Review for JUSTIN-I am a platinum bleach blonde with long hair and hot pink tips. You can ONLY imagine the kind of damage that can do to your locks. On top of the abuse I do to my mane, I spent 2 weeks at the beach flinting around in the ocean like I was a mermaid. When it was time to return from my fairytale life and come back to Tejas, I took one look in the mirror and realized that my pink had faded almost completely, my blonde was fried and my hair was in complete shambles.I am BEYOND picky about my hair and usually just do it myself (so that I can't wish ill upon others who mess it up) but this was beyond what I could repair. The roots were even like 2" long and I looked like a lot lizard instead of the hot mermaid that I thought I did. It was horrific. So I put on a Rangers cap and called Rock N Roll Hair.Justin was able to get me in immediately. I made the appointment for an ombre 'do. When I got there, he TRIED to run his fingers through my hair... no dice. His eyes were wide and shocked (probably disgusted) at the immense damage I had done. I told him what I wanted and he very kindly and gently said, "no way!" He could read me like a book and could tell that I would be sorely disappointed going from platinum to adding so much brown. He recommended a subtle transition with lowlights and to soften up the blonde. I just took his advice and rolled with it.The mocha didn't take like we had hoped because the bleach on my hair just ate it up. It was so porous. As he was TRYING to brush my hair, it was so damaged (on my account) that it got tangled and lost in his brush. He recommended that we trim the ends to bring it back to a healthy level. I admit, I cried. I have been growing my hair out for 3 years. It has never been this long, but what's the point in having long unhealthy hair?! He was so sweet and so reassuring through the whole process. He calmed me down and made me feel so much better about it. He trimmed my hair and it looked sooooo much better.I went back today (a week later) to add the mocha lowlights and he did such an amazing job!He is such an artist! He is quick and fluid! I was so happy that I gave him a huge hug (totally freaked him out! hahaha) and left with the biggest smile on my face! He also does the BEST blow dry and style. Seriously, Justin is the best. I love him and totally recommend him. I had to sign up for YELP just to recommend him! <3 He's awesome!!!Thanks, Justin, for making me feel pretty again!!!
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By: April D.
Moore, William C, MD
I had been seeing Dr. Moore for chronic pain mgmt, & he did a fair job providing it, then about 4 month ago, on a busy day, I waited over an hour just for my Rx's, my nightmare began.They took the directions for one of my meds & put it only one of my other meds. Because I was tired & in pain, I didn't notice until they repeated the error a second time. When I called the office, the medical assistant refused to consider it was an error & told me it was ordered that way, I would have to make another appt, & pay another $30 copy, if I wanted to talk to the doctor or PA. I thought the error was fixed, they told me they didn't give physical Rxs anymore, they would send it electronically. My family member brought my medication home, & I found they had made another error. I reported it & had wait 9 days without my main pain med, only to get there & find the doctor had just left. I asked the staff to catch him, which they wouldn't, so I had to come back the next day, in pain, frustrated & tired. When I got there,a doctor I had never met before told me that, yes, they had made an error, which they wouldn't admit the first two times. He fixed the error & handed me a physical Rx for it. Then the office manager came in & told me they wouldn't see me any longer because I had gotten angry with them & yelled at the medical assistant and hung up on them out of frustration. After taking my break through pain med every 2 hours for 9 days to partially control my pain, I was in pain & over tired, but they had no empathy. If you Use this practice, do so with caution. If they make medication errors 3 times over a few months, you have to wonder what other errors they are making.
By: Tammy L.
Dr Sydney Chau
Dr. Sydney Chau's practice is outstanding because of the following points:1. Information. As a patient, you always understand what is happening during a procedure because Dr. Chau is a great communicator. She tells you with details what she is about to do. She is also very knowledgeable.2. Confidence. Dr. Chau is very experienced and knows dentistry better than most other dentists. I felt I could trust her judgement 100% which has not always been my experience with other dentists in the past.3. Quality. I had to get a new crown (previous one from my previous dentist broke after a few years) and after getting this new crown, I have no pain and a better bite than with my previous crown from a few years ago. So her work has turned out to be better than that of my previous dentist. In addition, she went above and beyond by plugging in a few tiny holes I had in other teeth.4. Organization. The office is well organized and runs like a well oiled machine. The personnel is very qualify and courteous. So she also seems to manage her business very well...The whole experience was very positive for me and I recommend Dr. Chau to anyone looking for a great dentist!
By: Domonique D.
Bees Knees Salon
I've had a lot of bad hair experiences in my life time, to the point were I just couldn't stand walking into a salon to get it done. I was pretty nervous since it'd been over a year for a decent cut, and I was afraid I'd have a lot of unanswered questions as per-usual. After making a few phone calls to another salon downtown, with no call backs or even take the time to answer the phone, I figured I'd give Bee's Knee's a try. When I walked in, I was greated with a smile and asked if I wanted a beverage. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. Upon getting my cup of coffee, I met Sarah. She was pure delight. I had a general idea of what I wanted, she made it crystal clear what would work. I asked my usual questions and now I feel I have all the answers for styles and cuts that would work. It's not like any other salon I've been to, and it was well worth the wait and courage to try. Hands down, I will direct anyone looking for a friendly staff and cute atmosphere to go give Bee's Knee's a try. I will definately be back again. This is my go to!
By: Douglas R.
Ellis, Thomas S, MD
I had suffered the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia for a few years before consulting Dr. Ellis. My pain could be relieved by medication, but progressively stronger meds were needed. The last caused my sodium level to drop to a dangerous level. All of these meds reduced the quality of my life. In my first appointment, Dr Ellis explained a proven procedure that he had used successfully many times before. The clincher was a video on his iPhone of one such procedure. In it, I saw him separate the irritated nerve from an adjacent blood vessel near the brain. He then inserted a teflon wool pad to keep them apart. I was convinced that this was the solution for me. Later I was admitted by Dr Ellis to Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth where he had a proven team to help him complete the procedure. I was assured that Dr. Ellis would be the only surgeon to work on me. Following the procedure and recovery, my pain has been eliminated. I can't recommend Dr. Ellis highly enough.
By: romykay7770
Salon Purple
Congratulations!! to Terry and Salon Purple. Terry has been a Master Stylist for several years. He worked at a fabulous salon in the area and had so many clients, he had to do some at home! Opening his own salon was the natural progession in his line of success. Terry is a wonderful Christian person with a Fantastic family! He has been my stylist for about 10 years. I will never go anywhere else. Terry does a wonderful job cutting and coloring my hair exactly how I want it. He is extremely knowledgable about what he does, and is up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Terry is a great listener. He is interested in giving you precisely what you want, and will work with you until you are satisfied. I have 2 teen boys and he does their hair, as well. They, too, are always satisfied with their cut ( and you know how kids can be about their hair). The salon is beautiful and inviting and so are the people! The best salon in the metroplex by far!!
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By: Cindy A.
Life Span Medical Consultant
I was looking for a doctor for my 69 yr old mother who's field of expertise included geriatrics. It was time for the transition as mom was/is dealing with "brain fog" some days as well as a generalized memory deficit, had experienced 2 minor strokes, minor heart attack, and a stent in one of her cardiac arteries. So, there was no "pressing" issue, with a move placing 70 miles between her and a team of doctors who cared for her well for 20 years, a change was necessary.My research of the area brought us to Dr Collins as one of Dr Carters associates. Dr Carter was my first choice with an extensive CV including a BA in Social Work. I found that Dr Carter only sees employees of JPS as patients.After the initial visit, I found Dr Collins to be a caring, brilliant, confident, capable doctor. Both mom and I are excited to have found this woman and this system (JPS/Life Span) within 20 minutes of moms new home.
By: Delores C.
Dr Sydney Chau
About a year ago I had to change my dentist because I got new dental insurance. Fortunately two of my friends recommended me Dr. Sydney Chau at Summit Cosmetic Dentistry. I made an appointment and was very happy I did so. Dr. Chau and her staff are very experienced and skilled professionals and I always feel welcomed there. My teeth are in bad shape, prone to cavities and need a lot of attention. Dr. Chau and her dental hygienists managed to keep everything under control (especially my receding gums) and I haven’t had any new cavity since. All procedures were done with great care and PAINLESS and I never have had any problems or needed any additional repairs afterwards. I also appreciate follow up calls after treatment and appointments reminders. I will continue to see Dr. Chau and I am planning to have my 3 crowns work with her shortly. Because she's one of the best dentist for crowns in DFW.
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By: Donna B.
Dr Sydney Chau
Where do I start, I like several of the previous customers was very negligent, and needle phobic about my own dental health. Sure I brushed and sometimes :) ran that tiny white thread thru my teeth. But when it came to urgent care and results I came to the only place I was familiar with because of the wonderful treatment my father receives. Through every bit of my appointments I received professional and thoughtful care. I was called by the Dr. and her staff on many occasions to ensure my care and well being was being carefully monitored. I could not have endured all that was in store for me, all the much needed work if it wasn't for the well rounded staff and personable Dr. Chau. Everyone from the from desk (Shelby, Kiki), inner offices staff Nikki and Amy, to the lovely man who made my crowns ;). Dr Chau you are the BEST IN TOWN!!!! Thank you my Summit dental family!!! DJB
Tips & Advices
This depends on the facility. Patients should call to find out if they'll need a referral from their physician prior to making an appointment.
Aside from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, most wound care centers offer:
  • Debridement: The removal of dead skin and tissue surrounding the wound. This can be done surgically, using a whirlpool bath, syringes, enzymes that dissolve the tissue, or wet dressings that dry on the wound and absorb the dead tissue.
  • Dressing: Wrapping the wound in a protective film, gauze, gel, or foam.
  • Compression stockings: Tight-fitted fabric sheaths that encourage blood flow.
  • Artificial skin: A covering that is applied to the wound for several days as it heals.
  • Ultrasound: The use of sound waves to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy: The use of materials naturally produced by the body to encourage quick cell growth.
  • Negative pressure therapy: Creating a vacuum around a wound to encourage faster blood flow to the area.
Depending on where the treatment is administered, hyperbaric oxygen treatment  can cost $100- $1,000. After insurance is applied, patients may have a copay of $10 -$50 or a coinsurance fee of 10 percent to 50 percent.
Most wounds should heal within two to six weeks. An individual should seek chronic wound treatment if a wound has not begun to heal after two weeks or is not completely healed after six.
Most health insurance plans cover wound care. Patients should check with the clinic and their health insurance provider before seeking treatment to be sure.

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