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By: franks143
Foundation Financial Group
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for all of your help during our refinance. Alex was amazing during this whole process after a bad first experience in the world of mortgage refinancing with a competitor. Back in late May, I inquired about refinancing with my then current mortgage holder. The process started well enough but then pretty much stalled after a couple of weeks (after sending in the required paperwork, etc.). After 3 weeks of no communication (calls or emails not returned) with the lender as to the status of our refinance, I went looking for another lender to handle my refinance. From the very first conversation, Alex was very helpful, informative and helped the entire process go very quickly and easily. Start to finish it only took FFG 6 days to complete the loan process, we just had to wait the legal 8 days to sign the papers, which absolutely blew my mind. The communication was a key with me (especially after our previous experience), as my wife and I did have questions and she was able to answer our questions and satisfy any concerns we had in a very timely, professional manner.My experience with my former lender was very stressful and in the end I'm glad I was able to do business with you and your company. I would recommend anyone looking to refinance to your company (and Alex specifically). She went the extra mile, even pointing out other ways we could save including looking at our Homeowner Insurance premiums as they seemed very high (and as it turned out they were). My only regret during the whole process is that I didn't find Foundation Financial Group first and avoid the whole mess with the other lender altogether.Thank you again Alex for your all your help.
By: mikedev
Foundation Financial Group
The entire team at Foundation Financial Group was extremely friendly, customer-focused, attentive, smart, and always available to answer questions.They work hard to earn your business during each step of the process and it shows.My goal in contacting them was to pay off my mortgage as quickly as possible while taking advantage of low interest rates.They did an excellent job explaining and simplifying the refinancing process. For a marginal extra monthly payment I will pay off my mortgage in half of the time; the total amount that I will pay over the life of the loan is far less than I would have with my initial higher interest mortgage.When they offer to take a look at your current insurance costs, take them up on it!They will save me $500/year while aligning me with better coverage. Oh... and I should mention that they pulled all of this off in just over 2 weeks. Try getting that service out of one of the "big guys".Foundation Financial Group seems to be doing all of the right things and has great people in place. Thank you to Nick, Nick, Joe and Kevin for your hard work and long hours.
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By: Ashtin M.
Heirloom Estate Sales
This team is fantastic, wether you are someone needing to host an Estate Sale or looking to pick up a few essentials, this is one company many could trust. I bought 4 Realistic brand speakers for my record player when I was going to only buy 2 but they said they'd offer me a deal on all, so I named my price and they didn't bat an eye. Great deal! Also, my lovely lady wanted this small vintage necklace charm, so the romantic in me naturally pretended to forget about the little lonely $4 charmer, (this was all part of the plan). Then at the perfect moment while I was checking out with the front table ladies, I did a quick slide of hand and swiped the charm from under my lady's eyes as she is scouring to recall where she might have left it. Upset that someone could have bought it up before I got it for her, she was distracted with a surprisingly saddened somber about her, it started to even make me feel bad that I was hiding the sly move to purchase it...
By: Harvey H.
Navy Federal Credit Union
I've been a member of NFCU since 1969 and thou it's always been a long distance relationship, I have always found the service I received to be excellent. I now live in Texas. My business requires me to make several deposits each month to my NFCU account. I used to mail them in. It would take 5 or more days for the checks to clear. The branch at 8424 Lakewood Hill Dr in Fort Worth opened near me and I started using it at the end of 2016. Now my deposits required a short trip and have become virtually instantaneous. If the two tellers are busy any staff member without a customer will ask to assist me in making my deposit at their cube station. As an additional bonus I get to enjoy the friendly welcome, and professional appearance, along with the speedy, accurate service provided. The folks at my branch are excellent representatives of NFCU.
By: paulkatrinaa
Foundation Financial Group
This is just a note to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with the Loan Officer, Andrea Cloud.And, also our experience with Foundation Financial Group.Not only has she been a very professional representative of Foundation Financial Group, she has been very personable. It had been a real pleasure to do business with her. Her knowledge and ability to convey the salient information in a way that one understands, is very commendable.Having talked to you also several times, I can understand that Foundation Financial Group is very lucky to have you both on their team. Rarely have I found an important transaction, such as refinancing, to be so easy, speedy, and pleasant.Foundation Financial Group seems to have instilled in, at least, the two of you the importance of doing business in a straight forward, honest, friendly manner.
By: wendet
Foundation Financial Group
I wanted to tell you know what a pleasure it has been to work with you through the re-mortgaging process. You were exceptionally professional, followed through on everything and called me when promised. What really stands out in my mind is that you took the time to discuss my goals in seeking a new mortgage and gave great advice about my different options. I believe you went above and beyond in helping me with different aspects of the process and I am going to recommend your services to other who may need them.Most people would equate the typical mortgage process right up there with getting a root canal but I want to thank you for making this process as quick and painless as possible. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and I wish you much success in your future endeavors.
By: barbarasara
Foundation Financial Group
I wanted to follow up regarding the superior professional service I received from Ryan Goudie. After I had submitted an on-line inquiry for mortgage rates, he called and left a voice message explaining that I was most likely to be inundated with calls, which I was, however it was his professional voice message that separated him from the "pack" and inspired me to return his call. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the entire process of refinancing a home and made this process extremely easy to follow. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone seeking a refinance as his due diligence is impeccable. Ryan, in short, was outstanding to work with from start to finish and I am sure he will have an exceptional career ahead of him!
By: caseydaren
Foundation Financial Group
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help with the refinance of my home. You took a great deal of time to ensure that I was well aware of where things were in the process of the loan, provide education, and to answer any and all of my questions (even a few I previously had not thought of!!). We ran into a few roadblocks however you went above and beyond to help get these resolved and to make things convenient for me. Your professionalism and commitment to your customers certainly shines through. I again I appreciate the service you provided to me and making this experience a positive one!
By: frankielewi
Foundation Financial Group
It is with the greatest of pleasure I give to "Foundation Financial Service" an A+ for the great service they gave to me to acquire a refinanced low interest loan. Their staff was awesome; The most awesome of all was Eric Hough, loan officer. Eric was diligent, patient and very caring. He worked hard long hours to accomplish my refinancing. Thank you Eric, will miss the chats we had during this process. Ask for Eric Hough for your financial needs, you will not be disappointed.
By: joelorik
Foundation Financial Group
Adam - My family thanks you and your team for all your hard work in getting our loan through. You kept me informed the entire way, something other firms have not done for me. My HR coordinator said Kim was a pleasure to work with. You overcame obstacles the sellers threw into the mix, something we appreciate. I would not only use Foundation Financial Group again, but will recommend your team to anyone looking to do a mortgage.

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