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By: Just S.
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
Dude, your mom was in tears as she was leaving the facility, due to not wanting to return home to YOU and YOUR WIFE! LOL! If her experience was SO bad at Remarkable, why is it that you guys refused to take her home??? If what you're saying is true, you would have taken her home immediately, instead of trying to manipulate the staff and the system.Every day of her stay at Remarkable, there was a smile on her face :-)She was at Remarkable for how long???If the care or communication was that bad, how is it that you continued to allow your mom to stay in such an establishment??? SMH
By: Stephen Y.
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
"Anything but Remarkable" The place is very clean and that is about the only nice thing I have to say about this place. They call  this place "Remarkable" but the service you receive from this place you will find anything but remarkable. The social worker Heidi needs to find another occupation to get into. If you have questions she can't answer them and is very rude and that is if you can actually get ahold of her, I called her multiple times left several messages and after a week finally got a returned call only to have her pass me off to someone else because she was unable to answer my questions. The business manager Ron was hard to get ahold of as well. He was suppose to have called me back numerous times and finally would after a week or so. They love to have "Care Plan Meetings" in which in my mom's case was a waste of time because they were doing nothing but feeding her and giving medication. The whole purpose of being there was to get back on her feet after fracturing her pelvis in 4 different places. In which they did not accomplish by any means, We had several different Dr. appointments that were missed do to lack of communication internally there after being reminded numerous times days before the appointments were scheduled but they failed to take her. I could go on for days with all that was wrong here but will just say that if you are looking for quality care for your loved ones PLEASE keep looking because you will receive anything but that here
By: James Y.
Precise Health Insurance Agency
They were extremely professional and really knew their health care stuff which is always nice when you get someone that knows what they are talking about. I love working with family owned businesses. Definitely will recommend!
By: Jere B.
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
Despite many,many requests for the staff to care for my husband's toes, I received only assurance they would speak to (The floor nurse, The Nursing Director, The Dr....). They addressed his issue when gangreen had eaten his toes. Then, without contacting me they put him in an ambulance to the hospital. I received a call from him, he was so confused he did not know why or where he was. Don't let the facade fool you. I would not ever recommend this place at ALL.
By: James M.
Landmark Healthcare
First off I would like to say thank you to Pat and Michael for the hard work and extra mile they went to make sure I received all the equipment I needed before the end of the year. I just recently became an amputee and have become wheelchair-bound. I was losing my insurance at the end of December 2015. I am unable to get or afford health insurance so I would be losing my rental hospital bed and wheelchair. Through a friend of a friend I was asked if a guy with Landmark Healthcare of Ft. Worth could call me. I said, sure. Michael called me later on that day and asked what I would need to get on with my life. I told him a bariatric hospital bed and Matt and a 30 inch seat wheelchair by the end of Dec. 2015. He said he would pass this on to his agent Pat. She called me the next day and I told her my story. Between Pat and Mike they figured out an amount all three of us could agree on. I was expecting 2nd hand scratched up rusted equipment..and I would have been happy to receive it..Today to my surprise the driver/tech I do believe his name was Josh..and another gentleman delivered a brand new bed and brand new bariatric mattress that was much larger than my rental equipment and a much better trapeze to help me get in and out of bed. Then brought into my house the Best of the best wheelchair with a gel foam cushion to help support my stump. I have nothing but praise for Landmark Healthcare..I no longer have to worry about paying rent for less than adequate healthcare equipment....Landmark a Healthcare of FTW are truly angels.God Bless you Michael and Ms Pat and Josh for putting everything together for me.....
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By: Kelvin H.
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
Was called for an interview for a dietary aide position. The supervisor told me that i had the job as soon she ran a check on everything, and she would give me a call in two days. I waited and waited and never received a call back. When i called her, she would dodge my calls. She could at least called back and said go hell. This is your profession, you need to keep a professional attitude!!! What a coward move.
By: po7643
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
Very unfriendly staff, unorganized, they're supposed to have weekly family meetings but they don't, we never knew what was going on, it's like a ghost town on the weekends you hardly ever see the staff, they don't care. Please don't go here.
By: Robert L.
Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth
I was there for 3 and a half weeks, this place is a nightmare . small staff had to wait for hours for meds sometimes they would not have Bread, one night they didnt have blankets for the bed, if you care ab out the person don;t send them here
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