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By: Kari S.
Laundry Works
"The Laundry Works"Or does it? Dun dun duuuun. I ascertained four laundry contraptions that were labeled out of order on my first visit to the institution, and an entire row of washers were orange-coned off, so who knows what business is conspiring behind that perceived barrier? The tee tiny washers are from the 70s and the dryers are like something you'd see from Tron, and don't get too excited. I mean the original Tron...from a gazillion years ago, not the shiny shiny neon one with those hot 20 something's. The toilet they provide screams like a baby elephant when flushed, which is kind of adorable if you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in Africa. There's no seating to watch your clothes spin except in the front in a designated seating area on what looks like used to be a stage of some sort. The chairs are all facing an old big screen TV like you'd see in an outdated Cici's, but the evangelists that hang out there are always trying to talk about Jesus over the Kardashian's...and there's gotta be some kind of metaphor in that. The Asian family that runs the place is quiet and nice and they seem to know about the evangelists but don't speak to them. I get the vibe that they are under some sort of unspoken agreement because the laundry mat is decorated with religious paraphernalia: Brothers in Christ and Laundry? It will all come out in the wash in heaven I suppose. On an always related note, upon entering the establishment, a three legged dog crossed my path which usually means I will have a pretty good day so obviously this laundry find was a win. And so, I will close out with a charming quote from the Bible that was framed and hung so intentionally above the upper Tron dryers, "Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28). Deuces, you brassieres!!!!
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By: Kristi J.
Super Wash & Dry
This used to be a great place. I was going on a regular basis back in 2006, then I got a new washer and didn't have as often, but still went for big jobs and whatnot. Went back about a month ago. I don't know what happened to the place. Maybe a new family is running it. The video games for the kids were gone. The pretty fake plants were gone. Things looked dusty and dark and depressing. There was a new attendant, she was older than Miss Bonnie who used to run the place. Bonnie was nice, this new lady meh. About ten minutes in these vans and trailers pull up and just start unloading literally tons of clothes, I would guess they were for a thrift store. New lady gave the impression it was a regular occurrence. Was definitely unpleasant having them pile laundry all over the shop. I'm going to be looking for a new laundromat.
By: Cassie R.
Super Wash & Dry
This place gets a star for having plenty of washers. Management, however,is Horrible as well the staff. You are monitored the entire time you are washing even if it isn't close to closing. I still had time on my dryer and the manager told me I should start folding my clothes. She told another lady she should go home because her baby was crying. She told me I had a bad attitude, because I told her I still had time on my dryer and I would finish. I finally told her to stop talking to me, but she insisted on talking to me as I'm loading up to leave. Her staff isn't any better, I complained of a dirty washer, and she didn't look like she wanted to clean it.
By: Patty S.
Express Wave Laundry
I am on a tight budget, so I like their cheap prices and free dry. I have shopped around, and I think these guys are the only washeteria to offer free dry. Good service so I am a satisfied customer overall.
By: Catalina S.
Express Wave Laundry
This is the cheapest washateria and they do free dry. I started going there since my washer at home broke. Hope I will have it fixed, but until then I am there every week.
By: abc12332123123123123
Northside Coin Laundry
Great place, very clean! Everyone very helpful. Clean, clean, clean!

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