By: awc382
Cowtown Rover
Sam and Josh are simply the best. I recently bought a 2002 Range Rover, which had the usual head gasket, ABS, and leaking problems. After calling around all three area Land Rover dealerships, taking it to two separate shops, and calling at least six more indies, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. All the others were either inexperienced or were going to charge me over $7,000 for the repairs.When I finally found Cowtown Rover, Sam not only diagnosed the issues within minutes, he offered to fix a few additional preventive maintenance items for a whole package deal significantly cheaper than the rest. He even offered to drop me off at home and picked me up when the car was ready (over 30 minutes each way). When my car was ready for pickup, he found a few more issues pertaining to bad relays, and he just fixed those as part of my deal without additional cost. Sam and Josh truly care about their customers. They saved me a boat load of money and gave me something even more valuable: peace of mind. I can drive my beautiful machine knowing that it's in great shape, my family is safe, and that I got the best deal in town from the most experience Land Rover mechanics anywhere in the world.Thank you, Sam and Josh! You guys are way better than the competition, and I will tell everyone to see you, no matter what car they drive.
By: buster74985
Autobahn Motorcar Group
My new car buying experience with Autobahn VW was exceptional! Compared to other car dealerships they had a complete no pressure, no games approach to selling vehicles. I wasn't pounced on by a salesman as soon as I got out of my car which was a refreshing change. Once I was ready for help I went inside and asked for assistance. My salesman (Daniel LaRoche) was great from beginning to end, was very knowledgeable on the vehicle I was interested in and took the time to make sure I made an informed purchase. I also emailed him several times about specific questions on the car, maintenance information and vehicle availability. He responded promptly and was very helpful. There was no discussion of money, payments or anything until I initiated that conversation. They also didn't try to play any games after the purchase price was finalized (no dealer extras like paint protection, fabric protection, VIN etching, window tinting, nitrogen in the tires, extended warranty or anything else was offered).I fully recommend this dealership and salesman to anyone interested in a Volkswagen! The salesman was great and the dealership was wonderful!
By: nothingisfree.
Fort Worth
I'll go to a different HD dealer for service work next time. I made a 9 a.m. appointment for relatively minor work that I didn't have the tools/knowledge to do myself. I was told when I made the appointment that it would take about 1 1/2 hours and I was welcome to relax/wait. At 11 a.m. I checked and they had just put my bike on the lift. Another two hours goes by before I was finally on my way home. grrrr If they overbook or are short handed, the absolute least they could do is let you know about the extended wait time so you can make a decision on whether to hang out or leave and get your other errands completed. My time is valuable too and they apparently don't recognize that. I should have taken my bike out of there at 11 a.m. when I saw that they were already 2 hours behind schedule. So much for being first in line AND with an appointment. I'll give them two stars because the ladies in apparel were very helpful when I was looking for shirts for the grandkids.
By: lesspaul
Cabo Grande
Just had a party of 30 for my dance company. We go to Fort Worth every year with the cheerleaders convention. Last year was a disaster since we didnt make reservations and all the restaurants were of course booked. This year I called Cabo a couple of weeks before and even though they already had reservation for this group, they were able to accommodate us. I was so thankful and I changed the number of people twice. Even that same day in the morning. we went from 30 to 60 from my original reservation. Managers were very understanding and willing to help us. They said they were gonna do everything possible to make it happen but that we will have to move our reservation 30 min later. Which we didnt mind for a group of that size. We had several servers and everything went smooth even though we requested separate checks. Food was very good and servers were prompt and kept our drinks full. Next year we will definitely be back. See you next year Cabo.
By: fabulosasenorita
Cabo Grande
I would definitely say that Cabo Grande is my favorite place to dine. I took my mother to Cabo for her Birthday and I was pleasantly surprised that they have a Cuban sandwich on the menu as well as Caldo Gallego. I haven't had either the sandwich or the soup ever since I left Miami. Also the sandwich was as good as I used to have at La Carreta Cuban sandwiches in Miami. My mother had the Brazilian boneless ribs and she also said that the dish was so good and now she wants us to come back with my father. I'm in for another visit to Cabo and next time I'm going to try their famous Cabo Rita to see what's it like. At any rate Cabo is my new 5 star restaurant food and service. My waitress was Pam ans she did a great job making us feel welcome.
By: kminchew1901
Infiniti of Fort Worth
Just bought our second car in three months from Roger at Sewell Infiniti FTW. The buying experience it like none other! There's none of the "salesman tricks" that you see at all the other dealerships! They go above and beyond to make the experience easy, pleasant and to build repeat customers. When we wanted remote start added after we bought our car Roger lent us his personal Infiniti for two days so we wouldn't be down a car. He is extremely knowledgable and super easy to work with. Just wish we needed another car! Free car washes for life and they go above and beyond to make sure our cars are well maintained even at there expense. No nickel and diming here. Roger Bernard is the best!
By: jeffwhits
WorldWide Kitchen & Gourmet
I went to this place a couple days ago and it was better than I expected. I didn't think the sushi would be good because it was a buffet, but it turned out to be better than I ALOT better than I expected. The staff was very friendly to me and they made me want to come back. The food was decent. Pretty good for a buffet. There was a lot of options from japanese to chinese to american and some mexican food.The tacos were not that good but the kung pao chicken was very good. The dumplings were good too.I would recommend going to this place because there is a lot of variety and it is not like other asian buffet places.
By: gregbeck11
Cowtown Rover
I've been a customer for better than a year now and I have an older model Land Rover that need a lot of TLC, because that's the nature of these trucks. Cowtown has worked above and beyond every time I've gone in. From simple oil change to figuring out what the "tick" sound is. They've been brilliant and affordable and reasonable. I really appreciate their conduct, especially when you consider the "yes men" at the dealership who will say anything to get you back. I would recommend Cowtown for any Land Rover, BMW or other foreign auto service. Thanks guys!
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By: Alicia L.
La Familia Mexican Restaurant
New owner bought the restaurant about 2 years ago and they've changed things for the better!! They installed a bar in the back, more tvs, but left the place family friendly. They also have a great fajita special on Wednesdays after 4 p.m. They're different from the regular fajitas they have the rest of the week. The owner used to own a restaurant in Fort Worth previously and it's his special recipe. My other favorite is the brisket tacos they have every Friday until 3 p.m. just delish. And it's really cool that they have flaming margaritas!
By: pink-opal
Joe T Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
From FW all my life & I am aware that not loving Joe T's is not legal, but food is just so so & service is less than that especially if it one of the many catered events. They just quit trying & are living on reputation. They are stingy with the servings, ignore simple reqests, & don't even perform basic service functions. Ex: no picking up dirty plates or refill water. Food was "ehh". Good cheese nacos (1only) & guacamole though. Go for the legend not the food or service.

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