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By: twila08
State Farm Insurance
Dear Ed, I am writing you in regards to an accident I recently had and how my State Farm Agent, Darren Miller helped us. My wife and I went for a ride on our motorcycles on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. About an hour into our ride, a car moving into my lane clipped me. Luckily he just missed my wife, but I went down traveling about 45 mph. I must tell you that I have never been involved in a collision prior to this, and being on a motorcycle made it even more traumatic. I was lucky to have only recieved minor wounds, I had some road rash and my bike was wrecked. The ambulance arrived along with the police and a small crowd had gathered. The whole situation was chaotic. My wife and I had no idea what to do. We were concerned about how this would be handled by the car drivers insurance agent as he was at fault.I was in a bit of shock and didn't know what to do. My wife, being the smart one, contacted our insurance agent, Darren Miller. Darren immediately calmed my wife down telling her as long as I was OK, everything would be allright. And within 20 minutes of being called Darren was at the site of the accident. I cannot begin to describe how his presence that day made everything better. Darren advised us on how the accident would be handled by the other insurance company, Allstate. He arranged for a tow truck to come pick up my motorcycle and he made sure it was properly loaded on the truck to ensure that it didn't recieve any further damage. And he even assisted the other driver getting his car in a drivable condtition. And most importantly, Darren calmed my wife and myself ensuring us we would get through this day OK. Darren then transported me to the motorcycle shop and assisted with the paperwork for repairing my bike. I cannot stress enough my gratitude for having a State Farm agent like Darren Miller that day, and every other day for that matter. It is good to know we have an insurance company and agent we can count on. Sincerely, Doug Hoenig
By: lizzzieleigh
Stir Crazy Baked Goods
Best bakery in Fort Worth, for sure.We worked with Robbie for our wedding at 809 at Vickery. She was a real delight to work with! She was friendly, honest and helpful ... and OMG her desserts were delicious. Robbie handmakes her desserts with love and you can taste the difference ... from the quality of the ingredients she uses to the time she puts into making it look great, I couldn't believe the quality of the food. Not only were the desserts delicious, but she was very reliable and trustworthy as well. She arrived at the venue and set up the dessert bar professionally and it looked SO good. A lot of couples say they don't get to taste their own cake ... but we definitely had plenty from our dessert bar and I'm so glad we did. I seriously recommend Robbie and Stir Crazy Baked Goods if you want handmade, pretty and fresh awesomeness for your wedding.
By: Rachel B.
Stir Crazy Baked Goods
Stir Crazy Baked Goods was recommended by a family friend. I knew I wanted pie instead of a wedding cake but there were so many wonderful flavors I wasn’t sure which one to choose and my work schedule made it difficult for me to make a tasting appointment. Robbie kindly offered to make me mini pies of 6 flavors that I could pick up and try at home. They were so delicious that my husband decided to also have pie instead of a groom’s cake! Robbie was so patient and easy to work with throughout the planning process. We ended up doing a mixture of whole pies and mini pies. We provided the cake stands but she delivered and set up the pies for the reception. The guests commented on how amazing the pies were throughout the entire evening! Thank you, Stir Crazy Baked Goods!
By: Tosh M.
Krispy Catfish
I am still a fairly new resident here in TX. I've been to Krispy Catfish twice so far and both times I was pleased with the food and the service. I wasn't a fan of their fried oysters, but they weren't exactly the worst either. I am a huge fan of their fried catfish fillets though! They are pretty large in size so you only need 2, no more than 3 fillets. They are very meaty too and perfectly seasoned. They have some of the best fried catfish in town! I highly recommend people eat here but stick to the fried catfish, not the oysters. Their fried catfish fillest tastes great with their creamy ranch dip. Their ranch dip tastes like it was made in-house. Great food for the buck!
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By: Don O.
Empower Insurance Group
Hi, My name is Don Owens and I am the President of Empower. I do not hide behind anonymity on line. At Empower we respond to every "real" complaint with detailed responses so there is no question to our action. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for that reason. If you have a concern please visit the We will offer a detailed response. This allows you to have a moderator if you feel necessary, and allows the public to make a decision on all the facts. Even better than that, if you have a concern, call me at 817-306-2366. We insure hundreds of thousands in Texas and we take our reputation and our work seriously.
By: hereandnow68
Great Expression Smiles - Fort Worth
From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, dentist Tri Pham and staff were very pleasant and professional. If new patients are not use to diversity, they could easily misconstrue dentist Tri Pham‘s high level of professionalism and complete attention to the task at hand as unsympathetic. To the contrary, dentist Tri Pham showed concern for the circumstances of my tooth extraction and HBP and would not extract the tooth until my BP was low enough to continue without complications. Thank God for professionals like him! Very pleased with my day at the dentist and will refer friends and family to dentist Tri Pham.
By: jeffwhits
WorldWide Kitchen & Gourmet
I went to this place a couple days ago and it was better than I expected. I didn't think the sushi would be good because it was a buffet, but it turned out to be better than I ALOT better than I expected. The staff was very friendly to me and they made me want to come back. The food was decent. Pretty good for a buffet. There was a lot of options from japanese to chinese to american and some mexican food.The tacos were not that good but the kung pao chicken was very good. The dumplings were good too.I would recommend going to this place because there is a lot of variety and it is not like other asian buffet places.
By: foodexperts
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
The Fort Worth Texas location, is run badly the management was rude, the shell fish we ate had bits of shell still on them when served, we called the main office to advise them of our background in the food industry and our visit, and we still have not recieved a call or email of apology, We do not recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a nice nightout or good food.Reminder if the top managers are reckless with customer service, the people below them will be the same, The only way to get good service is to really give your honest review, not a review from the managers who put fake reviews on this site.
By: Jaya G.
Empower Insurance Group
I had Empower Insurance for the past 8 months.Customer Service is hopeless .They intentionally put you on hold for 20-30 min after receiving the call . They have rude talking lady Beila. Her main job is to talk rude , cut calls.The service I received from them is horrible.I had tough time when trying to cancel the policy with them.To cancel the policy they charged $425 and then came down to $380 and then $252 without any reasons.I advice to be more cautious when having an insurance with this company.You are probably doing greatest sin in your life by doing business with them.
By: ash.ok.52012
Great Expression Smiles - Fort Worth
I was impressed right from the moment, I stepped inside. Great staff, very courteous, they made me feel at home, I did not feel that I was at a dentists place. Actually I don't like to visit dentists, but I was in for a surprise here, the dentist took great care, the root canal that he performed was great, I am free from pain now after suffering for many years as I kept putting off a visit to the dentist. ABC 123 Dental is a good place to visit if you have dental problems. I recommend them.P.S: Nice and clean equipment is an added advantage.
Tips & Advices
Dental hygienists are required to attend continuing education classes, and the amount of continuing education that is needed varies from state to state. Depending on the state, dental hygienists must renew their licenses every one, two, or three years. A certain amount of continuing education is necessary to successfully have this license renewed.
Dental hygienists can perform teeth whitening. This procedure is used to brighten a discolored smile. It's possible to whiten teeth at home, but you'll often get faster results if you turn the process over to a trained and skilled professional. Dentists and dental hygienists often use stronger bleaches to whiten teeth than those that are available to consumers over the counter.
The costs associated with getting the education required to become a dental hygienist depends on the type of degree chosen. For an associate's degree, expect to spend an average of $22,000. For a bachelor's degree, the average cost rises to $36,000. For a master's degree, it would take an additional $30,000 on top of the costs associated with getting a bachelor's degree.
It takes a minimum of two years to become a dental hygienist. This is the time required to obtain the associate's degree that qualifies them for licensing in a particular state. After obtaining a degree, they'll need to pass national, state, and regional exams to begin working as a dental hygienist.
The are certain key differences between a dental hygienist and a dental assistant. A dental assistant performs tasks such as disinfecting instruments, managing patients' dental records, and assisting dentists during procedures. Dental hygienists perform a more advanced set of tasks, such as polishing teeth and removing tartar, plaque, and stains.

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