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By: Whit77 S.
Tonae's Learning Center
it is a wonderful child care facility. I have been attending for +2 years, and what a blessing it has been. The teachers are very genuine, caring and patient. The staff deserves a huge; I want to thank all of them for helping with the development of my Children¿s education, mannerism and even potty training. In addition to the love and great curriculum, they are a great facility to work with. They do their best to stay open during inclement weather and their nurse is an amazing resource when you have those first time experiences and need guidance. I am writing this because I am moving and unfortunately I need to change daycares in the process. I have visited 6 daycares to find something close to what I've experienced at Tonae¿s Childcare and nothing is coming close. Tonae¿s Childcare, thank you for helping in the growth and development of my girls, my oldest isgood grades
By: Morgan T.
Tonae's Learning Center
My son's father and I placed our son at Tonae's two and a half years ago. More so for socialization with children his own age rather than necessity, as my mother and grandmother watched him. I can honestly say that it has been an exceptional experience for our son and that the staff and teachers are well qualified, caring, and nurturing. Of all the concerns parents have today, sending your child to Tonae's will not be one of them. Tonae's has a wonderful! Administration: knowledge & passionate for early education & the development of children. I am always greeted with a smile and the manager is very attentive to any questions we may have. You immediately feel welcomed in their center. it's obvious the staff holds themselves to the highest caliber. They are warm, inviting, caring and clean.
By: heatherearnhardt
ARK Christian Learning Center
My oldest son has been to other daycares but this one is the best one I have ever sent him to. Both of my sons go here and I am amazed at the transformation that has taken place with them. The teachers are wonderful, patient, kind, and loving. The staff is INCREDIBLE and helpful. They are the most kind and thoughtful people I have ever dealt with. Their focus is on Christian teachings for the children and helping parents as well. I HIGHLY recommend this daycare to anyone who wants a loving, home-style teaching/learning environment for their children. They are another family to me and my boys. Thank you Cheryl, Justin, and Heidi for all you do!!!
By: Leslie K.
Metroplex Homes
I have been a client with Metroplex Homes for many years. I have 6 properties managed by them. They are the best. The website portal is convenient and easy to use. They really know their stuff. They treat your property like they would their own. I am very impressed with them have had no issues. They are careful to qualify the tenants. They are always quick to respond to repair request and get it done quickly. I could not be happier with the service I have recieved from them. If you need a property manager for your rental I highly recomend them.
By: laura.cummings.1447
I highly recommend the Downtown YWCA for any Bride who is looking for not only a beautiful venue, but a place where the staff is kind and accomodating. The staff is so nice. I cannot recommend this venue enough. I played two weddings there over the past 2 weeks, and felt a relaxed atmosphere... free of stress. This is not easy to find in this day and time. I look forward to returning to this great facility to play more beautiful weddings. Thank you staff. Laura Cummings/Sounds of Laura www.soundsoflaura.com
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By: Dustin M.
Metroplex Management Co.
Metroplex Management has been terrific to work with. They have given us peace of mind and are well worth the fees that they charge. We have always been treated with the highest respect. The office staff & owners are great and communicate with us in a timely manner. The monthly statements are great and we receive them consistently on time every month. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs rental management services. Thank you Metroplex Management!
By: Robert G.
Keller Williams Realty
Kay Olubanjo, Realtor, Keller Willams (see business contacts above) is an excellent realtor. He's helped me with housing from renting to owning, going above and beyond to ensure that not only am I satisfied, but that I could actually afford it. He is a man of great Faith, a honest businessman, and genuine in his business. AM HAPPY TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH HIS BUSINESS AND WOULD RECOMMEND HIM WITHOUT RESERVATIONS.
By: ms.shanda
Borrowed Blessings Childcare
I think Borrowed Blessing daycare is awesome. My kids have been attending since July 2012. I am now able to go to work and do my job , and not worry about are my kids receiving the best care. The employees are outstanding, and go above and beyond for every child. I will highly recommend this facility to my family and friends. I think i made a wonderful decision when i picked Borrowed Blessing.
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By: Kenneth B.
Metroplex Management Co.
We are very pleased with their service and timely communication about every aspect of our properties. They have an excellent staff who are down to earth and are good at their jobs! We receive our monthly statements like clockwork. We are happy that we chose Metroplex Management. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of property management services!
By: Joyce C.
Metroplex Homes
This is the best management company I have ever experienced. I have several properties in different states and I am now selling some to purchase more in the area Karen at Metroplex Homes manages. She has made the best impression with her wonderful staff and the care she gives the 6 homes I have with her now. I could not be happier with this company.
Tips & Advices
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