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By: Tammy W.
Sunset Heights Apartments
***DO NOT MOVE HERE***The good:The neighborhood is decent and centrally locatedKimberly the owner is nice and means wellJoey the maintenance man is great. Gets the job done quickly and efficiently.The bad:Every single month, either our hot water Or the water altogether is shut off. I have had to boil water on a number of occasions to bathe myself and my children for school and work. Its horribly frustrating and ridiculous.All the lights in my apt dim when i turn on my garbage disposal. So I barely run it.Our AC is not working at the moment bcuz its "getting fixed". You can see this is clearly a recurring theme if you look at other posters and what they've had to say about the Ac situation.My unit was not move in ready when i moved in and they had close to a month to do so. It took them over a month to fix things in my unit that were supposed to be done prior to move in. The laundry list of things that were not complete upon move in were:Carpets weren't cleanedDishwasher was dirtyBathrooms clearly had not been cleaned and scoured. The sinks and tubs were dingy.Broken bathroom stoppersMissing beauty ringBlinds that were too short for length of window.Outlets that did not work or coming home and having to mess with the breaker bcuz lights would not come on with just the flick of switch.Apt wasnt weatherized.I still have issues like for example, the windows rattle when the wind blows. A drawer in my kitchen will not stay on track. I've fixed it once, they've fixed it but it doesn't stay.My stove must be salvaged bcuz it has extra dots next to dials and when i heat my oven or burners,Other burners that are off, get really hot like they're on.The fact that they call the complex updated is a half truth because mine is not. In fact my bathrooms look completely different from one another- one is semi updated while the other has a clearly older non updated look to it. My kitchen has non updated, old white cabinets. I've watched as they've installed new things and updated units all around me but not mine. Its interesting to say the least.Be prepared to be looked at funny if you request to not have anybody in your unit to make repairs when you are not there. I've never had anyone press me so hard before about needing to be in my apartment when i wasnt home. It should be as easy as a simple okay if someone says no I want to be home when things are being fixed. Respect people's requests.I've caught them in lies regarding the water. Asked the leasing mgr why water was off and she said there was a leak. I then talked to one a the maintenance men a little later and asked why water was off and he said he had to turn it off to install a dishwasher. Of course the office denied the conversation.Also be prepared to be talked about like a dog when u leave the room or hang up the phone from speaking to them. Especially by Tess.My biggest complaint though and why I can't wait to move is the not having water or hot water every month without fail. Water is a basic necessity that all people should have on a regular basis. Period. I've been here less than a yr and have had no hot water or water about a dozen times now. And its not just one day, the water is usually off for 2-3 days. Its the 8th and we've not had hot water since the 6th. Unacceptable.I ask Kimberly, the owner, how would you feel if your hot water was turned off every month and you couldn't shower or had to heat water on a stove or microwave just to wash yourself and your children? Think about it and give us apartment dwellers the same respect please!As i said Kimberly means well but its more than meaning well, it's doing well. And you guys have to do a little better.
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By: Amanda B.
Ridgemont Apt Office
I have lived here since March of 2014 and have seen two owners and countless leasing agents come in and out of the office. The current owner seems to be attempting to improve the complex, but at the cost of the tenants. He has hiked up prices of the utilities. The roofers who were here 2 months ago to do repairs still have pallets of roofing material blocking parking spaces. There was a complex-wide outbreak of bedbugs and they made tenants pay for the pest control. The washing machines are always broken and the water is horribly regulated. The water is either piping hot or freezing cold. The hot water has been off for two weeks now. I have asked for my apartment to be sprayed twice for roaches but they are still present. Also, the apartment is am in now was not prepared for us to move in. They promised new laminate floors and other amenities that we did not receive. The only saving grace for this complex is that it is located in a quiet neighborhood that is near everything and the rent is cheap (although the rent is rising substantially more than this place is worth). The new owner is also not allowing pets. At all. If you want to live here, be prepared for a highly unorganized payment system. The 'convenience fee' for paying rent online is nearly $40.00. There is no dropbox for your money orders if the leasing attendant is not in the office. Don't bother getting a package delivered because most places don't recognize this address and the office does not allow packages to be dropped off there. It has to be your apartment. I will NOT be renewing my lease here.
By: Lea lynnette S.
Monticello Apartments
As a person who suffered tragedy this past year, I have to say having a home at Monticello Crossroads has been a blessing to me. The apartment floor plan is unique & allows for privacy.(the walls actually cover noise!) The landscape is kept clean at all times and there is attention paid to the beauty of natural flowers,plants. The pool really does sparkle! It is maintained in pristine condition.The location is wonderful for company-close to many educational & fun activities- avoiding the time-consuming ,harrowing traffic usually accompanying a trip to the city (unless you pay top $ for a high-end hotel. Monticello has employed professional, caring people.The most comforting aspect of making Monticello a home is looking at weekly police reports & having security you can is strictly enforced, making you & your friends & family want to be there because you can feel safe. {Bugs? I would have left in a "New York" minute! Not one- ever.} If these things matter to you- this is a great place to live, in my humble opinion.
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By: Jordan C.
Amesbury Court Apartments
I've been living a total of 3 years & am on my 4th year. The old mngmt company royally screwed over this complex. It's become ghetto & neighbors are less than pleasant to be around. Dog poop everywhere, the trash compactor is always full & if it's not people just throw their trash on the ground anyways. The pools are consistently closed & when they are open there's so many people there you don't even want to go to the pool. Many kids f/other apartments come & go to the pool. I've reported pit bull sightings & some not even on leashes. I've reported every week for the last 10 weeks that our neighbor has trash on their balcony and there's 12 bags of trash on their balcony. The new apt staff is incredibly nice & extremely pleasant to deal with. Their work is cut out for them & I don't think they can turn it around. Would I recommend Amesbury Court to live? No. The prices are ok but I don't like the atmosphere. You get what you pay for & as soon as I can afford better we will be leaving.
By: becka.sanchez.9
The Creek Apartment Homes
First i want to say i have NEVER had ANY pest problemsI lived in these apartments for FOUR YEARS (i think i wrote an ugly letter the first year 2009) and since becoming under new management in 2012 i finally actually enjoyed it!! They update the apartments COMPLETELY from the name to the gates, paint, CONCRETE (parking lot), fence, VERY luxurious inside apartments and best of all they have the best lease agents(management). They get to know YOU and they always doing thoughtful things like a breakfast in the mornings or pool party's or even a BBQ in front of there apartments. I wish i didnt have to go but i am moving into a house now but i guess this is the least i can do. I will and have recommended these apts to my friends :)
By: Shirley B.
El Rancho Escondido
I am a single female renting for the first time without roommates. The apartment Leasing office and all the staff made my transition easy as pie. The one bedroom apartment is huge,there's so much room that I don't feel crammed in. The all bills paid,plus cable is great.The security 24/7 is beyond any other complex I looked at. The maintance requests does not take weeks it takes just a day or two. This apartment and the team are outstanding. I would recommend anyone of my friends and family here. Why? Because there's no place like home and I know you will feel the same way tooo!!Thanks to the entire stafff for being the best at everything you do!!Shirley
By: joejoebean
Lived here for three years. Having to relocate due to work. Wouldn't be leaving if not for this reason. Since new management company came in a year ago the property has been exceptional!Maintenance is outstanding and friendly. They wave as they pass to everyone, lol, like an old black and white tv show.Office staff is friendly too. Property improvements continue since new company took ownership. Great location! Very nice property.
By: lornak41
Fountain Corner Apts
Nice place to live, very friendly staff and VERY PROFESSIONAL. They get the job done when you turn in a service order, done so quick. Going on 2 years living here, never had much of a problem, if any problems, tell the mgmt, gets taken care of immediately!They are always willing to work with you and they make sure you are happy. The only problems here is no washer/dryer connections, and no storage/linan closets.Thats it!! ;) LS
By: donny.herman1
Park Vista
Awesome Community!! One of the BEST in North Ft Worth area, the staff is VERY nice, and the amenities are great, Been having a BLAST at the pool, and the sand volleyball courts!!! I have so many new friends now since I moved in, Its truly an awesome community!!! Really cant say much bad about this place!!
By: june86
El Rancho Escondido
The people here are helpful and the apts aren't super expensive! It's an older complex, and they've been taken care of... They just need to repave some spots in the parking lot. They're really to the Ridgmar area, so lots of shopping and restaurants! I'm waiting for my lease to end so I can move!

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