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By: allenj80
Herb'n Health
First, let me say this, you have to have an open mind when going here. Karen may talk a lot, but who doesn't. She is very knowledgeable and PASSIONATE about what she does. If you think she's crazy, then why are you going to her business? Don't judge her for her wealth of knowledge and her ability to be passionate about the health of others. Secondly, respect her business! Don't bring your cell phone in there and if you see that you are there more than an hour text whomever and let them know where you are and what time you'll be leaving. And she can always tell you why you're there before you open your mouth. So just be kind! Get what you need, whether it be herbs or information, pay for your things and be thankful that God has blessed you with the ability to be in her presence. Third, herbs and information (valuable and precious) are not cheap. So don't complain about how "expensive" her herbs are, because if they were any cheaper they'd probably be useless. I enjoyed my time with her. I was able to share my experiences with others and I listened to their testimonies. Although I spent 4 hours there, it was well worth it. I met people that were experiencing some of the same ailments that I was experiencing and trying to accomplish some of the same goals that I am trying to accomplish. I purchased The Royal Resurrection and I am about to start my "New" Health journey. I appreciate all the information that Karen has provided me with and I would recommend open-minded adults to her!
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By: Cooper P.
Herb'n Health
Karen is not crazy.She is so passionate about her beliefs that she might seems that way but she is not. We also got into a heated argument the first time I went into her store several years ago.It's her store and her rules. If I came into your house doing or saying something you really didn't like its up to you what you say to me about it. Same goes for her in her store. Nowadays I just agree with her. Get what I need and leave. While in waiting for her to ring me up I usually notice she's selling several hundred dollars of her herbs and spices before she gets to me so maybe the woman is crazy like a fox eh? I do not question her believes. I just try to learn from her. Let's all look for the good in her which is plenty. How hard can it be to not be confrontational with someone who had a job none of us can even image having. It's not that hard I assure you. Once you make it past what you see as crazy behavior in her all will be fine.you'll be glad you swallowed your pride and didn't argue with her.
By: Pam B.
Custom Cuts Hair Design
I will always thank God for leading me to Custom Cuts. I was driving around south Fort Worth, trying to find another hair salon where I could get my hair spiral permed. It's really hard to find a salon that still offers that service. Not only can I get spiral perms at Custom Cuts - the curl lasts 3-6 months longer, which is so much better for my hair (and my checkbook!). Another thing I love about Custom Cuts is the age range of their clientele. Little kids, teenagers, college students, adults of all ages - special care for elderly cilents who must use walkers and wheelchairs. Surprise - this is not just a women's hair salon. Lots of good-looking hunks go to Custom Cuts, too! Usually, I can get an appointment the same week I call. But even if they're booked up - if I have a special occasion, someone there will make sure I look my very best. Ronda, Sara, Breck and Brooks are "the dream team" when it comes to hair care.
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By: Barbara N.
Herb'n Health
I went to this business because I knew she'd have the basic ingredients to the recipe I needed for Essiac tea, and she had all of them and the price was so affordable. The owner asks that cellphones not enter her store. A request that does not seem unreasonable. Don't like the rule, go somewhere else. Karen is very knowledgeable and has a passion that flows from her every being. She had so many people in her store today and she fills orders and gives pieces of wisdom as she works. You need patience and you may make a friend while waiting. Each room is filled with information, trinkets, and numerous other things to check out! Respect her request. If you asked someone not to spit on your floor and respect your request, you would not earn the label of "nuts". The request is noted on her front door. Hope you get healthy!
By: tanny
Samantha Kay's Beauty Supply
this is a great AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNED BEAUTY SUPPLY! Its sad that someone would write a negative review to try to downgrade this business.. Just by reading the review anyone can tell it is from a competitor and not a customer.. especially when ther review said "There will be another beauty supply store opening soon in the area".. Yes believe me the new one that is opening up wont treat the customer any better especially while they follow you around the store thinking you are going to steal something.. but they choose to open their business where alot of African Americans live.. Stop the hate ASIANS!! SAD!
By: Liz B.
Herb'n Health
I went in and I DID NOT take my cellphone into her business, as she had requested. She welcomed me and was happy that I had respected her request. I listened to what she had to say, and was understanding, rather than arguing with her about a dumb cellphone. It is a CELLPHONE. You are not going to die if you leave it in your car, while you are in her shop. Upon reading reviews from previous customers, I recognize that they did not respect her boundaries. Anyway, she helped me in the way that I needed and was genuine, as well as passionate. Learn some tolerance people!
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By: Darla J.
Psychic Medium Dresden
I just finished my appointment with Dresden and I am extremely satisfied with her reading. She is very gifted and an amazing person, I feel like I not only have found a Psychic to communicate with about various spiritual aspects going on in my life but I have also found a friend as well. I recommend you reach out to her if you are looking for a trusting compassionate psychic. I will be in contact with her again very soon! Thanks Dresden! Lovely to meet you and thanks for sharing your gift.Darla Colvin
Tan 1 On
I love TAN 1 On and the new owners!! they still have the best price in town but the salon is ALWAYS clean and they have the nicest girls working there! I have been with this salon for 12 years and the new owners have been there now about 4 years. She keeps the best lotions in stock and at the best price :) Give them a chance you will be glad you did ;)
By: anvannguyen
Uptown Haircuts
I've been going here since 05 I found this place when I use to have an apartment in the Eastchase area. I moved to Fort Worth when I got my house, but I still make the drive to Eastchase for a haircut. Kim and the other lady do a very good job cutting hairs. I don't see how anyone like the post above would even write a bad review.
By: xtrinaxcedenox
Samantha Kay's Beauty Supply
The gentleman that helped me with my extensions REALLY helped me out, was SO helpful and nice!! I have gotten extensions for years and are usually priced VERY high for high quality hair. He showed me some great hair for MUCH cheaper than what I usually pay I will tell ALL my friends to come here!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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