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By: Tanya M.
Massage Envy - West Jefferson
In general: Jiffy Lube service at best. The location is clean and friendly. The receptionists are timely in answering phones, scheduling, and returning messages. The services offered are just about what you would expect from Massage Envy. The quality of the massage was alright, and the massage therapist had a friendly / comfortable demeanor. I paid an introductory price of $55 for an "hour" long massage. However, I don't feel I would ever pay $95 (the listed regular price) for the same massage. I'll more than likely try a different establishment for my next massage. That's the jist. If you need more details, keep reading. The environment wasn't entirely professional. Upon entering the establishment I could clearly hear a couple of the women in the room to the left having a discussion. Their tone was loud, and it seemed as if they were bad-mouthing another employee; I remember they specifically mentioned being dissatisfied with some practice. I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out the paperwork, and shortly thereafter was directed to a room where they conduct a short survey to determine what your interests are, both long term and for your current appointment. I made it a point to the woman I was speaking with that my calves were my greatest source of tension. A few short minutes following the survey, the massage therapist appeared and we began. We reviewed the fact that my calves were my greatest source of general pain and tension. The massage was quick, as the "hour long massage seems to include the 10-minute pre-counseling as well as the time it takes to disrobe / robe (per as advertised, to be fair.) As a result, an hour long massage is really only about 45 minutes of hands-on time. In those 45 minutes, the massage therapist did not spend a lot of time on my calves. I had requested deep pressure, as I am not new to massage. Brittany (I apologize fi I misspelled) had a decent pressure, but it did not feel deep. I was ensured Brittany was the deepest. After the massage, I did not feel any 'better,' as I typically have after other massages in the past.I do feel in part the experience was my own fault as I encouraged our talkative natures. Brittany was nice, and easy to talk to. However, a massage session isn't exactly the best time to chat. Finally, the suggestive sales at check-out were outrageously pushy. They asked the same question three times! Given my experience, I don't think I would feel inclined to commit myself to spend $65 per month on a massage every month as they were pitching.I'm not a fan of price versus hands-on time overall. I'd rather pay a full $100 - $120 for a full hour of hands-on contact than this quick, Jiffy Lube service I perceived to receive.
By: Nancy J.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
I have had a lower lumbar fusion on L4, L5 and S1, after a little over a year it had become clear that my surgery had failed. My doctor wanted me to start physical therapy and I was in total fear of the thought. I felt it would only make things worse for me and was sure to make it very clear when I went to my first appointment. Well, I was very wrong about it making things worse. I have noticed that as of now I now longer have back spasms, and I am able to do more house chores than before. When I go in I am seen right away, and all the staff are very kind and friendly. I see either Nate or Jerad and neither rush through our session and is very friendly. At my first session it was recommended that I come three times a week instead of twice and I had to decline, but with all the progress that has been made I believe I will increase my visits and start working on other problem areas as well. Thank you so much Steppin Up for helping me step it Up!!!
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By: Jim C.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
Due to severe back and upper leg pain, I was referred to a physician specialist, but since I could not be seen by the Doctor, I asked my GP for a therapist referral. He recommended Steppin Up, and I became introduced to Nathan Miller. After an analysis by Nathan, he explained what we needed to address and moved into therapy to immediately.After five weeks with both Nathan and Jerad, I am pleased to say my issues are behind me. I am back to playing golf on a regular basis and although my game has not improved, I am now free of pain.Dealings with both Nathan and Jerad were most pleasant and professional. I remain most pleased with the services they provided and am most happy to report that my recovery was much faster than I'd feared it would be.Should I have a need in the future for therapy, rest assured I will come calling again.Jim C
By: Charles N.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
If you are in need of physical therapy, I can without any hesitation highly recommend Steppin Up Physical Therapy. I had a total knee replacement that has not gone well. I have had two manipulations as well as scar tissue removed, the problem is I have had very little bend. I have been to three other physical therapy clinics with the result of only 80 degrees of bend, and this was over a year of therapy. I have been with Steppin Up just about one month and have already reached 100 degrees of bend. Also my last two appointments were with Ashley, she has been applying dry needling to my leg and I have had really good results. So far I am very pleased with the entire staff, I will recommend Steppin Up to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. Charlie N.
By: joyrenee
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
My first experience with physical therapy was at Steppin' Up Physical Therapy. I was immediately impressed with how friendly the staff is. When I saw Jason for an evaluation, he was a very good listener & used a variety of treatments to help me with my pain. At every juncture, he made sure I was comfortable. He was gentle, & I found treatments to be very effective. I was given a combination of massage, dry-needling (acupuncture) in his office, as well as stretches & exercises to complete at home. As long as I continue to do my I stretches & exercises, I am now pain-free. Before the treatment, I could not stand or sit for long periods of time without terrible pain & tightness in my lower back.
By: Jon D.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
I owe a debt of gratitude to Craig at Steppin Up Physical Therapy. His knowledge of my injury and the appropriate therapy techniques to utilize, as well as his ability to motivate me, have put me in a place in my recovery from an Achilles injury that I didn't think I would be at for another 6 months. Craig knows what he’s doing, and the fact that he loves his job really shows. The entire environment at Steppin Up made the physical therapy process very comfortable, and I would give them my highest recommendation.
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By: Marie B.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
I have been working for Steppin' Up Physical Therapy as a tech for the past few months. I assist with treatments and do receptionist duties. There I am trusted, encouraged, praised, appreciated, and challenged to excel. I love working in such a positive, cheerful environment, surrounded by wonderful people. I thank God everyday for providing this amazing opportunity.
By: brittneycritter
Massage Envy - West Jefferson
As a student of massage therapy, I find that I am very critical of massage places. However, I only have good things to say here! The atmosphere was very professional and relaxing. I had confidence that my massage therapist was well trained since she went for over 1000 hours of training before her certification. She did a great job! I highly recommend a visit!
By: Karen H.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
Here I am again at physical therapy, how do we get here? How do we know which place to go to? So we ask our Dr, and my Dr recommended me to SUPT. I came and I love it! If you ever need to come to physical therapy for any kind of injury, and dont know where to go. Just ask your Dr or give SUPT a call and they will gladly take you as a patient.
By: R G.
Steppin Up Physical Therapy
I am so grateful to all the employees at Steppin' Up. It was a slow, arduous journey to again be able to function independently. These wonderful ladies are so encouraging and positive in noticing and measuring any and all improvement. I thank them for their patience in spite of my tears. May God bless all of you.
Tips & Advices
At the first appointment with a physical therapist, Expect an overall assessment of your condition, which may include exercises to understand your range of motion, balance, and strength. Based on that information, the therapist can then design a regimen.
Physical therapists can work in a variety of environments. While many choose to work in a physical therapy clinic, others will operate out of hospitals and are also able to make house calls to help patients who need in-home assistance and rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can specialize in sports medicine, women's health, geriatric, neurologic, orthopedic​, pediatric, and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, among others.
See a physical therapist following a serious muscle or bone injury, especially if pain doesn't go away within a few days, is recurring and dull, or is frequent and sharp. Book an appointment if medication is not helping or if your doctor recommends it.
The majority of health insurance plans do include physical therapy treatment, but the amount covered and the co-pay for patients varies person-to-person. Medicare and workers’ compensation both cover physical therapy.

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