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  • 1.Foxwood Villa Association Inc

    8508 Valencia Pl

    Fort Wayne,IN

    5.52 mi

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By: Susan F.
Northcrest Garden Apartments
Consider this fair warning, do not move here. The rent may be less than other comparable apartment complexes but there are hidden costs. Everything is electric so your electric bill will be higher than you might pay elsewhere. Your water and sewage bill will steadily increase every month even if you don't use more water. You don't have much of a choice when it comes to cable television. You can't get Comcast or Frontier. Your only option is Dish {which if your balcony is not facing the right way, you're S.O.L) or Northcrest Garden's cable for which they charge $90. The longer you live here the more they will milk you for money.
By: Tiffany F.
Wildwood Place Apartments
This place is nice enough to live in if you're living off a fixed income. But like all places has its hangups. Maintenance is pretty lousy. When I moved in my sink was clogged and the sliding closets were off the hinges. Took them three weeks to fix that. There's only four people on staff and two of them speak little English. They are supposed to pour salt on the sidewalks during winter and take their time doing so. Speaking of which your electric will skyrocket during cold months. Everything is electric and that is the only bill you pay. Between October and January, my bill went from $13.06 to $187.56. Once you decided to use the heater, leave it on. Turning it off will not save any money, I learned that the hard way. Other than that this place is good. The manager was very nice to me. It's quiet most of the time. Neighbors occasionally are loud but it's not a constant noise. If you're just starting out like I was, this place is a good learning experience.
By: Aunt B.
Wildwood Place Apartments
The electric bill in these apartments is sky high. Mostly because of the heater, but also because the hot water and the stove are now also electrical, my monthly bill from I & M averaged $107--for only 520 sq. ft.! The four winter months totalled over $800. I was told they recently cut down every tree and shrub and it looks like a concentration camp with no privacy.
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By: Sable B.
Montrose Square Apartments
I read you review. Living here I have a difference experience. What I am experiencing is thief, harassment, and demon worship. Perhaps you interact with the people living in Montrose Square Apartments, I do not because every time I leave my apartment, someone goes into it and steal things, every time I come and go from my apartment, some man is there clocking my movements. They make every effort to show me what they are doing. At night, I see these horrible visions and it comes from someone practicing satanic worship. When I first moved here I asked one of the maintenance workers who has the keys to the my apartment, he replied that the office staff. Also, I noticed that when I do not attend one of Sherry or Carrie events, they would find a reason every week to knock on my front door. I mean I do not want to interact with many of these people. Who do you know who you are talking to... is it the person that is going into your apartment and stealing your things every chance they get, or is it the person that is secretly harassing you, or do you want to come face to face with the creepy men that live or work at Montrose Square who clock your every move? I tried to post my concerns but unable to do so, I really want to warn the women who are applying for and apartment here whether they working professionals or a student to be aware. I have began to inform my friends of what is going on, I wish somehow I could post this on other websites.
By: Jess P.
Stone Pointe
I currently live here and i have now for about a year, and i have had nothing but problems. Lazy people, who care about nothing and almost killed my dog.
By: Danny D.
Arbors Of South Towne Square
bad...bed bugs. thugs from serinterty drive, duck into unsecured doors out run police
By: Fred J.
Wildwood Place Apartments
Ever since they got new ownership and new management this apt complex has improved. Maintenance staff is now responsive and the new units are very nice. They don't have laundry facilities but for the price and location it is a good deal.
By: weathervane123
Three Rivers Apartments
Friendly staff and maintenance.
By: drew87
Montrose Square Apartments
Perfect for a single man, who shuts himself away, has no desire for room, and wants to be treated like garbage by the complex if you should ever need anything.This apartment complex is possibly the worst run in the city of Fort Wayne, by far the worst I have lived at. There is only one maintenance man for the whole place and a 14 yr old to attempt mowing and grounds keeping during the nice months. Drainage tile is poorly installed and flooding in spring and fall are common everywhere. The woman that runs the office is cold and has a serious problem being courteous to men or understanding to anyone. I paid rent days early every month for my entire lease and the first problem I ever had she was completely rude and discourteous. I had a neighbor, with two minors, being drunk and loud at 12:30 a.m. on a Tuesday night and they acted as if I was the guilty party for even bringing it to their attention. Later that night there was a fight, at the same place, and the front window was shattered out completely but this led to no repercussions for those involved. There is a resident that is completely unstable that I have caught him on three separate occasions peeking in windows and yet nothing is done about any of it! I am a man, but I would feel extremely uncomfortable being home alone at night if I was a woman here and another tenant has voiced the same concerns to me. As for the apartment: The heating and air in the apartments are undersized at best and completely inept during peak winter or summer. Water pressure or lack thereof is terrible for my girlfriend who has long hair, and even impedes the washer if trying to use hot water. The windows are half of the walls in the living room and bedroom leading to a total loss of privacy. The outlets are a fire hazard because they do not hold plugs stable in the wall. There are absolutely no perks in the complex except a porch, and that’s if you can keep property on it. There is no reason for any couple to want to stay here, and if you are a single woman I would seriously recommend you look elsewhere.
By: ifonlyonce
Home Projects
I would not recommend this company. I had to contact the owner, John Morgan, twice regarding issues that were not complete on my job. I reminded him that at the end of the day "the job was NOT done". I've had him do other work and had been okay with what he did, however, this is the last job that he and his company will ever do for me.
Tips & Advices
Yes, most custom cabinet makers can also provide countertops, but the price of cabinets does not automatically include the countertops.
Yes, custom cabinets are available for basically any room in the house: bathrooms, bedroom, breakfast room, den, home office, library, and even laundry room.
Custom cabinets are priced by the linear foot. When building out a quote, the cabinet maker will factor in material cost, additional cost for special features, molding and trim, and the labor cost, including installation.
The time window for making custom cabinets varies according to how many workers are on the job. An efficient two-person shop should be able to build five or six cabinets per day. Some will outsource certain components, such as doors or rails, for greater speed. Regardless, woodworkers or cabinet-makers who know what they’re doing aim to finish build and installation within nine to 12 days. That said, many cabinet makers will give a four- to six-week time estimate because they’re also working on other projects, or they want to give themselves a cushion to complete the job. This timeframe does not account for the time needed to design, build the quote, and order any special materials.
Custom-cabinet finish types include stain, varnish, paint, and glaze. Stain and paint are both options for base coats. Varnish and glaze are options to use as topcoats over paint or stain. Acrylic and laminate finishes are used to create a glossy, shiny contemporary look atop engineered wood cabinets.

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