By: jnhyva
Back Nine Family Fun Ctr
Every time I go to the range the staff here is always polite. I chose Back Nine for its location and the availability of choosing either grass or turf to hit off of. My girls always have fun when we go, they are just learning to play golf and the relaxed atmosphere there helps them to feel comfortable even if they don't hit so well.
By: jerryhoefels
LaBov & Beyond
In short, Barry is loyal and extremely honest even when its not in its best interest to be so. Trust me, I know. Do business with him. You will not regret it. He's a thought leader and great worker in his industry.
By: richwhelch
LaBov & Beyond
D. Swary is a very professional, thorough, creative and like-able person. I'm privileged and thrilled to be able to work with him and team LaBov.
By: indianakyle
LaBov & Beyond
My secret weapon in defeating my competition—don’t tell anyone about them! Seriously, they've helped us increase market share 25%.
By: sallyval
LaBov & Beyond
I think the event we had planned was a great success and the PR came off well…. The team did a great job! -D Barrons
By: chrisindiana
LaBov & Beyond
I've worked with LaBov as a contractor and a free-lancer and they've been great. Love the people there.
By: Riley C.
Cardinal Taxi
Lost my cell phone in cab driver turned it in to local Verizon store. Thabks!

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