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By: gina.m.bishop1
Cook's Custom Service Inc
In over 24 years, there has been one BBB complaint that is beyond exceptional. The woman's complaint presented an individual that seemed stubborn and difficult. Had she paid attention to the technician’s instructions and advice, this comment would not be necessary. Knowing from experience, the lint screen should be emptied after every load or every other load, depending on the load size (which people fail to check until their clothes will not dry). By that time, the dryer has already sucked the lint into the tubing vent, which is also a fire hazard. Having to teach my roommates on the lint removal process and its importance, they did not listen until it would not dry their clothing (I did that on purpose). I explained because they failed to empty the lint screen, the tubing is clogged and needs to be cleared. They have to pull out the dryer from the wall, disconnect the vent tubing and the exhaust vent. They learned a valuable lesson that day about the problems that arise when the lint tray is not cleaned. The fact is the technician advised her and repeated the same on the invoice validated the company's version. In addition, the company ended up losing money on that job because the customer failed to follow the technician’s instructions. This caused another new part to be ordered, and in an effort to make the customer happy, offered her the vent trap at no cost…WOW….really. Cooks Custom Service went beyond their call of duty. She is just another person not willing to accept responsibility for her actions or lack thereof and wanted to blame anyone except herself. I can bet her lint screen needed cleaning...LOL... :-)
By: kimberleefowler
Cook's Custom Service Inc
We ( My mother and I) have used Cooks for over 20 years. They fixed a washing machine, fridge, and kept an air conditioning unit running for 30 years now (absolutely unheard of). They have always been respectful, quick to come when we call, and inexpensive. Most places take advantage of women, these guys are great! I can't believe they have any bad reviews, we have always been happy with their service and will continue using them for as long as we can. I have tried going elsewhere and been charged an arm and a leg and told no appointments could be made in the same day, not with Cooks! I also find it interesting that it appears the bad reviewers complain about the same person, I think all three of those bad reviews were done by the same person.
By: Kim M.
Cook's Custom Service Inc
Needed service on a Refrigerator that was not cooling. Called and they were already scheduled, but the office personnel called the Technician and they made time to come out and diagnose the problem. I needed a part for the refrigerator and the technician called his office to order part right away so that the repair could take place sooner than waiting to order part the next day. Had refrigerator repaired within 2 days and have not had any other problems. Technician was very thorough and explained my problem with refrigerator. Having an explanation was helpful, pricing was not cheap but you do pay for certified technicians who know what they are doing. Will use this business again!
By: Lisa B.
Southland Pool & Lawn, LLC
We have been with Southland Pool and Lawn for almost 1 year now. I could not be more happy. My pool is always sparkling clean and beautiful. My technician is very knowledgeable and professional. He comes and goes, gets the job done perfectly. 100% the best service! Go with Southland Pool and Lawn!
By: Tony B.
Second Chance Used Appliances & Repair
Very good service. Nice place to buy from and very clean. I purchased a refrigerator with a 90 day warrant and had it delivered in an hour. Thank you Jack at Second Chance Used Appliances for great service.
By: Tony B.
Second Chance Used Appliances & Repair
Purchased a refrigerator today and had a good price on it. They delivered it free. Got it home and it's nice and cold....Thank you Jack for your upstanding service .
By: Robert B.
Cowboy's Lawn Care
Best lawn care of fort walton call them if you want great prices and friendly services
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By: Carol N.
Southland Pool & Lawn, LLC
Dependable and reasonable rates
Tips & Advices
If the washing machine is overloaded or all the clothes are packed to one side, the imbalance can cause the washing machine to jerk and shake. These vibrations can be violent enough to slam the machine against other objects, possibly causing damage to its exterior.
Refrigerator coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Households with pets should clean their refrigerator coils more frequently.
To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends homeowners set their refrigerators at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and their freezers at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In terms of operations and upkeep, gas dryers are less expensive than electric. The actual savings depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in the area. Still, gas dryers heat up faster than electric ones do, making them slightly more energy efficient. However, gas dryers are priced higher than electric ones, so homeowners should prepare to pay more at the outset.
Proper maintenance helps most home appliances last longer. Homeowner's should check their user's manuals for insight on how often to inspect, clean or upgrade their appliances.

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