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By: nickim7
I have to admit I was hesitant at first to try this grocery store, but I honestly have had nothing but positive experiences at Aldi's in Fort Oglethorpe. This is my place to shop every Sunday! I am very OCD about dates and have never had a problem with seeing expired items. Also, you've got to realize that some of the reasons they can keep their prices so cheap is that you don't have to pay for bags and I'm sure they don't order any products (they may, I don't know...but who cares, lol). Think about it, it's a CHEAP grocery store with GOOD food! My husband is a very picky eater and will only get the best. He loves the spaghetti sauce and says it's actually the best he's ever cooked with. There are items there that I like better than other grocery stores. There are also very few items I still have to get at other stores. It's a different grocery shopping experience, that's for sure. I think of all the money I save with a full buggy of groceries and this satisfies me. The food taste good (if not better) than others.
By: brandcupcake
If you go, make sure you check the dates on food. They are known to keep very expired foods (yogurt, milk, canned food, chips) on the shelves. The prices aren't anything special, but I like the meal deals.
By: brandcupcake
The prices are good, but the dates on some of the food (yogurt, chips) is expired. The produce usually has mold growing on it. Make sure you take your own bag if you go.
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By: Sue R.
Their prices are good.I'm going today as a matter of fact.I like the bargains and all grocery stores smell different

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