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By: Jennifer M.
Britt's Carpet Outlet
Best selection in town! Remnants line the walls and lots of carpet in stock, so they were able to get me installed right away. Family owned business too!! Had shopped around and Britt's had better prices, choices and turnaround times.
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By: Patti W.
PCC Tile
I have been to this tile store 3 times in 2016 and the sales consultants were terrific! Great selection of products and accessories for tile - lots of tile in stock and great prices. Highly recommended.
By: Cheryl C.
PCC Tile
had a pleasant time. employees were very helpful. great service and also a very large selection. best of all no pressure.
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By: Isabella H.
Steaming Mad Carpets
I scheduled an appointment for a carpet clean. They request cash as payment. The day of the appointment, they call to make sure I had the cash! A team of a female and a male came to my condo.While he supposedly was getting the hoses up, she had a clip board and asked me to sign a waiver, while I am reading, she takes the liberty to turn my A/C and lights on! She asked to be paid, her friend is not up with the cleaning hoses...I hand her the cash $ 85.00 and she ran down stairs.....I followed her down...the truck is in the parking lot, but nothing appears to be out. She tells me she has to see the carpet again and come upstairs, where she starts a sale speech about the right chemical necessary to do the job, and goes on for 10 minutes, when I stopped her and asked " how this will cost me extras?" $ 75.00 extra she reply. I said no, I want the job I requested as per the flyer I had, where stated $65.00 for 4 rooms. Not satisfied, she proceeds with wanting to vacuum the carpet with a commercial vacuum for an extra $ 15.00.Now I know I am facing some real scam artist, pull out the flyer to call the office, when she pull it out of my hands. Scared and upset I have her the opportunity to returned my money or I would have called the police. She wanted for me to sign a refund slip!!! I refused to sign any things and ready to call the police when she sneak out and ran away. The police officer that responded filled out a report. A week later I received a certified mail invoice from them , where the knowledge receiving the$ 85.00 and they charging me for service, postage etc... owing them an extra $ 19.90!!!!! SCAM ARTIST!!!!!
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By: Michelle G.
Steaming Mad Carpets
We scheduled an appointment approximately 2 weeks in advance for this company to do a tile & grout clean. The day before the scheduled appointment the office told us we needed to have cash for the appointment. Red flag right there, but then that wasn't enough the day of the appointment we were called to verify we had the cash in hand because the office wouldn't send the service man out until we did. Then they cancelled our appointment the same time they were to come and do the service. If the company is not stable enough to accept checks and/or credit cards they shouldn't be in business. Watch out for these scammers
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By: Dave G.
Dave's Wood Floors
Excellent service all around. Would recommend Dave to anyone interested in a professional Wood Flooring Installer.Debbie Kline
By: Robin B.
Steaming Mad Carpets
CROOKS! Do not use this company....period! You will be sooooo sorry. They want cash upfront before they start the job and that is because they do a HORRIBLE job! My carpet would have been cleaner had I spilled a glass of water on it and then wiped it up with a dirty rag. Go rent a machine and do it yourself. CROOKS! and sad that they claim to be Christians.
By: npstewart
Steaming Mad Carpets
I made an appointment for today (7/25/13) to have my grout cleaned. Yesterday, they called me that they only accept cash. I thought this was ridiculous but agreed to it anyway. When they got there the woman immediately told me that I would need a "deep scrub" for an additional $80. I kind of agreed that this was the case because my grout is horrible. Then she said "She would take the cash when I was ready", meaning that they wanted the cash BEFORE they did the job.They knew that I would not be staying there for the whole 2 hours so I told them NO I wouldnt be giving them CASH until the job was done and I was satisfied. I told them I would be hiring someone legitimate and that they could leave. She seemed to leave without thinking twice, and told the guy in the car not to bother setting up. He closed up the trailer like this was a normal routine. As soon as I got home, I did a little research and quickly found out this is how they operate. THEY ARE CROOKS! Please dont take my word for it, feel free to go to BBB.org and look them up. Here is the link.http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/upholstery-and-carpet-cleaning/steaming-mad-carpets-in-fort-myers-fl-90094861/complaints#breakdown
By: reneelfd2013
Steaming Mad Carpets
I will begin with that the 2 people that arrived at my home were very nice and called the day prior to confirm the appointment. I must say that the flier I saw in mail was very tempting because the price was so low. It stated a couch or chair cleaning $20.00 each and a house pressure washing for $80! So, I called and scheduled it.the issue would be my own fault because I didn’t exactly ask what that fee would cover.I should have known better. I have been through this before. So, to make a long story short, they showed up ,the couch and chair cleaning covered only the exposed areas. The arms, front, back, sides which is fine but when it comes to the cushions, only the top of them? I took the covers off and washed them on my own. For extra $, I could have the other side cleaned, and for extra $ I could have a deep cleaning, and for extra $ could have protective barrier, and for extra $ I can have a maintenance cleaning. I told her just do what you do for the fee that is advertised. Well, my couch and chair look exactly the way they did before she showed up! She had stated before she began that it may not turn out the way I wanted because I need a deep clean.Yes, I do have stains and it is an older couch.Point being, I could have rented a cleaner and purchased cleaner and done a better job myself for less than what I paid. She sprayed some stuff from a bottle all over and then tried to suck it up with her machine. I wish I took a before and after photo so you could LOL too. As for the pressure washing, the 1st issue was there was a whole portion of the back of the house was not even touched, well maybe it was but when I went to dry the window, it wasn’t even wet nor could I tell if it was cleaned or not. Maybe because there was a fence and the gentleman did not want to walk back around to do it. Who knows why? As he was rinsing off the house with the commercial grade power washer, I was drying my windows off. Unfortunately, it didn’t even knock off the dirt from my windows. I am still laughing at this point, at myself, for falling for the low price. their motto is, “ Low End Prices, High End Quality” so is it all my fault. For an extra $40 I could have had my soffits rinsed off. I said no ty. I actually went around the house after they left an continued to rinse off the house . I do understand their tactics for trying to upgrade a service because I am in sales too. There is just no reason to lax on the job because the customer didn’t pay for the upgrade. My theory,let someone know what the fee covers and the expectations over the phone. if I would have known that they were going to be at my home for 45 minutes for a couch, chair, and house pressure washing job then I would have called someone else or done it myself.I ended up paying $120 for a service in which I saw no difference in the furniture and outside of the house. I do understand the fact that it is hard labor because I used to do it! I would never have charged that fee for the outcome. Personally, I would have been embarrassed and given their money back to them. I have always stated,“I don’t care if I am picking up cigarette butts,I will do it with dignity and to the best of my ability.” That is the military in me though.The other part of me has always stated as well, “You get what the heck you pay for!” Save your money and pay the fee to someone who will be honest over the phone and always ask what the heck the fee covers.Make sure both sides of your cushions are covered in the cleaning and that back part of your house gets a bath And always remember, that just because someone is nice to you, that does not mean they know how to please every customer.Pay the extra for the better job! I have learned my lesson now for the third time.That’s what I get for trying to save a buck! Well, after they left, I looked online to check out their current reviews of previous missions which I should have done before hiring them.
By: islandrose
Steaming Mad Carpets
I needed my carpets and tile cleaned so when I received a coupon in the mail from Steaming Mad Carpets...I called them to inquire. I was asked how many rooms were to be cleaned and the approximate sizes...we agreed on a price..even though it was more than the coupon prices stated...but still thought it was reasonable. After making an appointment I was told that it would be a cash deal and to pay the guy when he got there. I told them I would only pay them when the job was done and that didn't seem to be a problem at the time....guess I was wrong. About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from Steaming Mad Cleaners stating that "They would not be able to handle this job and that I should call Stanley Steamers". I tried to ask them why they couldn't handle a job....was just told again, very abruptly, to call Stanley Steamer and hung up. No apology, no explanation, NOTHING! Are you kidding me? This company is a joke! Steaming Mad....well that's exactly what I am! I guess if you want a reputable company to do the job....don't call these clowns......do exactly what they told me to do....call Stanley Steamer!
Tips & Advices
In most states, contractors are required to have a license before taking a job. Some states also require registration. To be licensed, contractors must pass an exam and meet certain qualifications that prove he or she is a competent flooring contractor. Registration is simply a list of who will be performing a job.
The time it takes to install flooring depends on the type of flooring and the size of the room or rooms involved in the project. In one day, a typical contractor can usually install up to 2,000 square feet of carpet, 600 square feet of hardwood or laminate, or 400 square feet of tile or stone.
  • Do you have a professional license, insurance, and a business liability policy?
  • Who will work on the project?
  • Do you subcontract, and do you screen workers and have insurance policies to cover them?
  • Do you have references or examples of your work I can see?
  • Do you charge for an in-home estimate?
  • What type of flooring is best for my home in terms of architectural consistency, environmental influences (such as whether a certain type of flooring will be affected by humidity in my area), and durability?
Legally, insurance is not necessary, but it's a good idea for flooring contractors to have it. When hiring a flooring contractor, ask whether the business is insured. If it's not, consider that a red flag.
A flooring contractor should know the pros and cons of each flooring option. These might include pricing, time of installation, durability, and average lifespan of the material.

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