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By: Barry G.
Jeffrey Richards MD
Dr. Richards is an extremely knowledgeable and caring specialist that is becoming a dying breed in this modern medical climate. I used to see Dr. Richards when I lived in Fort Myers and when I moved to the east coast I looked for another Orthopedist but found that task to be easier said than done. A few months ago I developed a problem with my hands and saw a local "hand specialist" and that turned out to be a waste of time. So I made the trip to Fort Myers and saw Dr. Richards who spent time reviewing my symptoms and did an complete exam with x-rays and labs and then followed up with me when he got the results. There isn't enough room in this review to tell you how great this man is or how friendly and attentive his staff is. I have been an Orthopaedic PA for over 40 years so I speak from experience when I say you can't find a better upper extremity Orthopedist than Dr. Jeffrey Richards.
By: Linda N.
Kenneth J Galang MD PA
I have been seeing Dr. Kenneth Galang for many years and have always been completely satisfied with his care and concern over my well being. I don't feel like he has his hand on the door knob as he attends to my visit like so many doctors do today. I am his only patient when I am in his office and how I'm doing is his main concern. Dealing with people in pain and running an office distributing prescriptions for such is not easy and I'm sure there are situations that arise that we don't know about that can cause unrest. Thank you Dr. Galang for all that you give to each one.
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By: Jen W.
Kenneth J Galang MD PA
Dr. Galang is a truley great doctor! From the way he greets you, to the help he offers his patients. He is very compassionate & knowledgable and provides fibromyalgia treatment (which some doctors do not believe in..) instead of just writing you a prescription and sending you on your way, he does his best to find helpful solutions. Dr Galang remembers everything we talk about at each appointment, even though he is always booked and sees double the patients than most.. which goes to show a lot about his character.
By: Bill S.
Kenneth Galang MD
Dr. Galang is the best. I've been going there for many years and I've always been treated with respect by him his truly sincere caring staff. I was shocked to see other ratings on here suggest otherwise. The only time I've seen anything even remotely negative is when drug seekers make impossible demands. Dr. Galang is straight up and strictly follows the guidelines. This office is very professional and I'd rate it at the top of all places I've been in 30+ years. Absolutely give him a try, you will be impressed.
By: twolin1219
Dr. Guillermo Bohm, MD
Dr. Bohm tells you like it is. He asks how you feel and how your are doing instead of just reading a test result! I need a doctor that cares about how I feel not how a test result reads. NOBODY IS THE SAME SO TEST RESULTS VARY. Dr. Bohm exams the person and the test results. Then he balances them. If you want a doctor that will tell you like it it, then Dr. Bohm is the one for you. However, if you want some to tell you that you are perfect, then stay home and lie to yourself.
By: Zoe C.
Charles Springer MD
I am not sure if this is happening all over but when I go, sometimes I never see the doctor only the physician's assistant. So last time I needed a shot in my knee and they asked, since the doctor was with a patient, could the P/A give it to me. I said no. What I am paying for is the doctor's expertise. I have no idea of the training or reputation of the P/A. They acting miffed as did the doctor. I go to see THIS doctor. I expect him to see me when I am there.
By: Christina R.
Andreas H Werle, MD
I thought Dr. Werle was very professional, and the surgery to put tubes in my son's ears went smoothly. He spent quite a bit of time discussing different issues my son was having, and the options for treatment. I have one more appointment for a recheck, but I have been pleased with the two appointments we had, and the outpatient procedure at the hospital. Highly recommend him!
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By: Jeff P.
Kenneth J Galang MD PA
Dr. Galang is that truly caring doctor that takes his patients best interest to heart. Unlike other pain management doctors, i feel he is concerned about me and not just after the buck with unnecessary spinal injections but seems to know precisely where and when. He's the doctor to treat your problem and manage your pain, not just to write a prescription.
By: karen.osullivan.37
Fletcher A Reynolds MD
Dr Reynolds did knee surgery for ne this year. His work was excellent. My knee looks as though nothing was done to it! Only concern was that it took so long for Dr Reynolds to order MRI that confirmed diagnosis, I endured alot of pain after my injury before having the surgery.
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By: Phillip B.
Jeffrey Richards MD
Great experience. Nice fasility. Dr Richards was very helpful in showing me what I needed to do. He explained everything so I could understand it. His staff is very helpful and friendly. I will certainly recommend him to my friends.
Tips & Advices
A child should see his or her pediatrician frequently during the first few years. Once the child reaches age 3, parents should schedule a doctor's visit at least once per year. Before that, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents arrange visits according to the following schedule:
  • 2 to 5 days old
  • 1 month old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 24 months old (2 years)
  • 30 months old (2.5 years)
No, parents should call 911, an emergency physician, or a pediatric emergency physician if a child suffers an acute illness or injuries. Doctors in these fields are more qualified than pediatricians to handle emergency situations.
A well-visit is a routine visit with a pediatrician to track a child's development, discuss medical or emotional concerns, and receive immunizations and medical advice.
Yes, pediatricians provide immunizations for infants and children up through 21 years.
No, pediatricians do not have to be board certified.They're only required to have a state license. However, certification indicates a dedication to studying pediatrics beyond the requirements.

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