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By: crissyb
Lloyd E. Solt, P.A.
I got rear-ended and the guy who hit me didn't have insurance. I had never been in an accident before and I never had an attorney before but I figured I needed one. I called a few attorneys but right away felt comfortable with Mr. Solt. He seemed aggressive but at the same time he was laid back. He explained everything so I could understand it and made sure I knew what I was doing and how the law works.He sent me to a chiropractor and a neurologist that he works with (I had head neck and back injuries) and they took good care of me too. My insurance carrier tried to cut me off but my doctors kept on treating me because Mr. Solt asked them to. Eventually my bills got paid.Here is where it gets good. Because my policy only said I had $25,000 in uninsured motorists coverage, I figured that's what I would get, minus a big attorney fee. Mr. Solt made the insurance carrier admit they didn't have some form they were supposed to have and since I had 3 cars that meant I had $75,000 in coverage!!!! We settled for less than that but still, even after fees I got way more than the $25,000 I thought I was going to get when I walked in the door.He and Isabelle really took care of me. He even bought my daughter a teddy bear when she was in the hospital and really sick. As a single mom who was struggling, that blew me away. I cried. I would never go to anybody else. I wish he was single. :)
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By: Amanda S.
The Guardian Law Firm
I needed an attorney immediately, I didn't know how to find the right one. They're so many to choose from. I asked my friend and she told me about Guichard St. Surin , he is amazing. I had a consolation and talked to him about my case and expressed that I don't have a lot of money on hand. I told him what I could afford and he set me up with a fair payment plan. I had many questions about my case and I could call and talk to him directly at any time, he was always available. He also offers an app that has all of our documents, appointments and even a private messager to communicate with him and his employees. The outcome of my Child Custody case was handled perfectly, it benefited my whole family (even the father). He's very personable and wants what's best for everyone in the situation. Now I have a different kind of case and I contacted him on very short notice and he was egear to help me. I am so very glad I found him and I would recommend him to anyone.
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By: Kenny C.
Viles & Beckman
Absolutely incredible representation for my motorcycle crash!! Let me tell you from experience, the crash hurt me physically but the insurance company did the damage. Litigation is a psychologically traumatizing process that digs into your private life and exploits your fears and weaknesses. Michael Beckman was my legal representation and took care of everything and his entire staff made me feel at ease. Unfortunately Viles and Beckman was not my first attorney. I had TWO previous lawyers drop the ball and leave me with NO choice but to find aggressive and assertive representation. That was delivered when I talked to Mr. Beckman and not once did I feel as though anything was lacking. From this moment forward I will always recommend Viles and Beckman without hesitation. You must meet the staff and the attorneys before you go anywhere else!! Words cannot express my gratitude for their exceptional performance during trial.
By: momtothreeinfl
Dewey Mockler, Attorney at Law
Dewey Mocker made deals with my husband's attorney behind my back and without my knowledge. He wants to go to trial so he can swindle you out of more money. He talks a big game at the consult but is only interested in your money. His staff will not file any paperwork and will string you along while you pay outrageous statements that are not invoiced and your calls go unreturned. I was forced to give my husband 50 percent custody and take less child support because this clown wanted another $20,000 to go to trial with it. All he wants to do is go for a smoke break and go home. He also will discuss and complain about other clients cases on your dime. He is unprofessional and his staff are rude, sloppy, unorganized and lazy. You are going no where but broke with this guy. He will promise the moon til he gets the retainer. He will not protect you or your interests.
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By: Amanda S.
Guichard St Surin Law Office
I contacted Guichard St. Surin just a few days before my hearing for a restraining order. I was nervous because the opposing party had a lawyer and being told how hard it was to get a restraining order. I presented my evidence to Guichard the morning of my hearing. He brilliantly put together and addressed the court with my case that had the opposing party running to offer us a settlement for a 1 year restraining order. Guichard discussed it with me and knew we could go all way and get a permanent restraining order so we declined the offer. In the end the judge came to a decision and granted us a permanent restraining order. I am so grateful to find such a skillful lawyer that could execute my case and present it to the Judge with confidence. Thank you Guichard!
By: loofsusanlra
Law Office of Susan L. Ray
"Name Of Company: Law Office of Susan L. RayAddress: 12520 World Plaza Lane, Suite 1City, State, Zip Code: Fort Myers, FL 33907Phone: 239-210-2100Google Places URL: URL: Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Divorce AttorneyAbout the Business: As an experienced bankruptcy, child support and foreclosure law firm, we have the experience to represent you and your case. Call today to get the personalized attention you deserve.Open: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm"
By: josephh722
Allan T. Griffith
From the beginning of my case to the end was the most professional knowledgeable and friendly occurance. Mr. Griffith, Lori and the entire staff made me feel so comfortable thorough out the entire ordeal. I tried to follow all rules and regulations and every thing went so smoothly. I will highly recommend your Law Firm to every one. Thanks to all of you and especially to Lori for all her never ending hard work and always found answers to my questions.
By: annamariepere
Lloyd E. Solt, P.A.
My husband got hurt and we did not know what to do. They lied and said he did not get hurt on the job. Mr. Solt and his assistant Isabel helped us and it was a long fight. In the end we got doctors and pay and a settlement. There are a lot of lawyers but we are happy we went with Mr. Solt. He spent time with us and got us what he said he would and it seemed like he really cared. His assistant Isabel is the nicest person.
By: Jack P.
Barbara M Pizzolato P A
My relationship with the Pizzolato Law Firm began 10 years ago when we became Florida residents. From updating NJ Wills and Trust documents to life changing events, Barbara has provided effective solutions to my emerging estate requirements. Her objective approach to problem solving is always based on her unique insights into my personal goals. Clearly a firm that can be trusted and relied upon.
By: theodore002
Allan T. Griffith
It was a very pleasant experience dealing with your office. I will pass the word onto friends. When something went wrong it was fixed right away with no hassles or questions. I appreciate everything you guys did for me. Another nice thing I enjoy is you worked with me on paying my fees. I also liked the professionalism on the work done. Thank you all.
Tips & Advices
Some immigration processes can take months or even years to resolve. USCIS posts an online list for each field office that shows current processing times for common applications, such as ones for permanent residency, citizenship and proof of citizenship. These estimates provide a sense of the current backlog. An immigration attorney will usually monitor these timelines for you and communicate any updates.
An immigration lawyer might request copies of numerous documents, including a birth certificate, passport, letters from employers, proofs of address, income tax returns and photos/correspondence with family (if you are applying for an immigration benefit via a spouse or family member).
Yes, if you want them to. While an attorney cannot directly answer a USCIS agent’s questions, he or she can provide support and clarification during the interview. Having an attorney present is generally a good idea if you are involved in a complex immigration case.
Yes, for applications such as an adjustment of status (for example, going from a tourist visa to a green card) and citizenship, it is usually a good idea to agree upon a fixed rate that covers all paperwork and responses to evidence requests. This can save you money compared to an rate based on billable hours.
Fee schedules vary significantly depending on the case type. Immigration lawyers usually charge for both the required application fees from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and for their services. Longer, more complex cases such as deportation defenses are more expensive than simpler matters like completing a citizenship application.

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