By: Josh P.
Chrome Financial Group
These guys are great. In search of a new job, I needed a small loan for classes and licensing. I made an appointment, we spent 10 minutes discussing my situation and I left with a $500 check in hand. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. They don't feed you lines or make a sales pitch, they just get right to it.
By: Allie M.
Chrome Financial Group
I'm glad I went to see these gentlemen. I was in a bind, and a girlfriend recommended I give them a call. She gave me the direct number she was given. When I called, they told me to come down, and I had a check the same day. Nice guys, clean offices. I'm very satisfied with my overall experience.
By: Lou J.
Chrome Financial Group
Great guys! Been doing business with them since June. They've given me several loans so far. I started with a thousand, then fifteen hundred, and now I'm walking out with a check for over nine grand. They're always ready to do business as long as I make my payments, no questions asked. A++
By: Michael S.
Chrome Financial Group
Great guys. We went over the details and they approved my loan pretty quick. They started to process me but unfortunately a problem with my current address stopped us. They refunded my fees and said I'm welcome back as soon as I get it sorted. Will definitely return!
By: Maria S.
Chrome Financial Group
These guys were a big help. I went to them looking for financial help; they gave me a loan for $1250 when no one else would. They went over everything in detail and worked with me to get as low payments as possible. I would definitely come to them again.
By: Rebecca H.
Chrome Financial Group
I had a car accident today, but couldn't afford my deductible. I called Chrome and went down to their offices; I explained what happened and they sent me out with a check in hand. I would definitely come back for help again.
By: Zachary A.
Chrome Financial Group
Loved these guys. Needed a loan to fix my car, they heard me out and ran my credit. We were shooting the breeze and not even an hour later they told me I was approved and handed me a check. 10/10 would definitely come back
By: Bill M.
Chrome Financial Group
These guys get it done. I made an appointment and went in. They treated me like I was an old friend, and after talking for a bit, they approved me for $5000. I would definitely come back to them in the future.
By: Arnold L.
Chrome Financial Group
These guys are great, my kind of people. I didn't have the credit for a small loan, so they worked with me and gave me one against some of my valuable Yankee memorabilia. I left with a check the same day!
By: Dennys F.
Chrome Financial Group
These are very cool guys and they worked super fast. I came in, filled out my paperwork, and was out the door with a check in about a half hour. They really know their stuff.

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