By: Tom G.
Hbm Tradings Inc
They are friendly and have gotten great deals on new and used tires at HBM for years. I moved about 40 miles away and went to some other local shops and was having to settle for mismatched heavily worn used tires. I called Hadi and said he had something for me so made a special trip and ended up with 4 like new tires that came from state vehicles for $200 that were when I priced them over $800 new! I learned my lesson and will always call HBM first and make the trip because they care about the customer and sell quality used tires. Super satisfied Customer!
By: Locust D.
731 tires
In and out, simple, fast, clean shop, super organized took me literally 5 minutes to find the set of tires i wanted, great prices. A real bargain.... hard to believe a place so clean can have such amazing prices and deals on full sets...Trust me when you walk in, you will ask them where do they get all these tires from lol.Had to pay for Installations $15 per tire but they did a great job zero road noise....NOT like in other places that they will install them for free and they will mess up your car.5 STARS*****
user avatar
By: Luis L.
S.O.S Mobile Tire Repair
Hi J L,We are very sorry for the inconvenience, that is not what our goal as a company is. We understand your concern and in return for letting us know you can contact us at info@sosmobiletire.com and you'll be rewarded with a free service call. Again, we are very sorry for what happened and we hope you understand that working on the road has its unpredictable situations. Please don't hesitate in letting us know how can we make it up to you. Best RegardsS.O.S Mobile Tire Corp
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By: Jamie V.
Motrix Car Tires & Auto Repair
Inexpensive place for repairs. Only place where you can bring your own parts from amazon or rock auto and they will only labor. Wheel alignment is $65 with 3,000 miles warranty. If you buy used tires, you don't know what you are getting. There is no warranty for used tired anywhere. I don't buy new tires there. They sell cheap Chinese tires. Just 2 bays and not much in the way of facilities. Nothing fancy here
user avatar
By: Cristobal V.
731 tires
Top notch business! Chris took care of my car and my wife's car. Great price, all name brand tires (got Michelins and wife Bridgestones) with great treads, installation was quick and well done! Came back the day after since i have gotten a nail on one of the new tires that i had gotten from him, he took care of it, put a new one, balance it again and i was on my way a happy camper.
user avatar
By: Todd K.
Stirling Tires
Stirling Tire has worked on my car numerous times and done a phenomenal job! I would highly recommend them to anyone! They are the most HONEST and AFFORDABLE mechanics I have found in South Florida.All I can say about Glenn & Lisa's post is they bought used tires. What did you expect? I'm sure Stirling Tire was willing to work with them, but their demand were unreasonable.
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By: Ester Z.
731 tires
Job well done. In and out in no time great service very professional, clean business super well organized. Being a woman and all in any moment i felt that they were taking advantage of me since i do not have a clue about tire yet my husband think i did REALLY good on price and quality. Thank you guys!EsterBently
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By: David T.
Stirling Tires
I took my 2012 Chevy Traverse to the dealership to check on my AC. They told me that there was a leak and it's going to cost me $$$. I took it to Stirling Tires for a second opinion, and they couldn't find the leak. They filled up the freon and the AC works like a champ. Thanks Kevin & Andre!
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By: Daniel Y.
Kay's Tire Shop
Great deal on tires, especially used tires and repairs. Also, has ASE certified mechanics for various automotive repairs including transmissions. Works with all warranty companies as well. Highly recommend.
By: misterluh
Motrix Car Tires & Auto Repair
It's not the prettiest garage around but i got an alighnment for $50 and it was done in an hour. Until i find that they have not done a complete satisfactory job I will rate them well.
Tips & Advices
Yes. New tires purchased online can often be priced lower than ones at a tire dealership. Buyers can often avoid state sales taxes and locate hard-to-find tire styles and sizes, but will still have to locate a local tire installer and pay sometimes high shipping costs.
The average cost of a set of new tires is $637, with a range of between $525-$725. In addition, installation includes mounting and balancing, alignment, and disposal of old tires.
The vehicle is raised and the old wheels are removed, then the old tires are removed from the wheels. The lug nuts, wheels, and valve stems are inspected and replaced as needed. The new tires are mounted and sealed, then inflated and balanced. The wheels are then replaced on the car. The average installation takes approximately 45 minutes.
Agencies such as the Tire Industry Association promotes tire safety through advocacy and education to the industry including: manufacture, sales, repair, service and recycling. Seek a full-service tire dealer who carries a wide variety of tire types and brands and asks about the type of driving you normally do.
  • Move your car to a safe location.
  • Turn on your car’s safety lights, apply the parking brakes and remove the hubcap if there is one.
  • Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench (but do not remove them), raise the vehicle with a jack and then fully remove the lugnuts.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand, lower the car and then tighten them fully with the lug wrench.

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