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By: Janos D.
Demko Parking Inc
I am the owner and operator of Demko Parking. So, I would like to set the record straight about Christina's review and the lengthy remarks as well !I am not cruising on web sites, and Christina's remarks were brought to my attention just recently , so I do apologize for not responding promptly earlier!So, Christina was a regular guest at the above mentioned condo building while visiting her boyfriend there regularly !The incident she refers to , it took place few weeks before her boyfriend moved out of our building. There was a total of 7 cars that were vandalize that night. Police, managment company, associations' boardmembers, and all insurance companies: valet company's along with buildings' & the individuals' were all involved in 3-way communications almost right away after the incident !It was explained and agreed that the only insurance that kicks in for such vandalism incidents is everyone's individual car insurance !All other involved parties (6) understood that and claims were settled thru individuals' car insurance companies. Unfortunately, Christina had less coverage on her policy and she claimed it that she had to come out of pocket since she had no full coverage on her VW vehicle ! We as the company assisted her with everything humanly possible, even after she threatened with law suites and else. Multiple times she contacted our insurance company, which is a AAA rated carrier, but unfortunately they could not help her and it was pointed out to her many different occassions that no valet insurance gives coverage for vandalism unless it was commited by any of valet company's employees , which we all knew was not the case ! Valet company used condos' assigned parking facility, and night time valet is limited to one person, and valet is not assigned to security related services !Christina and I had a lengthy conversation last time she contacted me, and she seemed to understand that I tried to help her with whatever I could, but I pay for insurance, for a couple of good reasons, part, because I have to by law, and part, because we need coverage for valet parking related incidents under our garage keeper and liability insurance coverage ! It is not me who makes decisions on claims, but it is slways the insurance companies' legal representatives ! Christina filed the claim with our insurance company two times, and both occassions our insurance company denyed it based on the police report's facts and other applying rules and regulations!I do understand that YP grants anyone access to their web site to leave notes, remarks and it also grants you the capability to rate companies in YP listings , but I do believe it is wrong when people bring their frustration into their activities on YP's, and try to damage others' reputation with merritless, and frevilous allegations !Thank you
By: Christina R.
Demko Parking Inc
Really BAD Valet Company, mediocre service and bad customer care.Demko runs the valet company at my building and two months ago, 9 cars got broken into in the parking lot. My car was the most damaged, as my car stereo got stolen, and other parts of my car got wrecked. I went through a lengthy process with my car insurance to get this settle. I paid a hefty amount out of my pocket to fix my car so I kindly asked the owner of the valet company to contribute to half of my expenses. The owner denied responsibility and refused to cooperate with me. It was only fair what I asked, but they failed to help. IS THIS THE KIND OF VALET COMPANY YOU WANT TO WORK WITH?If the same situation were to happen at your restaurant/hotel/building, would you want your business to be associated with this company? The parking lot is not secured, there are barely any fences, there was only 1 valet attendant present at the location when the vandalism occurred, there's no security camera, and the vandalism must have taken an hour for it to happen. How did the valet attendant not hear 9 cars getting wrecked? Why would the owner think 1 valet attendant at night is sufficient for 100+ cars for the building? Two weeks ago, one of my guests got his car damaged by one of the Demko valet attendant. They apparently "backed up" the car to a pole. As this accident was seen by others, Demko took responsibility and paid for the repairs. Demko was not exercising reasonable care to prevent harm from happening to my car, although it's their duty to exercise reasonable care in safeguarding my (and other) vehicle(s.) COMPLETE NEGLIGENCE ON BEHALF OF DEMKO, which resulted in 9 car owners to have experience loss and damages.Make sure you are informed and do your research before you hire them and need to rely on a good valet company to provide standard parking service.
By: Pam R.
Regal Cleaners
I would give zero stars if I could. I've only used this place twice. Today my husband picked up cleaning for me, I had a new top, worn once not returned. When I called to explain my new top wasn't returned Mgr/Bernard argued with me that we received all garments dropped off and hung up on me. So I drove over there went in. He would not even offer to look for my missing top and continued to argue with me. Do Not use this place. So very unrespectable and rude!!
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By: Peyton B.
One Price Dry Cleaning, Inc.
I have gone here since 2013 And recentIy took my daughters Girl Scout vest to have badges sewn on. Everything was pinned on the way I wanted, and said that I wanted them to make the numbers straight. They called about 3 hours later with a price. I knew that it was expensive, but it was already there so I said alright. I picked it up six days later, paid $35 plus tax and left. I noticed the numbers were crooked and the patch below them was sewn on very crooked, almost sideways. I called them and said I wanted to bring it back. The lady at the counter it at the counter was polite. I explained the problem and she made a ticket and took my phone number. The lady that does alterations came in as she was writing the ticket. The lady behind the counter explained what was wrong in and the seamstress said this is stupid (all in Spanish) and walked out the front door. I will not be bringing anything here again. It is overpriced and the staff thinks it's alright to insult customers.
By: John A.
A & A Coin Laundry
Amazing Air Conditioning!!!I highly recommend this everyone ....................................................
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By: rebelgirl0418
Southport Coin Laundry & Cleaners
Recently I had an expensive comforter RUINED! a plastic bag was melted to the side of the dryer...couldn't see it, it matched the dryer color. After leaving my name and number, no phone call was returned by the Manager, no one cares anymore!!!! alls I wanted was acknowledgement and an apology. I have been going there years...NEVER to return!!!!!! like they care, I guess!!!! I had to buy a new comforter and find a new laundry facility close to my Apartment. I sent a letter to Mr O Brian, the Manager, whos name was given to me by an employee. If you can't respect your customers..who pay part of your need to reevaluate your customer service tactics, because it does matter, IN ANY BUSINESS!
By: samwell935
Ocean Dry Cleaner
New management that took over last year is doing a great job. Friendly and efficient.
By: Metersky M.
Southport Coin Laundry & Cleaners
I went on Google to search free drying after purchase of wash and I was mislead to come here . Very disappointed but was happy the place was empty
By: Ara T.
A & T Dry Cleaners
Awesome reliable service, I definitely recommend their service.
By: A J.
A & T Dry Cleaners
Enjoying doing business with the family

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