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By: mike.morre.18
AIM Wellness Center
Aim Wellness Center is the best experience I've ever had. The office is state of the art beautiful decor. The staff is professional & friendly. The massage rooms were cozy & comfortable. Music filled the background at just the right volume. My massage therapist was the best I've ever had. She was knowledgeable and her hands are golden. I could feel her healing touch as she worked. I was so relaxed I drifted into a twilight. She took her time and pampered me throughout. Afterwards they staff offer me a healthy natural beverage that enhanced my massage by flushing out the toxins and put back in essential nutrients. I felt relaxed yet energized, an amazing sensation. Afterwards I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful doctor on staff there and was able to ask him questions I've had on my mind concerning my health. He gave me several hints to as he said"Aim me in the direction of my health". I was so happy with the service that I purchased a 2 for 1 gift card for massage,set up an appt. to have my nutritional needs tested and a body contouring session. I highly recommend AIM WELLNESS CENTER to everyone that reads this and think they should be rated #1...Bonnie M. Ft. Lauderdale
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By: Fanny B.
Four Gates Oriental Medicine
I've been getting treatments with Dr. Claire for over a decade. She has helped me with labor inductions for my 14-y.o son and new baby girl, as well as postpartum anemia using chinese herbs to re-build my blood. Dr. Claire has also helped me with a multitude of muscle-skeletal ailments like neck and lower back pain using acupuncture, tuina, reiki and essential oils over the years. Most recently she helped me resolve a more serious cervical radiculopathy pain and numbness issue from my neck down to my left hand. After 3 injections treatments with homeopathics and B12 in addition to some other healing modalities, my conditions has been 100% alleviated. I am so grateful for her expertise, wisdom and generosity of spirit that makes her healing treatments so effective.
By: Michelle C.
Four Gates Oriental Medicine
Dr. Claire has been a miracle worker for me! I suffered a very serious car accident resulting in debilitating injuries and Dr. Claire has successfully been able to help me with pain management and living a normal, active life. I've been a patient of hers for 8 years, and she is now the first Doctor I call when I have any type of ailment. She has helped me with dealing with vertigo symptoms, headaches, back and neck pain, numbness and many other medical conditions. I highly recommend Dr. Claire Fitch to anyone seeking acupuncture or natural medicine for their problems.
By: Diane L.
Four Gates Oriental Medicine
Dr. Claire Fitch has been my doctor since she became licensed. She has treated my whole family and her approach to health care is refreshing and effective. Her skill set is holistic and eclectic and I always feel better after a treatment. I recommend her highly.
By: Domingo G.
Kang-Yun Acupuncture Center
Dr. Shi is an extremely humble and experienced man. I remember when i first came in and how i felt after a couple treatments that include regular acupuncture and deep tissue massage. He was recommended to me by my friend's mother and i couldn't be more thankful.
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By: Kathy A.
Four Gates Oriental Medicine
Dr. Claire is an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner in NAET and acupuncture. I have received treatment in both areas and have received positive results. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for alternative treatment.
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By: Corina F.
Four Gates Oriental Medicine
Dr Claire helped me go into labor with her induction treatment. It was powerful and after a good night's sleep I went into labor the following day. She is not only skilled but also kind and compassionate.
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By: Kelly N.
Back in Time
The owner was so delightful and helpful. What an amazing selection of items and fair prices. I returned for a second look and walked away with this amazing set of 4 chairs.

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