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By: Sally B.
Just For Kids Academy
I have mixed reviews. The teachers were super kind to my child. However, just like the other reviews, the director is very rude, unkind, and running people out of there. She is a tyrant to her staff and treats the parents of the children horrible. I worry how she treats the children when no one is watching her. There is a difference between running a tight ship and just being a nasty person. Ive heard the owner is Canadian, however I never saw anyone else that looked like they were in charge. The teachers care about the students, the place is clean, its well priced, and its safe. I question why the owners are not more hands on or why they don't read these reviews and look into Beryl Johnson. I have seen her be so rude to state workers, parents, children, and of course myself. Teachers leave due to her nasty attitude and now so have we. ** OWNER, do yourself a favor and fire her, then your day care will fill up and you'll make more $$ and have a happier staff! **
By: pinoapproved
ROK BRGR burger bar + gastropub
Price is towards the high side, but the quality of ingredents, quantity of food along with a great selection of signature burgers you get more than what you pay for! They also have something that I've never seen or had anywhere else, Lobster Corndogs! These are a must have if its your first time or 100th time visiting. Not into sea food, then your in luck because their wings are also amongst the best out there, I recommend spicy/bbq mix. As for their bar, you will be impressed with their beer selection. From local IPA's to a seasonal import on tap, all the best liquiors, and a quality wine list you will definitely find something to wet your whistle and compliment your meal.Honestly, if you are looking for a place to bring friends/family from out of town, a place to hang with your friends, or great date night Rok Brgr is your spot! With a great staff, great atsmosphere, and EXCEPTIONAL food all mixed into the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale you can't go wrong!
By: Alejandro T.
Little Palms Academy
Our son's experience at Little Palms has been absolutely wonderful and has exceeded our expectations. He started when he turned 18 months and has been attending part time for the past 8 months. We have seen great growth and development in several areas: social interaction, motor-skills, counting, letters / alphabet, sharing, problem-solving skills, etc. the staff are fantastic individuals who truly care about each child's growth and development. They are kind, thoughtful and highly engaged. I never once saw them simply sitting around and taking a break. They are always interacting with the children and helping them in their specific areas of development. We cannot recommend Smart Steps enough. It is a wonderful school that truly cares about the growth and well-being of its children.
By: caroline.lang.52
Boca Leche
This is one of the cutest little boutiques in South Florida! Any time i need an outfit for an occasion whether its for a trip to the bahamas or a night in the clubs, i always count on Boca Leche as my go-to store. Everyone who works there is so nice and friendly, including the owner who is always there to help. I can't even begin to tell you how many cute maxis, dresses and adorable tops that i have bought here. And let me tell you one thing, i get non stop compliments whenever i walk out the door in something from Boca Leche!
By: michellekd
Boca Leche
I have been shopping at Boca Leche for over a year and I love it! From the customer service to the adorable clothes, its my number one boutique to shop at. The employees are very friendly and always have a dressing room ready when I walk into the boutique. I have ordered items online on several occasions and always receive it within a week. The owner is very understanding and such a sweet woman. She has helped me in numerous ways It is a great boutique and I recommend it to all women.
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By: April W.
E S Briglio Insurance
Sandy helped me and my family navigate the insurance world while buying our first home. Having never bought homeowners insurance, Sandy took the time to explain my options and gave me several quotes from other agencies. In the end he was instrumental in explaining the coverage and helping to obtain a policy that I was comfortable with. If your new (or old) to buying insurance I would highly recommend that you use Sandy for all of your insurance needs. You won't be disappointed!
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By: jonesttll
City Furniture
Did a good job taking my order, but when it came to delivery and set up they dropped the ball. My wife was home to accept delivery. When they arrived, delivery and set up took 2.5hrs for one wall unit. The doors did not line up and the lights did not work. The delivery guys left the wall unit in the middle of the floor unfinished with a promise to send service in two days. New furniture needs service the day of delivery. ouch.
By: Courtney M.
5 O'Clock Charlies
Great new spot on the beach just south of beach place!! Ribs are the best I've ever had in a restaurant , you only need a fork!!! Great live music several days a week not just the weekends. In the Biz special and 2 happy hour time periods!!! The kitchen is also open late into the night with the full menu!!! Mozzarella sticks are the best appetizer!!! They are home made!!!
By: John F.
Ashley HomeStore
I was really impressed with quality and number of options we had finding my daughter a bedroom set . Our salesman Wesley was extremely knowledgeable about his inventory and was very patient as my daughter "was making up her mind ! I believe he went the extra mile to insure that we got what we wanted ! I would recommend Ashley Furniture to all my friends and family.
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By: William K.
The Bridge Group
“Florida Health Agency was very informative and cooperative, and saved my brother $50 a month on his health care supplement, and was able to find an equally a month on his health care supplement, and was able to find an equally good price for me, so I highly recommend them for his professionalism and their cordial nature!”
Tips & Advices
Home insurance typically doesn’t cover mold inspection--mold remediation overall is a category that homeowner insurance rarely covers. If caused by a “specified peril” such as a burst pipe, household appliance overflow or flood, the insurance will cover expenses related to mold remediation.
Yes, mold can be dangerous to human health. The types of mold that can cause harm to humans are allergenic mold and the black mold strain called stachybotrys atra. Certain black molds produce toxins, and can be hazardous to respiratory health. There are types of green mold that cause allergic reactions in some people that can be as severe as black mold sickness.
Mold testing begins with a visual inspection, that is performed with specialized equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras. Once the top problem spots are identified, the mold specialist will get an air sample in the most problematic zone, and compare it to an air sample from fresh outdoor air. Follow-up tests--either more air samples or surface swab analyses--cost extra.
Black mold has become synonymous with toxic mold, but this is misleading. Black mold really just refers to the color of the mold, and there are many types of mold that present as black and are not toxic. The group called stachybotrys atra can produce mycotoxins, which are potentially quite dangerous to human respiratory systems.
A mold inspector should be called if you suspect there may be mold somewhere in the house, but you cannot find it on your own. It should also be called if mold is found, but it is difficult to assess what type it is.

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