By: gil666
New Day Chiropractic Clinic
Most of the people at some point in life suffer of Constipation; My name is Gloria and I could say that I was a sedentary person, I never do excersise and the food that I ate was not the best.My body start feeling pain everytime that i wanted to go to the restroom but I could not do anything, it keep happening and happening, until a friend of mine took me with her to New Day Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Lauderdale; I meet Dr. Juan Garcia and I told him the situation I was passing by and how I felt about it, he told me I could get Chiropractic help to get rid of the constipation.Dr. Juan Garcia did some therapies and adjustments for my lower Spine because some nerves connect to the Celiac ganglion.After few weeks of treatments I started to see the results. I am really thankful with New Day Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Juan Garcia for the help and the magnificent attention they provided me. New Day Chiropractic Clinic its a modern, clean and well equipment place, ubicated in a good sector of Fort Lauderdale; I would definitely recomend this clinic to all my friends and persons who are reading this.
By: dosorio
New Day Chiropractic Clinic
I recomend this place because is the best place where you can threat any part of your body in case you have any pain due to deports, jobs, accidents or just any common pain.Dr. Juan Garcia is an awsome Chiropractor, he has the latest technics of therapy and you see the improvement in not a long time.When i came to the Clinic for the first time i told the Dr my rigth and left foot where killing me, he give me my diagnose and the treatments i sholud take, i decided to follow every step he recomend me and I start seeing the results within few weeks.Dont think twice if you need Chiropractic care he will help you and the prices are very fair.
By: luzoso19
New Day Chiropractic Clinic
I am 49 years old andfor 20 years i have suffered from chronic back pain. i thought u had tried everything, but it would just take away the pain for a little while and eventually it would come back. I had already gotten used to the idea that i will live with that pain for the rest of my life. I heard about Dr. Garcia from a friend that was a patient of his for years. after six months of nonstop therapy my pain has decrease tremendously, obviously it will take much longer to get rid of a pain that ive had for over 20 years, but at least now i can stand it. I thank my friend and Dr. Garcia for helping my body get better
By: jcruz9
New Day Chiropractic Clinic
Few Years ago i was involve in a car accident in which my neck was totally affected; My best friend told me she had the perfect solution for my neck pain and she made an appoiment in New Day Chiropractic Clinic; Dr. Juan Garcia has such a beautiful and modern office, I told him about my neck pain and he started doing therapy, his technic its awsome and i can say im totally in love with his office its unique in Fort Lauderdale no one has a office like his and its located in a good spot.
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By: caliladyd
Advanced Wellness Center & Nutrition
My visits to ADVANCED Wellness have always been helpful and the staff is very efficient and friendly. When I need to order products to be sent to me, they're always sent in a timely manner and in good condition. I have recommended Dr. Bernstein and staff to many people because they truly helped me with my physical and spiritual needs.
By: mew1237
Dr. Wayne White DC
What a great Office. Dr White is the best!!! He knows his stuff. The staff is frendily and helpful. He is the BEST CHIROPRACTOR in FortLauderdale. No games just whats to get you better!!!

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