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By: Rich P.
Agility Van Lines
Prompt, professional and very accommodating, this moving service is 5 stars all the way. Made our move seamless from booking until moving day, we highly recommend and will definitely use again for any other moves. Randy and Richard were the movers that were sent to move my mothers house, and both of them were great! They made the entire expierence headache free and put us all at ease. All of my grandmothers antiques were handled with extreme care and precaution. They were neat, careful and unlike many moves we have done in the past NOTHING was damaged when Agility handled our move. Also, something that stood out to me, I am 6 months pregnant, and was attempting to help my mother carry some bags from her car and one of the movers saw, ran over to me, stopping what he was doing to make sure I did not lift a thing. You can really tell this moving company only has the best employees who care about their clients. Moving is never fun, always becomes a stressful time but with Agility working the move this was by far the best moving experience. A++ Highly recommend. I also need it to be noted, when we started getting calls from movers most of the people that called were pushy and rude. Alex on the other hand was so courteous and accommodating that I saved his number and ignored all numbers that called me that weren't saved in my phone. THANK YOU guys for everything that you all did for my family. It was such a relief to know that my family was treated like family from start to finish.
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By: Vincent V.
Agility Van Lines
One thing that I know is moving. The military taught me a lot of things but it also taught me how to pack and how to move across the country numerous times in my lifetime. This time when I had to move it was all on my own no help no government nobody. So I went to the most faithful thing that I have in my life Google. I started searching moving companies and I came across Agility Van Lines. When I contacted Agility Van Lines I was informed by Alex the ins and outs of the moving industry and what to expect before during and after a move with Agility Van Lines. He could not have been more honest compassionate professional and spot on with the price. When the movers showed up they were amazing. Like I said I have moved many many times in my lifetime but this one stood out to me. I highly recommend Agility Van Lines to anyone who is looking to move anywhere in this country. I cannot thank you enough Agility Van Lines your entire team was outstanding and I wish that I could spread the word fast enough so you guys could help more people like you helped myself and my family thank you again yours truly Vincent.
By: Jason P.
Agility Van Lines
I do admit that I love living the high life; the higher the better in fact. My 16th floor apartment in Miami had the views of the central park. My new condo in Chicago, which is on the 22nd floor, overlooks the river. The only problem is that my high rise apartments are total nightmares for movers. I hired Agility van lines when I was moving from Miami to Chicago. I informed them about how high I live and they said it wasn’t an issue. I was still worried if they were going to hold up the elevators creating discomfort for my neighbors. But these guys turned out to be very well trained for high rise buildings. They worked so systematically that there were absolutely no hold ups. Everything went like clockwork and in 3 hours my apartment was packed carefully into 3 giant vans. All my furniture was pretty much brand new. So I was concerned how they were going to travel. I was so glad that they all traveled so well. Agility van lines really is the best in this business.
By: Carlos R.
Agility Van Lines
I have a hard time trusting people, especially with things that matter to me. So when I had to move, I was dreading the idea of having to hire a moving company. I have heard terrible things about them from my friends. But it was impossible for me and my family to make the move on our own. I asked around and many people suggested that I hire agility van lines. When I talked to them, I felt a little at ease. The man on the phone was very friendly and assured me that they would take good care of my things. He did sound quite sincere and so I hired them on a very reasonable quote. Their men turned out to be just amazing. They worked tirelessly in my old house packing everything very carefully. They carried everything out with great caution. My trust started building when I saw them at work. They seemed very sincere and honest. When everything arrived at my new house, they were all there and nothing was damaged. I really couldn’t be happier.
By: Jason B.
Agility Van Lines
Most people would prefer to leave their stuff behind but our furniture was absolute antique and if lost we would never be able to get something of that sort ever again. So we decided to do the impossible and hire a moving company. The company assured us they would take all preventive measures to ensure that there would be no damages at all. Now that I have received my furniture and boxes of goods, there was no damage and the company kept their promise by making sure the goods reached in perfect condition. All the belongings within the boxes were intact, there was no damage, and neither was anything missing nor tampered with. Now for me this is sure an example of quality and efficiency. The company did charge us a decent price but it was yet lesser in comparison to what two other companies had quoted us. So all I can say is that Agility van lines has done a tremendous job for us and we made the correct decision by choosing you.
By: Louis T.
Agility Van Lines
Here's what I thought about moving companies: ones who charge low are terrible and the good ones charge my entire yearly income. As a first time mover, I was just scared. One of my workmates called in a favor from agility van lines. He did say they would charge me reasonably but I was honestly expecting them to be just like every other moving company. I even told my wife to prepare for the worst. They did quote quite reasonably which made me fear for a much larger final bill. The crew arrived on time and packed everything carefully. The surprise really came when everything was delivered right on the scheduled date. All our boxes were there and nothing went missing. Most of our things traveled safely. I was even more surprised when I received the final bill. It was the exact amount quoted by the company at the start. I don't think they're as cheap without that favor my friend called in but these guys were just amazing to me.
By: Bruce T.
Agility Van Lines
The move we had with Agility van lines can be only described in a simple word – “wow”. The pricing and all the services associated with the move were fantastic. As this was the first time I was moving I decided to do some research work and give myself a good option of companies which could plan my move in the best manner. We got in touch with many companies and received quoted from at least ten of them. On analyzing all the quotes we realized the price and service offered by them was the best choice. We wasted no time in giving them a call, they were happy to assist us. We were immediately sold out on their offer and planned the move for the very same weekend. The story is a matter of excellence; right from packing, moving, loading punctuality, understandability; it was all just compatible and perfect. The goods were scheduled to arrive after 9 days and that is just what exactly happened and without any damage.
By: Peter A.
Agility Van Lines
I needed to move my mother back to FL for health reasons because NY weather has taken a toll on her. I called Agility and spoke to David and he seemed to be the most sincere of all the movers I spoke to and felt like he would take the best care of my mother. His price was reasonable and they are based in FL so I hired them to do the move for us. The truck showed up with 3 guys and they started working right away. They finished in the afternoon and my mom made her flight that evening. The truck showed up a week later and the stuff had all arrived the same condition they picked it up. I was expecting something to be damaged just because but I was shocked it all made it no problem. Everyone at Agility did a great job I believe and I will make sure the rest of the family uses them when they come down as well. Thank you David, my mom was very happy and you were an angel she said. God bless.
By: Felix J.
Agility Van Lines
From our first interaction requesting an estimate, we were impressed with agility van lines. Phone calls and emails provided much useful information with no hassles at all. When we got down to the actual move, their teams did an excellent job packing and moving our belongings. They were able to pack a 2 car garage full of hardware, tools, etc, an 8' x 10' storage shed, and our kitchen within a very short time. During that time, they also checked closets and drawers to see if we missed anything. They were extremely careful with our 100+ year old antiques and did a good job on all of the other furniture too. They were able to load up our belongings from our old 3000 sq ft home, move it 300 miles to our new home and get everything unloaded by late afternoon. It was simply incredible job done by these young men. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving service.
By: Charles B.
Agility Van Lines
When you hear good things about anything you tend to have a curiosity to check it out yourself. A month before my recent move I was looking and asking around for a reliable moving company to assist me. Most of my colleagues suggested that I go for Agility van lines, so without further research I simply hired them for my move. They were very prompt with attending my emails/calls and queries. The quotation was very fair (at least to me). On the day of the move I was sent 3 young men to help me with the move. These young men went above and beyond to ensure that my move was done perfectly without worrying me for a second. From packing to loading to unloading they were all on point. None of my items were damaged/stolen/broken, all stayed intact as I left them. Indeed they proved to be much better than what I have heard of them and surely I will hire them again if I move.
Tips & Advices
In most states, contractors are required to have a license before taking a job. Some states also require registration. To be licensed, contractors must pass an exam and meet certain qualifications that prove he or she is a competent flooring contractor. Registration is simply a list of who will be performing a job.
The time it takes to install flooring depends on the type of flooring and the size of the room or rooms involved in the project. In one day, a typical contractor can usually install up to 2,000 square feet of carpet, 600 square feet of hardwood or laminate, or 400 square feet of tile or stone.
  • Do you have a professional license, insurance, and a business liability policy?
  • Who will work on the project?
  • Do you subcontract, and do you screen workers and have insurance policies to cover them?
  • Do you have references or examples of your work I can see?
  • Do you charge for an in-home estimate?
  • What type of flooring is best for my home in terms of architectural consistency, environmental influences (such as whether a certain type of flooring will be affected by humidity in my area), and durability?
Legally, insurance is not necessary, but it's a good idea for flooring contractors to have it. When hiring a flooring contractor, ask whether the business is insured. If it's not, consider that a red flag.
A flooring contractor should know the pros and cons of each flooring option. These might include pricing, time of installation, durability, and average lifespan of the material.

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