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By: Kenneth W.
Eastside Orthodontics
My wife and I were both very impressed with Dr. Ferrer and her staff beginning with our initial consultation. As adults, we both ended up with SureSmile for about 18 months. Everyone there is very friendly, helpful and informative. Besides being extremely accomplished and qualified, Dr. Ferrer has a great sense of humor, which puts patients at ease. One of the qualities that I liked most about Dr. Ferrer and the staff is that they take the time to explain things to you, which isn't very common with many in the medical field. They also always tried their hardest to accommodate our schedules. It has been 3 years since we had our braces removed and haven't had any issues with them at all, which is testimony to the quality of work they provide.If anyone is considering braces, child or adult, THIS is the place that you need to come to!
By: Stephanie D.
Eastside Orthodontics
My first visit was for my consultation. I was greeted by everyone and given a tour of the facility. Dr. Ferrer was extremely professional and took the time to make sure I understood her recommendations for my treatment. I explained my past experience with an orthodontist I had in high school and I can already tell by the office atmosphere that this is where my parents should have taken me originally! I live in the Kendall area of Miami though but I have no problem making the drive for such a knowledgable and professional team! Can't wait to get started!
By: Annie B.
Eastside Orthodontics
Your ReviewMy daughter had hr braces put on for the first time. She was a little nervous but Marybeth took the time to explain everything from A to Z as farad how they would dry her teeth to how the special light would set the glue for each brace. My daughter was so at ease with Marybeth. They were giggling even with the red mouth piece in place. Dr. Ferrer came to set the braces and was so gentle and spoke in a calm voice that also made my daughter feel at ease. I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you!!!
By: David D.
Eastside Orthodontics
Eastside was used for both my children. A small office that is very efficient. It was a rare instance to wait more then a few minutes for each visit. The staff is courteous and friendly. Dr Ferrer runs a tight ship and did a beautiful job with both my son and daughter. My next delemma is keeping the boys away
By: Anna R.
Eastside Orthodontics
We needed an emergency visit yesterday and was able to get right in, Even though it really was not a patient day! The tech showed Johnathon a better way to floss with the threaders, and both of the staff emphasized the importance of wearing the retainer, as they both had to have braces more than once!
By: Katie B.
Eastside Orthodontics
Dr. Ferrer and her staff have been amazing. The last two years of our orthodontic care have been easy and fun. They were always there when we had poking wires and broken brackets. We have had an amazing experience. Eastside orthodontics has brightened our smile!
By: Jeffrey A.
Eastside Orthodontics
My permanent retainer broke. I got a quick appointment and thought they would have to do a quick fix, then return for a permanent one. The replaced the damaged one with a new one all in the same visit. Staff was awesome. Thanks Dr F!!!!!
By: Johann M.
Eastside Orthodontics
Your ReviewThe staff is very accommodating They are always nice you never have to wait too long. You actually get to know the staff members because they are so nice and very personal. The cookies are great at the door too
By: Gaetane M.
Eastside Orthodontics
Very good experience especially with a son that's a nervous Nelly. They calmed his fears and now he is looking forward to his appointments.
By: donny.meadows4
Eastside Orthodontics
East side and West side orthodontics have given me the confidence to smile at my upcoming wedding in September!!!
Tips & Advices
While going to the orthodontist can be difficult, sometimes it's necessary. If you are concerned about tooth alignment, feel your jaw shift, or are experiencing problems like difficulty chewing or grinding your teeth, it's time to see an orthodontist.
There are generally three types of braces patients can be fitted for at the orthodontist:
  • The more traditional option, bands, wrap around most of a patient's tooth.
  • Brackets are the most popular, applied directly to the tooth in metal or plastic form.
  • Lingual braces are brackets attached to the back of teeth.
People of all ages can wear braces to straighten their teeth, but it is most common to be fitted for these adjustments between the ages of 10 and 14. This is the time when teeth are better able to be straightened because the head and mouth are still developing.
The American Board of Orthodontics recommends finding a dental specialist that is board-certified, offers free or reduced-price consultations, and displays qualities such as trustworthiness, ability to communicate effectively, and attentiveness.
Orthodontists must complete a four-year undergraduate program to gain admission to dental school. After earning a Doctor of Dental Science degree at an accredited four-year dental program, students must then either complete a post-degree training program or one to two years residency in orthodontics. Then they need to earn a state license in order to practice. Certain states also require board certification.

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