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By: bboomia
Galleria Mall At Fort Lauderdale
This mall is weird. First of all, the public bathrooms at the food court were locked at 8pm; apparantly they lock them early.Regardless, a guy at a kiosk asked us (my friend and I) if we wanted a sample of some lotion. It was a tiny packet; like you get in the mail, and throw out. As small as a quarter. My friend took it, and the next thing you know, we were stuck for 20 minutes on a sales pitch for some scrub and eye cream. He was nice, and we're both in sales, on full commission, so we are always buying out of pity, because we feel for the sales reps. In my mind, I eventually told myself that I'd buy whatever it was, as long as it was under $50, and just give it away. I later found out my friend told herself the same thing. The problem was, that the eye cream was $299 and the scrub was $129. Sorry kiddo, no sale. Also, my friend's face had a white crust all over it, where he applied the creme, (with his bare fingers, dirty nails I might add). We laughed about it later, feeling bad for him, but then saw that the company website sells the stuff for $50-$80, and the rest was the mark-up, which I imagine the price would drop as the pitch went on, but we didn't hang around. Sorry bud.... I feel for you but that's way too high for some lotions:)
By: kelly.doyle.967
Las Olas Riverfront
This place has THE BEST PIZZA EVER! The only con though is that it's more on the expensive side.
By: anabacha
Galleria Mall At Fort Lauderdale
Excellent service. A true buying experience. Hats off to their service!

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