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By: Alex C.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
I never write reviews but I am so grateful of the service that Roger has extended to me and my family. I have to be honest, I don't really trust attorneys and Im usually very apprehensive but Roger made me very comfortable from day 1. I met Roger 16 years ago, when I was doing mornings at 99 Jamz, I've reffered him Numerous clients from all walks of life. From DUI to Drug cases and they were all beyond pleased with his service. I don't know if Im at liberty to say this , but everyone of them won their cases. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would need his service until now. Last month my 16 year old did something very stupid ( as teenagers do) and he put himself in a situation to where his life would be significantly impacted If the DA followed thru with the charges. Needless to say as a parent I was a wreck!!! I reached out to Roger, He immediately jumped on it and thru the grace of god and his pro active approach, He was able to mediate the situation. At this point my son is not facing any charges and he saved my sons life and saved me about $30 ,000 in legal fees that i Would have been facing just to keep my son out jail.I read one review where someone said some disheartening things and for the record, He is not incompetent, Corrupt and he's DEFINITELY not a RACIST. I dare to say, He might be blacker than me !! lol... Come on , he grew up in New york, lived in a black neighborhood played college football and was a boxer. I think its pretty difficult to be a racist under Those circumstances. He's very forthright honest and fair. I would not trust anyone else with my me or my family's livelihood.
By: Megan M.
Phillip Menditto Criminal Defense Lawyer
I want to first start by saying that my overall experience with attorney Phillip Menditto has been an experience where high standards of professionalism, expertise, compassion, hard work, and dedication were given from the initial introduction I had with him all the way through to the end. He is by far an amazing lawyer to have on your side and I am more than grateful to have had him as my lawyer throughout my case. It is a very stressful process for anyone to go through and Phillip Menditto worked extremely hard to help every aspect of my case and always kept me up to date with any information I needed to know. Phillip also took on every angle he possibly could in order to benefit me in the process. The ending result of my case was one of which I could not have even imagined to be possible after knowing some of the aspects held against me. However, when I received the phone call from Phillip telling me the amazing news, news that only he could have pulled off with the prosecution, I was in tears. I could not thank Attorney Phillip Menditto enough for fighting as hard as he did for me and creating an outcome that I am forever grateful for. He is by far a Lawyer to depend on to get the job done. In addition to my own personal review I want to add that I also am friends with many other people who have worked with Phillip and had referred me to Phillip of whom will vouch for the same things I have stated, that Attorney Phillip Menditto is the attorney that will get the job done ! Five stars all around for him from beginning to end ! Thank you
By: karenmagg
Musca Law - Fort Lauderdale
DIVINE INTERVENTION ON DUI 2ND !! HALLELUJAH FOR MUSCA!! I'm a Registered Nurse. During Easter week of March, 2013, I was stopped, arrested, and confined for my 2nd DUI. With my nursing and driver's licenses at stake, I contacted John Musca of Musca Law on Easter Sunday. He assured me he had, what he believed to be, the best DUI lawyers in the state who could help me. Immediately, I was impressed by his confidence and reassurance that all was not lost, and equally impressed he was so available to me, especially on a holiday! Right away, his team obtained a permit for me to drive, even though my DUI ticket said I was NOT eligible for a permit! I was then able to drive and tend to my patients needs while they worked on reinstating my full driver's license. Then, within 4 weeks of me contacting them, I received notice my Driver's License had been fully reinstated on account of a tactical decision my attorney made not to subpoena a certain witness to the DMV hearing! Now I can drive, and practice my trade without compromise. TRUST ME, THESE PEOPLE ARE WORTH EVERY DIME! They have a system of attorneys who are experts in the field working together and they get things done! Personally, I believe in divine intervention and Mr. Musca and his team have been that intervention for me. Hallelujah! And thank You, Musca Law, with all my heart and soul! Karen M
By: Gabriel M.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
The Foley Experience. I had a DUI that I handled on my own and was given probation and community service. As the last day was approaching on my sentence, i had called the clerk of courts to find out what documentation was required, to find out that i had violated my probation a week prior to me checking in. in my state of panic my brother had helped me find a lawyer online and read the impeccable reviews of Mr. Roger P. Foley and immediately felt compelled to call him. I had hired Mr. Foley and in my wait for a court date I had gotten arrested and spent 20 days in jail. On the day of my hearing the state was asking for several more months in jail time for my first violation. Mr. Foley hadn t even been up on the podium for 2 min. and had talked them down to time served and the termination of my probation. Since then I have graduated with honors and have been greatly appreciating the simple freedoms in life. Because of his hard work and dedication to my case Mr. foley has given me my life back and now I look forward to moving forward and beginning a new. I highly recommend Mr. Foley to anyone looking to higher a defense attorney.
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By: Rafael M.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
I got out of jail for dui. I came across Roger P. Foley. My first impression over the phone was he was a straight shooter. He did not sell try to sell me, just explained the process. He wanted my side of the story. I got a good vibe. Just prior to trial the state added discovery and there was another officer added. Things looked bad. I had built up confidence with roger , he had assured me the whole way. It was a trust. We prepared for trial. Mr. Foley went to a supervisor and they basically ignored him for a few months until just before trial. Roger called me and said they offered him a reckless but the offer not great. He said it was my choice but did not recommend. Roger countered and they accepted and I received a reckless with withhold of adjudication, no fine, no dl suspension, community service 50hrs but I can buy out. We discussed jury and whether jury would believe me or the cops. It was a toss up. Best decision.
By: pulleym
The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone
I'm the type of person that doesn't just hire random names from a list. I looked through websites of attorneys in Broward County and made several calls before coming in contact with Joseph Fasone. As soon as we started talking about my situation and hearing his expertise and recommendations, I made the decision to hire him before we hung up the phone. Not only did the hearing go perfectly as expected, the communication before and afterwards has been unbelievably helpful and always courteous and respectful. I would highly recommend Joseph Fasone to anyone that stumbles upon these reviews and was in the same situation that I was in, needing legal advice and help. I would recommend Joseph to family and friends, I'm that confident with his work. Honestly, we still talk from time to time and he's still the same great guy. He respects me, and I respect him; what more can you ask for?
By: Joel C.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
I searched online for attorneys. I came up with Roger Foley. I read about him, his bio and decided to call him. He does not back down from what I read. I met with him. Hired him and we went to court. They wanted to stick me with the maximum jail sentence from the beginning. Mr. Foley stuck by me and would not back down. Mr. Foley asked me to trust him and that he would fight. I only ever had one lawyer before in my life and he screwed me so I was weary but trusted him. It took a year and we were about to go to trial and then today they came and offerred a diversion program and the case will be dismissed soon. This is what they should have done a year ago. I am glad I listened to Mr. Foley. Additionally, Foley allowed me to make monthly payments to fit my budget. It was difficult but we made it as I am the only working person of 6 in the house.
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By: W T.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
I got in a car with a friend of mine and we went to eat. Out of no where he was pulled over by police and they charged both of us but I was charged with drug trafficking armed and possession of firearm. I was really scared. I was innocent. I did not know there were drugs in the car. I had afirearm and permit for the weapon. I knew I needed the best attorney by my side. I went on google and searched for best attorneys in Palm Beach County. I read everything about him. After that I made appointment, we went over the charges and he was honest with me. He told me the good and the bad and made me comfortable. I knew I had the right guy to fight for me. I hired him. 7 months later he got all my charges dropped. I highly recommend Mr. Roger P. Foley for any criminal charges. He is the guy you want to hire to fight for your rights.
By: Sharon M.
Law Office of Roger P. Foley
Went online to look for an attorney to help me in my battery case. I looked at Mr. Foley's reviews and was impressed. Once I met him I felt very comfortable and confident that he could accomplish the job. I am very grateful he was able to get the case dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone needing a criminal attorney. Me meti en la internet buscando un abogado que me ayudara en mi case de abuso domestico. Chequee la informacion del abogado Foley y las resenas y me impresiono muchisimo. Cuando entre a su oficina me senti muy calmada y segura de que el me podria ayudar con mi caso. Estoy super contenta y agradecida eternamente porque me pudo remover todos los cargos por completo. Recomendaria a este abogago a cualquier persona que necesite un abogado criminal.
By: roi5454
The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone
Attorney fasone provide top of the notch criminal defense representation. I was arraigned on DWI charges in Broward County Court and faced some prison time or a mandatory program since that was not my first offense. Putting apart all the legal implications, this would mean the end of my career and could jeopardize my whole life. My family was at risk. I listed to my friend's advice who referred me to Joseph Fasone Firm. The first step was to reduce my bail 5-fold and actually eliminate it to a personal recognizance bond. Then, as the lawyers aggressively challenged the evidence that the prosecutors had against me, the charge was downgraded to a misdemeanor. Eventually, the case was simply dismissed a week before the trial. Great attorney, highly recommended!

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