By: Troy V.
Total Car Shipping
Billy with total car shipping did a fantastic job setting this up for me, I just got off the phone with him after he followed up to make sure my delivery was on time. Driver delivered on time just as he picked up, I noticed a few calls earlier that the driver was trying to inform me that he was approaching, Good thing I was at home anyways. Very good response time. I understand that total car shipping is a broker and I was OK with it due to the service provided, I initially received over 5 quotes from different companies after i filled a multiple quote form online, Many companies offered a lower price but after reviewing the companies stats and time in business I narrowed down to total car and another company, after asking if they can do better on price Billy decided to call a few drivers to assure. Once called me back He was able to discount an $80 difference which meant a lot and any discount is appreciated when already expensive moving in the first place. Billy was excellent and the company deserves my review. I will use them again if I ever need a transport. Thank You - Troy V.
By: Tyesha F.
Total Car Shipping
This company is an A++ and 5 stars WORTHY! I last shipped my Mustang 2 weeks ago and my transaction went great, this is the third time I have transported a vehicle through this company and not once I had an issue. I have been working with Stan and he is outstanding, I even have his cell saved in my phone which he gave me to assure me the best of service and 24/7 customer support with him - my agent. I do not know of any other company that would do something like that and it feels good to know that i can get an update when i need it. (Of course I do not bother him though :).... ) I have chosen to leave this review here on yelp because I see that they are under 5 stars on this site and 5 star + everywhere else which is correct. They should be correctly reviews after they go above and beyond for me and as well as those I have recommended. I will continue to use this company, Thank you Stan - Tyesha ;)
By: shellygun
Total Car Shipping
GREAT company!! Very good employees!... This was the second time I have shipped a vehicle, The first time was with another company but I have chosen Total Car Shipping due to their great pricing that has matched my needs this shipment. This company did exceed their service which is the reason I have chosen to give them such an AWESOME review! Stan and JP went over and beyond helping me! I was really nervous just I was last time but they helped though and were extremely responsive... Every email and every call was superb!... All updates were transferred as requested and I never felt alone or in the dark. Usually I don't get this type of service from ANYONE. This is what made them stand out! I highly recommend them if you are looking to. Great company with expert representatives! Stan and JP!!!
By: Miguel C.
Total Car Shipping
This company provided me with the best service I have ever received, Once George spoke to me the first time I could tell he knew what he was doing, he spoke to me with respect and made sure I had the time to properly speak with him, unlike others who would not let e off the phone. George asked me for a good time to call and he called me then - when I did have time to set everything up.The original price George sent me by email was 650.00 but after speaking with him he took it down to 595.00 which was great - he didn't have to. I am very pleased with this companies actions including price, schedule and just their business ethics in general. Thank you very much George and total car shipping. - Miguel
By: Kevin K.
Total Car Shipping
Thank you very much Richard! Richard shipped my truck from Miami o the Port in California! He did a great job with finding a driver, I gave him a 3 day notice and he had a driver on the third day ready with the his with driver info and contact... Driver was friendly and seemed to know what he was doing. VERY nice truck - I was very surprised to see him load my old school non running Cadillac on such a nice truck.. I recommend this company to anyone interested, transaction was great and price was decent but quality of service made it worth it! Thank You Richard!
By: tthompson41
Total Car Shipping
Id say go for it! this place is spectacular everyone here is extremely nice and respectful to me. I had my Toyota shipped from Tennessee to Florida, It was a brand new car and i had it shipped right on the day i needed it to be shipped. I did'nt really care about the time so much i just needed my car on the date. The drivers brought it to me bright in the am though. great company to work with. they know what their doing!
By: Rebecca T.
Total Car Shipping
They did a great job getting me to TX, I didn't have much time before I asked about a transport and they got to my house the next day, amazing. I thought it would take a whole lot longer to get my truck picked up but they did a great job. I will be calling you guys again on the return thank you
By: leotheking
Direct Connect Auto Transport
5 star service and great follow through. Special thanks to Marc for getting the job done right!
By: revsonlaw
A Pronto Delivery
Broward County's fastest, most reliable and affordable courier.

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