By: Mark A.
Procare Rehab and Wellness Physical Therapy
Michael Trathen PT and Procare Physical Therapy is by far the best Physical Therapy Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and the best Physical Therapy Center in Broward County for the that matter. He and his staff have far exceeded my expectations. I have an exercise physiology degree and have been a competitive athlete all my life. I have been dealing with horrible back pain for 3 years. The Doctors wanted to do surgery. I decided to try Physical Therapy first. So, I went to 3 other local PT clinics in the past 2 years, with little to no results. I can honestly say that Michael is the first person to actually sit down with me and go over my MRI's and my diagnosis and explain to me exactly what is wrong. He literally spent 1 hr in his office showing me 3D imagery and models, until I understood. He explored everything about me and my injury to get the best assessment possible for my therapy. He designed a customized treatment plan, just for me. Michael Trathen and his Procare staff are extremely personable, friendly and very professional at the same time. I can honestly say that I am 95% better after only 2 months with Procare. I love seeing and feeling my progress and actually look forward to going in for my sessions. Thank you guys!
By: Ana E.
Procare Rehab and Wellness Physical Therapy
“THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF PHYSICAL THERAPY EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! Michael Trathen PT actually talks the time to talk to you! Better yet, he listens to you! Coming here has been an incredibly positive experience. Beyond ending my pain, it has taught me so much about my body and how to keep it pain-free.I've had two other experiences with physical therapy, both which basically consisted of the therapist handing me a faded photocopy of stick figures doing exercises and then telling me to go off into a corner to do them.At Procare Physical Therapy, they interviewed me thoroughly about my pain, lifestyle and goals. Then, they created a balanced plan to end my pain and teach me good habits for the future. Two therapists alternated treatment with me, providing hands-on attention and constant communication. For the first time I experienced Craniosacral therapy and the Feldenkrais Method, both of which were revelatory.I hope I never have to go to physical therapy again, but if I do I know exactly where I'm going. I strongly recommend you go there too. Bonus: parking is a breeze and underground. — A. Estrada
By: Lisa B.
Procare Rehab and Wellness Physical Therapy
I was a college and Olympic alternate soccer player. I have accumulated several nagging painful injuries over the years that have prevented me from performing at my best. I have been to several physical therapy centers around the US and in South Florida over the years. .Michael Trathen and the Procare Staff are by far the most professional, well-organized, and friendly place of all! Michael Trathen PT, is super understanding and knowledgeable of my condition and takes into account every part of my anatomy, from toes to nose,, as he says it. LOL…. He sat down with me for over 1 hour, after a very thorough evaluation and explained to me in detail exactly what was going on with my body. He used animated videos and models to show me everything that was going on. Nobody has ever done this for me! I felt very confident in his hands. But, the true testimonial is that, after 2 months of Therapy, I am not performing at a level fare beyond what I was able to do before and PAIN FREE!! Thank you Michael and the ProCare Staff for taking care of me! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
By: pinoapproved
ROK BRGR burger bar + gastropub
Price is towards the high side, but the quality of ingredents, quantity of food along with a great selection of signature burgers you get more than what you pay for! They also have something that I've never seen or had anywhere else, Lobster Corndogs! These are a must have if its your first time or 100th time visiting. Not into sea food, then your in luck because their wings are also amongst the best out there, I recommend spicy/bbq mix. As for their bar, you will be impressed with their beer selection. From local IPA's to a seasonal import on tap, all the best liquiors, and a quality wine list you will definitely find something to wet your whistle and compliment your meal.Honestly, if you are looking for a place to bring friends/family from out of town, a place to hang with your friends, or great date night Rok Brgr is your spot! With a great staff, great atsmosphere, and EXCEPTIONAL food all mixed into the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale you can't go wrong!
By: John M.
Procare Rehab and Wellness Physical Therapy
As both I Doctor and a patient I can tell you that Michael Trathen RPT is by far the best PT I have found. He embodies everything you could ask for in a PT. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. I have been in PT since 1999, for all sorts of injuries (sprained ankle, lower back, upper back, hip, shoulder) on both the West Coast and East Coast- I can state without a doubt -- that Procare Physical Therapy Fort Lauderdale is the best physical therapy out there. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and communicates that knowledge to you, the patient, in whatever dose is right for you (for me, that's big doses). Michael also happens to have a wonderful, positive spirit, which is shared by her upbeat and competent staff. And the facility is bright, sunny, extremely well-equipped, and well-located. You couldn't ask for anything more. I would never go anywhere else other than Procare Physical Therapy.
By: Nicole B.
The Keyes Company
Jeff Lena is the bottom of the barrel . He posed as our property manager for three years. When black mold geew he told us to use bleach. A year later allowed us to call serve pro. The city violated 500 Hendricks isle with a ton of code violations due mold, creatures, holes under the building, illegal boat docking, and other code violations . When Ray barkett was addressed about the absente of our property manager his advice was to no longer contact Jeff Lena but Hardy the owner will not communicate otherwise. This property will try to be rented without all matters addressed. He is a liar and manipulator . Horrible experience would never recommend!!!!!
By: C b S.
Lucky Food Market
What an unexpected little gem! My spouse & I eat A LOT of fresh produce & have often found it difficult to do so on our extremely limited budget. Then we stopped into the Lucky Market ~ and boy, it sure was lucky for us! Not only is there a dizzying array of fabulous produce (much of it local) but the prices are LOW & the QUALITY is surprisingly high. While there isn't a large selection of Organics to choose from, it's easy to avoid the "dirty dozen " and still wind up with a cart full of fresh, nutritious & delicious food. Extra credit:-). They accept EBT. God bless...
By: Bobby S.
Procare Rehab and Wellness Physical Therapy
I was unsure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the physical relief I received. The staff and Michael Trathen owner and lead PT, are all very accommodating and supportive. This is a true place of healing. In today's climate with the state of our country's supposed healthcare system being transparently motivated by money and driven by big business best interest it; is a gem to find care where the goal is the quality of life for the patient over monetary incentive. Do not hesitate to go- you will be relieved all around.
By: Misty S.
Serenity Oaks Wellness Center
Absolutely Amazing place to Recover! All the staff is professional! Wonderful therap5 therap5ist, the best medical staff one could ask for, BHTs are ABSOLUTELY the best the clients could hope for, Administration is professional and awesome... but what amazed me the most was the owner John, he was so involved on a personal daily level, ginually concerned or ginually enthused with a individuals treatment progress. I'm so enthused within my life! Thank you Serenity Oaks! Misty Sharp Arnold
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By: Iziah E.
Urban League of Broward County
Hi I'm Dana Edwards I was going to school at urban league at one point I see y'all can help with housing I really need help trying to get on housing I will do all I can to get help please can you try to help me I just had a baby girl I'm trying to go back to school get a job if you can help me please call me at 9545735037 eemail me at danaedwards14@yahoo.com please please I'm a young mom looking for help to put me and my baby girl in our own house ... Thanks for everything..

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