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By: Rose M.
Nami Broward County
This is a fabulous, fantastic organization for people with serious, chronic brain diseases (aka mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, bipolar, depression, anxiety, narcissistic p.d.) and for the families or people who love them. It has many classes and speakers from police department, speakers who have recovered, judges, physicians, psychiatrists, etc. teaching the symptoms of various mental illnesses and the best ways to deal with them.. also ways to sort of experience what it must be like for someone to live 24/7 with these symptoms and try to live a normal life... which might help one understand why so many people with serious, chronic m.i. end up on disability. Also, you learn you are not alone, you hear ways others are coping, new scientific discoveries, ways to try and end the stigma in our society of the masses who don't seem to understand or have empathy for those with brain diseases they didn't ask for and have no control over. It gives you hope and a vision for a better future for you and your loved one. The organization also has classes to help you learn how to approach those in our government so that we can try to change the climate of our society so that people are more accepting and understanding of the barriers and hurtles those with schizophrenia, for example, must try to overcome just to survive. It teaches us how to write to our government officials to try and change laws or gain support for laws and bills that would help our loved ones or anyone suffering from serious, chronic mental illness to gain a level playing field and to receive treatment for these illnesses. Also, for the insurance companies to treat addiction, and mental illness as an illness equal to any physcial illness.
By: ms.jayne
Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center (aka SATC)
It's a great place. The counselors are sincere in helping you. As difficult as it is to even attend this place, they make it doable. My daughter went here and the counselor was amazing. She helped my daughter get through her trauma. Once when my car broke down, we even took the bus here because seeing as how it was helping my child, I knew that she had to get here for her treatment. I highly recommend. I also love how they care about your discrection.
By: Samantha R.
Big Angel’s Bail Bonds
They are just AMAZING! It was my first time needing a bondsman so I had quite a few questions and concerns they answered every question I had and once I was leaving every concern I had was gone. They were friendly honest welcoming. If ever needed again I will be using them and I would recommend them to anyone !!!
By: Joanne K.
Broward County Animal Care & Adoption Center
I adopted a kitten from BC Animal Care and Adoption Center and she had what was apparently a food allergy. Dr. Garcia responded to an email I sent with questions about diagnosis and care, and took a great deal of time and effort in his response. I have the highest praise for this organization.
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By: Sprawl I.
Action Bail Bonds
I am so happy I chose Action immigration bail bonds to help me out in this painful process! My husband was released the same day as I gave them all the info they needed to get the bond posted! Thank you so much for caring and going above and beyond to help someone who was so lost!
By: Samantha R.
David Stern Bail Bonds
Very friendly honest and full of knowledge. They never had an issue answering any of my questions and I had quite a few. I will continue using this company if ever needed no questions about it ! They made the whole situation much better and calmer.
By: Barbie D.
Big Angel’s Bail Bonds
I used this company and was very pleased I've never had such an amazing experience. They truly go above and beyond for their clients and treat everyone like they are a part of their family.
By: patrick.zarrelli
24hr Bail Bond Service Inc
These guys are great they got my buddy out quick and answered the phone on y first call. I highly recommend to anyone who needs to bail out a friend!
By: Nidia D.
McGoo's Bail Bonds
Love her! Monica made everything so easy and stress free. Will never be in trouble again but if I do I will definitely call her!
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By: Jennifer K.
McGoo's Bail Bonds
Great people! Fast acting! If your in a pinch call them you won't regret it!
Tips & Advices
Bail bond premiums are not refundable. These are considered payment for the bail bond agent's services.
A co-signer is a person who arranges bail for another person. This individual pledges to post bond on behalf of the agent should the defendant fail to appear in court. Similarly, a co-signer will provide payment for the bail bondsman if the defendant does not do so.
Bail is set by a judge and determined by the crime in question, the defendant's criminal history, how likely that person will or won't show up to court, and other factors.
Collateral options include but are not limited to:
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Jewelry
After a case is over, the bond is returned to the entity who posted it -- the bail bond agent or the defendant. Premiums paid to bail bondsmen generally are not returned.

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