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By: Nick S.
National Car Rental
I really enjoy National's "Emerald Aisle" option that lets you bypass the counter and just pick up any of the cars available. The price when you book this option is similar to a midsized car but you get a lot of choices when you arrive so its quite a good value. If your intent is to book an economy car, then perhaps this option is not for you. But if you are looking at midsize or better, the efficiency of this option is great with very competitive rates. We picked up at the FLL location. There were at least a dozen cars and small SUVs of various makes to choose from and I chose a GMC Terrain. The car was clean and ready. The check out process was speedy and only requires that you show your drivers license upon exiting the facility. For the return drop off I filled the car up with fuel near the airport and just drove in and dropped it off. Quite simple and efficient. I would also like to commend National for charging me exactly what they said they would on my reservation email.
By: Landon M.
Luxuria Motor Club
I was flying into Miami for a business opportunity and I wanted to impress my interviewers, as well as, my soon to be coworkers with a car that stood out above the crowd and made me look like a man who is very serious about business. I heard about Xotic Empire and how they had a fleet including luxury cars. I called and Jared answered right away and was very helpful. He understood my situation and gave me a few options that he thought was best for me. I ended up renting out the beautiful Mercedes-Benz S550. I looked very professional arriving in such a luxurious car since i believe presentation is a big factor in the business world. I will be using this company again in the future and will be telling everyone about this great experience. Strongly recommend this company for any of your exotic or luxury needs!
By: Stephanie S.
Luxuria Motor Club
I wanted to rent out a Bentley GTC for the holiday weekend and Xotic Empire had the best prices in South Florida. Not only was the rental affordable but the company made the rental process quick and easy. I called and Jared answered right away and closed my deal within minutes. He was very helpful and accommodating with every request that i had asked. I flew into Fort Lauderdale airport and Jared had the car there for me as soon as I got out of my terminal and we made the exchange quick and simple. The car was unbelievably gorgeous and it was spotless from the inside-out. I had absolutely no issues with the car and it made my trip truly unforgettable. I will DEFINITELY be using this company again and i strongly recommend it to any and all of my friends. Great fleet of cars, great service, great experience.
By: Lynda R.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Rented a car at the Fort Lauderdale airport. I expected to be given a parking space number to find my car and proceed to exit. I was surprised to see a group of employees with iPads in the garage waiting for me. I was greeted and told that "Mark" would show me to my car. I did not expect, or appreciate, the round about walk to my car, or the upgrade sales pitch I received during that time. (which explains the roundabout walk to the car - more time to upsell me). I was also given a Nissan Versa - not the intermediate or full size car I reserved. A versa is considered Compact. This was totally inappropriate, unappreciated, and annoying, especially after a long day of traveling. This experience is making me reconsider my reservation in Tampa later this month.
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By: Thomas F.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
We always rent our cars from Enterprise when out of town. This time it was with Enterprise Ft Lauderdale Airport. We love that they are consistent with their information to their customers, the service is always excellent and they're always sure to ask if their service was good while you are there. They watch the details and don't try to take advantage of you. If you have issues returning on time, they work something out instead of price gouging you. They also walk around the vehicle with you to ensure they check for any preexisting damage. They care about their customers. Well worth the cost. We've been taken advantage of by Avis and won't work with anyone but Enterprise.
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By: Patricia O.
Alamo Rent a Car
Had a great experience at Alamo in Fort Lauderdale. There was quite a long line when we arrive to try to pick up our car. However, the self-serve kiosk was free and we were able to get our car without any delay. The system was easy to navigate and found our reservation quickly. While we were completing the information, we were offered water by one of the staff members which was really nice!We were able to choose a great car Toyota Camry, and while we were looking (seemingly looking lost at times) different staff members came over to offer assistance. It was easy and fast. Thanks so much for a great experience and our car worked great!Will definitely use again.
By: Francis G.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I had a good experience with Enterprise. I've used them in my home town, in Florida, and Puerto Rico, always with good service and accurate billing. When I've had billing questions, Enterprise has always answered them honestly. After poor experiences with Hertz (who inaccurately charged me $150 for refueling when the car was returned full and the receipt confirmed this, they refused to credit the charge) and with Advantage who had continuous system problems resulting in getting a different, lesser car for the same charge, I am a confirmed Enterprise customer and would recommend them. Thanks Enterprise for the good service and good car.
By: Thunder V.
Luxuria Motor Club
Thanks for the amazing service. One stop shop. I come to Miami a few times a year, and was impressed when I came across Xotic Empires Fleet. The Prices are super reasonable, and customer service goes above and beyond any other company I have used. I informed Jared that I would be flying in, and he offered to pick me up at the airport. I was very impressed by the Ferrari 458 he picked me up in. The car ran amazing and made my weekend more enjoyable. I will be recommending this company to all my friends!
By: Pamela B.
Alamo Rent a Car
Most often times getting a rental from Ft. Lauderdale or even Miami International Airport can be a tiring tasks because of the long wait times. They have no control of arriving passengers who are also renting, but my experience this time around was more than pleasant, I arrived to the airport a little earlier than usual to retrieve my rental and my wait time was less than anticipated. Not to mention the Agent who took care of me was very pleasant and accommodating. Kudos to Alamo and agent M
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By: Jeff W.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I like Enterprise and always try to use them, but at the Ft. Lauderdale airport I got sticker shock. I was upgraded, which was nice, but the fees are out of control. Rental car facility charge $31.60, Florida surcharge $16, Concession recoup fee $17.47, vehicle license fee $4.56, tire and battery fee .16, then tax $ I was overcharged for fuel...when I called customer service the lady did reimburse me for the fuel overcharge of about $39. READ THE FINE PRINT AND ASK QUESTIONS!
Tips & Advices
Although special insurance isn’t always legally required for a moving truck, all auto insurance providers and moving specialists suggest you buy the special policy from the moving truck company. This is because most auto insurance policies have exclusions for covering vans and trucks over a certain size, and also because auto insurance will not cover the personal property inside a moving truck.
In order to drive a rented moving truck, a person must be on the rental agreement. Just as with rental cars, getting another driver put on your rental truck agreement may carry an additional fee per day.
Moving truck rental cost does not include the fuel cost. Make sure to find out from the rental company if there is anything to know about the type of gas the truck requires, as well as the location of the gas tank.
The rules about moving trucks and weigh stations vary somewhat by state. Some states do not require trucks to stop if the occupants are doing a personal move, not commercial moves. Others require all commercial trucks to stop, regardless of what they’re calling. When in doubt, stop.
Yes, pets are allowed in some moving trucks. However, all moving companies clearly state that renters should not put pets in the cargo area, and that pets should be in a transport carrier or properly harnessed for everyone’s safety. Moving truck rental companies all have clearly posted pet transport safety tips that you should review before moving day.

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