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    I LOVE Sky Nails. PAY NO ATTENTION to Nic K.'s review. I was so thrilled they opened a nail salon near my house about three years ago. I would go with my mom every month. They have GREAT customer

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By: Christine O.
Sky Nails
The lady's review before me is writing reviews on every site she could find. Wow! I just looked them up real quick to see when they opened tomorrow and i have to say I'm Shocked by what I've read. I'm guessing they didnt know she had a gel coat on top of her nails because she obviously said nothing to them. Ive been here at least 12 times and my first time the man didnt know i had a gel coat on either and i told him it was a UV gel coating and i had acrylics on so i said it was fine to use the drill (as in the same case in the previous review -Except i spoke up). The reason i believe it is ok to assume she didnt say anything is bc she admittedly paid and left w/o a word. I started going to sky nails after LA nails on taft & Elizabeth would constantly let me go out the door w the paint in terrible shape (i.e. bubbles all over, paint all over my skin... or acrylic lifting before i left, & last time was when a tech wasnt understanding to what i was asking- which was a simple french w glitter tip instead of regular white & after 3rd nailed & not asking anyone to translate, i said it was fine id paint them at home and paid them their $90. And since I've been at sky nails ive witnessed them have trouble with someones question but they get somebody over immediately to find out what it is the customer wants. They are very friendly and do great work! They even hand out water to customers at no cost. They talk to you and make jokes and laugh with everyone. Its an awful hit, business wise, to leave a review like that when you didn't tell them and give them a chance to fix it. These people take their time and never rush you away bc theres someone else waiting. Of course they keep the customer not waiting for too long but you've got to expect a lil wait time w/o an appt. fyi- longest ive waited w my 2 daughters was 10 min, only one time. They are definitely doing a great job here. Shame on this woman who wants to "cyber bully" in her own way seek revenge rather than allow them a chance to fix it. there are a few things i can think of that she could've said or done instead of go home and cost them business for one bad manicure that she herself ssid nothing about until she was in the confines of her castle sitting upon her thrown as she wrote these reviews. For the people reading this review I would recommend them. You dont have to take my word for it but i wouldnt NOT go simply bc the queen had a bad experience one time. Thank you, thats just my two cents anyways....
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By: Dreadre W.
Sky Nails
I LOVE Sky Nails. PAY NO ATTENTION to Nic K.'s review. I was so thrilled they opened a nail salon near my house about three years ago. I would go with my mom every month. They have GREAT customer service and are great people. I moved to Denver recently and I STILL go get my nails done with my mom when I come to visit. They are a great nail salon, I have had manis, pedis, acrylics, solar and even my eyebrows waxed. AWESOME customer service. They still ask my mom for me BY NAME when she goes in. THEY ARE GREAT!
By: Sharon M.
Salon West
Salon West has excellent staff and a very convenient site with modest prices. Robin has been my hair stylist for a number of years and is a very creative caring professional. I have difficult hair that is thick and unruly and throughout the changes in my life she has helped me achieve look that has individual presence, is easy to care for, and makes me feel sensational. I am nearing retirement age but feel much younger thanks to my great hair. Thank YOU Robin and all staff at S.W. Keep up the great work!Sharon
By: oldtownresident
Nail Studio
I have gone to this nail salon twice now with my daughter. Both times, the experience has been positive. I think there are some cultural and generation issues, but nothing that can not be worked out. Over all the service is matter of fact, and just fine.If you want a salon, where you want the staff to make you feel like everyone there is your best friend, pamper you, this is not your place. However, if you want your nails done, in a business like manner and get in and out, then this is the place for you.
By: Laura B.
Polish Nail Spa
I went to Polished Nail last week and asked what the cost was for a set of Gel Nails. Tony told me and I said ok. He had to take off the old acrylics first. . He is good at what he does and my nails turned out great but than he added an extra 10 dollars for taking off the older acrylics. I work hard for my money and that should of been put in the mix when I asked him how much for gelsI have never been charged for taking off old nails.
By: wyoming.tate.3
Polish Nail Spa
I went to CA for a special occasion. Brought in what I was wearing and Tony was able to do something to match the colors. People asked me where I had my nails done. I said in CO. I have a special guy that does them and they last for a long time. When I first meet him I told him if he ever leaves please let me know because I would follow him.
By: Megan V.
Nail Spa
I've been going here a few years now and they have always done a great job. Very good customer service. I once had to leave for a wedding at 9am and they came in early, on a Saturday to do my nails. They know you by name and they make you feel valued. I highly recommend going here!
By: gabby.baker.568
Polish Nail Spa
Staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Tony is an artist deluxe. Creating nail art/designs you only see on the east and west coast. Brilliant! You will love the friendly, warm and professional staff. Try it once and you will never go anywhere else.
By: marymackey
Polish Nail Spa
When I went there for the first time, I loved it. They were very nice and welcome when I arrived. There online reviews defiantly speak the truth.
By: yipreston
Polish Nail Spa
I have been going here for years and I always get complement on my nails. They are my best kept secret!

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