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By: brettt986
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
Over the years my wife has heard me make favorable remarks about RMSS. I have expressed interest as to why I chose to shop at RMSS, instead of other firearms stores. I have expressed my preference is largely due to the trust and confidence that I have developed with Billy. Last year, for Christmas I purchased my wife a CCW firearms training class. She was conceptually pleased with the gift, but apprehensive about what it would actually be like. Her class was held in March and she had a very favorable experience, where she too formed a favorable impression of RMSS by vurtue of interacting with Billy. She was clear in expressing her belief that without his presence and professional contributions, she would have had less favorable opinion of the program. Kudos to Billy fo bringing the knowledge and skill gaps of such a class.
By: eandre702
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
As an 0311 Sgt. in the USMC, I know a little bit about shooting, firearms, and the culture of gun ownership. I have always been beyond pleased at how their gunsmiths have been able to help me. They have given worthwhile, helpful, and to the point advice and service on several firearms. The range is good and you can shoot rifles which is very nice. Their selection of tactical weapons is at times, not the best, as they rarely keep two of anything in stock. They could also use a cheap, reliable, ammo source. Walmart beats their prices by almost 50%. I have shot for over an hour many times, but if they are not busy, they wont overcharge. If you are a combat vet, or even a POG, give this store a shot.
By: don4166
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
RMSS is the combination of a few stores equaling a great variety these days. Gun safes, Guns, Accessories, Ammunition, and the big one, an Indoor Range. Their prices are standard, selection great, but store staff seem to only be knowledgeable in one area. Took me 3 trips there-and-back to get the right scope mounts because the guy didn't know what he was talking about, but refused to seek assistance (like from the book Burris prints and gives to their dealers). I have had similar experiences with other products as well, but overall probably the best place to find what ya need, or shoot on a rainy day.
By: machaca8
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
I have been a long time cusotmer of Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply and in large measure, my continued customer loyalty can be attributed to the professional and courteous treatment that has been shown to me by Billy. I have ocme to trust and respect his opinion and his perspective in firearms related matters. He conveys a sense of integrity and a strong essence of morality. Billy is also a gifted instructor and educator. Thank you.
By: chadd135
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
I needed to reload my caliber so I went to Rocky shop and they helped me find the proper loader. I liked how they took time to help me without rushing even though there was some one waiting to get helped. I am a beginner and didn’t know what kind of products I needed so they took time to explain everything well. Thank you.
By: dfbgdfg1514
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
Very fast and friendly! My husband and myself absolutely love this place. We buy our guns here and I have taken the only women's class. Looking forward to buying my own hand gun here. Great deals! Every employee is kind and understanding. Lots of information that we get when we are here, on each gun- Love this place!
By: edgarr427
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
I love Rocky Mountain and agree with all the favorable comments above. One thing you should know before you buy: The prices are always negotiable. You should expect to receive at least 10% off any firearm purchase. I have purchased 4 here and have found this to be the case.
By: joell546
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
My wife and I like to come here several times a month which surprisingly is a great bonding experience for us! We both enjoy it and it works up an appetite for a nice dinner afterwords.
By: edenn216
Rocky Mountain Shooter Supply
Bob was great, very patient while I picked my pistol. Keith was straightforward and informative. I will be bringing a gun in soon- Brittney was very friendly and helpful.
By: Troy P.
USA Liberty Arms
I've been to many gun stores and this is by far the one of the best customer service and the greatest inventory stop by there friendly no pressure gun store.

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