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By: Elizabeth A.
The Learning Experience
I could not have picked a better place for my little man to go to school! At 3 years old, my child knows his left from his right, sign language, technology, can count to 20, his ABCs and so much more! He loves The Learning Experience so much that he is excited to go to school everyday! I love the Learning Experience so much because I feel good knowing Hunter is in good hands and taken care of all day by wonderful people! The staff is AWESOME!! Thank you guys for being so wonderful and trustworthy! It means the world! There is no better place to have a child learn than The Learning Experience!! 5 Stars!!
By: Cherie R.
Young People's Learning Center
Our daughter attended YPLC for over 2 years. We appreciated the age-sensitive transitions from playtime to more structured learning. She is still friends with some of the children from her classes there and she was well prepared for kindergarten. She also attends their summer fun camp programs. The owners are there every day and know each child by name. This is a great mix of professional, skilled teachers and personalized attention in a caring environment. We have enjoyed working with the owners and staff at YPLC.
By: Corny G.
Young People's Learning Center
Young Peoples has been a fantastic daycare and preschool for our children. Our son was very well prepared socially and academically entering kindergarten and our daughter absolutely loves attending every day. The teachers are very trusting and dedicated and we definitely owe each one of them a great debt of gratitude and appreciation for all they do. The activities they teach involve a great balance of playtime and learning and we are very pleased
By: Dean C.
Young People's Learning Center
YPLC focuses on the specific needs of my child, both the teachers and the administration. I never doubt that she's in good hands and getting the attention she needs from all directions. I've also really appreciated thefollow up and personal element to the billing and admin aspect of her care, and I never feel nervous to ask questions or bring up billing issues if need be.
By: Jame B.
Young People's Learning Center
We have been with YPLC since 2003 and just love it. One of the greatest strengths of YPLC is that teachers are retained for so long. Both our girls (4 years apart) had some of the same teachers from Turtles thru Eagles. That consistency helped us know what to expect at YPLC and is something that I always mention when I recommend YPLC to other parents
By: Palme S.
Young People's Learning Center
My daughters attended Young Peoples until we were forced to leave to go to Kindergarten (3 years for one and 2 years for the other). We LOVED this school - from our first visit before we attended when they watched, wide-eyed, the laughter and fun in the large outdoor play area and playground, to our last when there were tears saying goodbye.
By: Yenri P.
Young People's Learning Center
Thank you so much for the wonderful summers that KinderCamp, FunCamp and TeenCamp have provided for Kelly throughout her childhood. We're always amazed at how any places Kelly points out with special memories from Young Peoples. We value the healthy activity and Top Quality Camp Counselors that you've consistently provided.
By: Roza L.
Young People's Learning Center
Jake loves coming to preschool every day. Usually I am the one clinging on to him when it's time to say goodbye in the morning. At the end of the day, he is full of stories and things he wants to share with us. It has been a great experience having our son at YPLC.
By: Edra N.
Young People's Learning Center
The school has been very good with preparing the kids for kindergarten and other activities. We have had nothing but great experiences with YPLC. The kids adore the staff and the staff makes special efforts to keep me informed and help me with any concerns.
By: Flembe Z.
Young People's Learning Center
YPLC Social Emotional Development Goals exceed expectations: This is really why I sent my son to preschool in the first place, I want him to become used to daily interaction with other kids and authority figures, other than myself, in a learning environment.

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