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By: Angel D.
US Auto Forest Park
It is a constant living nightmare as a customer for us auto sales. They are true criminals and crooks. I found out they have a tracking device that disables the car when you're a week late on your car, after I paid and committed to the car. They recently cut the week to four days. Now I'm due at work but is stranded because the emergency code is not working and they don't open for another two hours. I have been stranded most of the time I had this car, including the time I had to pay them to fix the car a month after I had it. They prey on poor people specifically blacks that don't have the credit to go to a dealership and they actually charge them more for less quality cars with interest rates that would shame American Express. And I got deathly sick and missed work. No payment arrangements were offered when I pleaded and offered proof of my situation. They wouldn't even send an emergency code when I had no way to cash my check to pay and uber $40 to get to my bank and back home, also missing work that day.
By: Michael C.
Promotive Inc
The owner's name is Ron and he has what a friend told me was a dry since of humor. If your not looking for it, it may sound different than the way he mint it. All that aside they have been working on my cars for a number of years and I find him to be very honest. He has never told me I needed something I didn't. He has been very professional with me and others I have referred to him. His prices are fair and and does excellent work. On a list of 2 shops that I recommend ...He is #1. I highly recommend them.
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By: Sherdina L.
Clayton County Community Services Authority Inc Head Start
I learned to late Clayton community headstart is geared to children of non English speaking parents they have no Pre K graduation they inform you days in advance of important information never send flyers home nap time is from 12:30 ish to 1:30pm lots of plan time I would not really recommend unless you waited to long to register for public school I am really upset my gifted child is labled as slow. I pray it's me but I doubt it Lottery funded program should be better for American children.
By: Bridget G.
Automotive Solutions
Dont Do business with Eric Ellis I wish I would have known this before I paid all my money for him to fix my car. He will lie to get your money and keep giving you different dates of when your car will be fixed. I have lost my job and wasnt able to attend many appts because of his lies and a whole year later I am without a car. The only thing he will do with the quickness is paint a vehicle but he cant do anything besides that
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By: Veronica T.
Credit City Auto Sales
I bought my car in 2012 and it was a GREAT investment this car drives like a SEWING MACHINE! ! I have not had any major or minor problems with my car so far this is a GREAT CAR I am thw owner of the car and i will buy from them again.
By: Roy H.
P & N Auto Mechanic
I only take my cars to P&N. Lee is an honest man who don't make up issues with your car.He is fair priced and a magnificent mechanic.All the mechanics are very skilled.I see exotic foreign as well as American cars being serviced.
By: drea.shinin
Credit City Auto Sales
I am a college student, the owner always works with me long as I am paying when I need to, no major issues, had my car for a year now I love my honda, God blessed me when I went to credit auto sales
By: David B.
A . Reliable Roadside Service
Reliable Roadside came to my rescue after a blowout in the freeway. Timely, courteous, quick service and got me on my way quickly in spite of the rain. A+!
By: allisonolson5
US Auto Forest Park
Entire staff very friendly. Highly professional, will buy another car from company in the future. Put a car lot in the middle GA area!!! :)
Tips & Advices
An immobilizer is used to prevent your car from being stolen, and this electronic device causes your car's engine to stop running unless a specific key is present. Recent studies have shown that immobilizers have reduced car theft by as much as 40 percent. All cars sold in the United States  since 2012 come standard with immobilizers, and aftermarket versions are available for older cars.
An anti-hijack system is a device that is used to discourage and prevent criminals from hijacking cars. Many anti-hijack systems use a car's alarm or immobilizer system to help achieve their objective. The best anti-hijack systems will work to initiate a quick and safe shutdown of your car if it is stolen.
A curb feeler is also known as a curb finder, and it's a device that's used to let drivers know when they're at an ideal distance from the curb for parallel parking. Curb feelers extend out from the car's body, near the wheels. They scrape against the curb if the driver gets too close, and they help prevent damage to the car's wheels when parking.
A car body kit is a set of customized body parts that have been designed to modify the appearance of a stock car. In many cases, a car body kit is comprised of components such as front and rear bumpers, spoilers, and side skirts. These kits may be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or polyurethane.
A cargo barrier is a device that fits in the rear of your vehicle, and it's used to shield passengers from large loads contained in the rear of the vehicle. Cargo barriers are also used to shield passengers from pets being transported in the vehicle's rear area. These barriers promote passenger safety.

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