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  • Curtis N.

    Had truck I wanted..... worked with me on all facets of sale to do me the best deal they could do with me on truck....transpotation communication ... Kay dog working with me. Recommend if want straight deal... Thanks all Curt

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    Heather T.

    Lots of stock, but not one price on any of their products. Getting a price quote on a truck is like pulling teeth. These guys have to go inside the building to consistently find the prices. If you ask the price, they defer you to their website! What?!?! If you're on the lot at that moment, then you're likely using your smartphone, right? Well their mobile site is difficult to navigate, compared to their main site when using the computer at home. We ran into so many problems, it was rediculous. No shop/mechanic on site, so these guys are buying these vehicles (many from out of state, such as Colorado, or other places where there's a lot of salt on the roads from the snow plows), then they do no repair to the vehicle. They just detail it to make it look good enough to get it off the lot. We test drove 5 trucks and 4 out of those 5 had notifications or beeping coming from the instrument cluster telling the driver that there were mechanical issues that needed to be addressed with the vehicle. That was a big red flag. We came in with a preapproval letter from our credit union. We knew our payments, and our interest rate, and we knew already what we wanted to spend. We also came with a vehicle to trade in, and the minute we arrived, they offered to get the appraisal process started on it. 2 1/2 hours later, we still couldn't get an answer from them on what they would give us on trade! Each time we test drove a truck, we asked about our vehicle trade value and they blew us off. Their customer service is absolutely, hands down, the WORST we've ever dealt with. If you are like us, have great credit, are intelligent and aware enough to know how a car lot works, don't buy here! You won't get the best value for your hard earned dollar. If you're naive, easily manipulated, and are in a rush to have a vehicle pushed off on you, then by all means, go here for the full disrespectful package!

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    James L.

    i live 1 1/2 hours away. i had gone there the day before and looked at a truck. they told me that my credit was good, but i had to put down $2000. I agreed and told them i will come down and buy it with $2000 down. drove 1 1/2 hours to get there, but then they wanted $4000 down..i told them i had greed on $2000 down.... then Armine says "it is $2000 down and $2000 more due in 3 weeks. If you are going to sell a car and want to satisfy customers, DO NOT LIE TO THEM!!! Bait and switch is not a good business practice. They had a potential of selling 3 vehicles to me and my 2 other partners.... now they are never going to be an option for us again!! So, if you are looking to buy a vehicle from them.....BEWARE!!!

  • Connor L.

    DO NOT COME HERE if you're looking to get a fair deal. "Julio" (The guy writing all these responses) was very unfriendly and wasn't willing to negotiate one penny under the listing price for the car. Once he realized that I wasn't going to pay full price he rudely told me to leave. Looking back, I'm very glad that I hadn't purchased a car here because overall the whole experience felt really shady and like a scam. About 90% of their cars are auction junk!!

  • bad customer. service

    These guys will rip you off. Bought truck and been in shop 2 times in less than 30 days

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    I will never buy from them again. There is some serious fraud going on there. I bought a 2004 Dodge Ram Diesel 4X4 from them. It ran fine for just short of 3 months. I put less than 700 miles on it and then it would not start. I had my truck towed to a local Dodge dealer. I later found out through my insurance as they hired a third party company that the hole fuel system was contaminated with Algae and it was there well before I bought the truck. I tried talking to Pacific Auto Center and they just said it was passed the 30 warranty. the bill came out to $8,900 dollars from the Dodge dealer. The Dodge dealer also told me the fuel tank had been recently dropped and cleaned. meaning someone knew there was a problem and didn't tell me before I bought it (Sounds like Fraud to me). I filed a complaint with the BBB and Now I m seeking legal council and will pursue this the hard way.

  • robandkarina

    My wife and I would like to thank Javier Alcala, Martha Loza and to all who helped us obtain our 2003 Chevy Silverado Z71. We have to this day been recommending your dealership to all our family and friends based on your exceptional customer care and support. We appreciate all you have done to help us go through our challenging situation and allow us a pathway to establish credit once again. Pacific Auto Center will only be the dealership we will be getting our future vehicles from- FOR LIFE. More power to you all!

  • jcar32

    Had a great experience with both Javier's and the staff @ pacific auto center. They made me feel really comfortable and worked quickly and diligently through the whole process. Thanks guy's.

  • tomsil

    For being a first time buyer they made the buying process real easy. A lot more inventory than we were expecting. Service was great, worked with Victor & Julio and they made it a pleasant buying experience!!


    I bought a f250 in august, the truck is a piece if s**t. They told me I did not need to buy an extended warranty because they do an extensive review of all their vehicles before they sell them off their lot. Well guess what I believed them, 8 days later the coolant system went out cost $5000. 2 weeks after that I found out the heads were bad, another $6000. So I've had the truck 7 months and $11000 into it. 2 mechanics said the truck was unsafe to sell. Good thing for attorneys. Pacific auto you have no idea what your in for. See u in court :)

    Business Response03/23/2013

    Hello Mr. or Mrs. customer.I would like to respond to your above complaint. I read the complaint, I think to myself, are you sure you bought it from us? First of, you stated that we told you not to buy an extended warranty. No dealership in the history of dealership would ever tell you that, that makes no sense whatsoever. We always encourage our customers to purchase the extended warranty. Secondly, why didn't you call us if you did have any problems with the vehicle. I have checked with my service department and they have not been contacted by anyone with similar problems to what you have experienced. Lastly, it sounds like you should write a bad review for the mechanics who ripped you off. 11,000 in repairs and you never once contacted us? Please contact me (Steve)at 909-429-1100 Monday through Saturday from 9am - 7pm and we can discuss this further. Obviously if what you say is true, we want more than anything to help you out, we value our customers. Like I stated earlier, I'm not sure you actually bought a vehicle from us due to your story.

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