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By: Will C.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
I had an accident and had spilled a bottle of wine and it got deep into the carpets leaving large distinct stains. My carpets would be a light beige color making the stains about 100 times more noticeable. I needed to do something about this quick. At first I tried to take on the job myself and get the stains out but as I kept trying I think I was only making matters worse. There was no way I was going to be able to get these stains out myself so I looked into professional assistance. These guys at Fontana carpet cleaning services worked a miracle! I almost thought it was impossible but the technician definitely proved me wrong. He performed deep cleaning on the damaged areas of my carpets and within an hour or two my carpets looked good as new. I was also able to get a quick and easy appointment in with no problems. After the services I received from them I will be giving them a call more often in the future.
By: Marina L.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
Well first of all, let me just say that the head tech of this company is TOP-NOTCH! I loved his willingness to: move our boxes as we had just moved in. Answered and returned calls in a timely fashion. Explained the whole process thoroughly and how he was going to clean our carpets. Both I and the boyfriend work late hours in the night and we do not get off until around 6:30ish. Many of the "cleaners" we had called had not even turned our calls or closed between 5 and 6. To all the other businesses I had called; you lost my business; Fontana carpet cleaning services has gained my business! The best part was that the head tech was talking to the boyfriend and apparently he was here about last week or so and knew the building and it's layout. We had gotten what we had payed for, that was a job well done. Thanks!
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By: Henry P.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
The owner of this company cares about customer satisfaction, you can tell that he takes it serious. If there are any issues; let him know and he is extremely proactive in resolving any issues. It is great to know that it is easy to get scheduled in for an appointment with these guys. I have went ahead and used their services two times and twice I have had both my appointments scheduled within 24 hours. Thats nice. They had really went through every length in assisting me in making sure that I was a satisfied customer. I appreciate all of the effort and the helpfulness; especially when I needed the clean up as quick as possible the second time around! Quality service, quality business!
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By: Dalson N.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
Fontana carpet cleaning services is the place you need to call for a great air duct cleaning service. They make it so simple and so efficient to book an appointment and have the service done for you. It makes things so much easier and I loved that about them, they were all about doing things the best way and the right way. I had dirty tiles that over the years have just had their toll taken and it was time to get someone to come over and help me out with all this cleaning that needed to be done. They had all the tools for the job, and they gave me an unbeatable price that you won't find anywhere else!
By: Maria P.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
I will go ahead and keep this one short, sweet and to the point. if you want your carpets to look BRAND NEW + you want to receive great customer service, give these guys a call! I had called around different companies and no one would show up for 2-3 days!! I called the guys up at Fontana carpet cleaning services and I was able to get squeezed in at the end of his busy evening! Great people to work with, great work which was done and just a great company overall! Not many great companies like this exist! Thanks for your amazing services, will be giving you a call very soon!
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By: Antonio J.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
The work could not have been any nicer -- these guys worked really hard in trying to make us happy and they succeeded. We are cat owners and they shed all night and day so it is pretty impossible to keep up with all of the cleaning. By the time these guys were called, we were living in fur den!!!. It had looked like a cat and their friends through a part in our home. It's just amazing how much cat hair was pulled from our carpet after the cleaning. There was so much cat fur that you could've probably made a cat fur coat! Thanks for the service!
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By: Ranko J.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
I love family owned businesses such as ones like these! I have gone with the bigger guys and although their businesses are bigger, you just don't get the same interaction as you would with small owned businesses like this. I felt like these guys really comprehended where I was coming from. Because of the excellent communication I felt like it translated right onto my carpet, and my carpet came out wonderful when everything was said and done! Support good small businesses such as this one right here! You will not regret their work.
By: Tony H.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
These guys always provide me with the best cleaning services. From cleaning my tiles, to my carpets and all the way to my air ducts; you guys always do such a phenomenal job when it comes to getting my home into tip-top shape. I am a clean freak, so I NEED my housed cleaned every so often. Your technicians are always so nice and courteous and they always bear with me when it comes to answering all of my dying questions that I have and just keeping me updated with their cleaning process. Thanks!
By: Petra V.
D&E Carpet Cleaning
D&E Carpet Cleaning is the best! I had been asking around to find someone reputable to clean the carpets in my home. A good friend suggested that I try D&E since she spotted the van performing a job in her neighborhood. I took a chance and called the number. I spoke with Brandon who immediately put me at ease with his knowledge in carpet cleaning and his customer friendly tone. He was on time and did a great job! I will definitely refer this company!
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By: Arlene R.
Fontana carpet cleaning services
- This company is seriously just the best!! I have my younger brother rooming with me and he is not exactly the cleanest of people out there! I wish I could paint you a picture for how dirty this carpet was! We couldn't have it replaced because we just cannot afford that right now; but with the cleaning which was done it almost looks as if the carpets were indeed replaced! Great job you guys! You guys have my gratitude for the job well done!
Tips & Advices
Homeowners can purchase carpet cleaners ranging from compact units to full-size industrial-strength machines. Some models specialize in removing allergens from pet hair, while others may work better on tough stains. Some carpet cleaners can be bulky and require ample storage space. Other features you may want to consider for in a cleaning unit include: attachments that work on upholstery, stairs, bare floors, or small spaces; brushes; and a removable hose.
Renting is usually much cheaper than owning a machine or hiring a service. But not all rental units perform equally, some might require extra drying time or the use of special solvents that will cost more. - Renting a unit means you must also move furniture yourself and pay close attention to ensure you're operating the unit correctly. Making a mistake could mean damaging your carpet or the unit itself. Improperly drying carpet could allow harmful bacteria and mold to grow.
Yes. This may involve specifying exactly what services you would like performed, as well as the size of your home's carpeted area. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in a quoted price. Some businesses may charge extra to move furniture, clean stairs, or use special treatment methods. Ask questions if any detail about the quote is unclear.
Decide which method you want to use by taking into consideration not only cost, but how long the process will take from start to finish, including drying time. Don't always go with the service offering the lowest price, or hire a service who advertises door-to-door or over the phone, unless you have done thorough research on them. Ask if the company conducts background checks on employees, as well as if they are insured in your state. Without liability insurance, a mistake that results in damage to your home or furniture may be your responsibility to pay for.
Using powerful solvents to break down dirt and stains, dry cleaning puts less physical stress on the carpet, and thus might be better in the long run. However, dry cleaning is usually more expensive than hot-water cleaning services. In addition, the chemicals used to dry clean carpets might irritate pets, people with sensitive skin, or anyone sensitive to strong odors.

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