By: michaelk12121.
Happy Chef
I moved down to here from Boston last year, and this is quite literally the only chinese place that I go to regularly -- and it's not even that close to my place. There are at least 4 more chinese place that's closer to my apartment. Normally, I'll order something for my wife and I on the way home from work -- the "full/normal/large"[just means it's the normal order with the white rice on the side] order for me and the soups for her. She likes their hot and sour soup a lot!!!. I've tried various dishes and my favorite would be the salt and pepper shrimp. Definitely recommend the place for it's food. My only complaint might be waiting during the weekends. It seems to be empty during the week days, basicly I'm the only person ordering there when I'm in, Buton Friday, the phones keep ringing and I need to wait a looonnnng time. The dude told me everybody orders at the same time. Seems true. But I learn to let my wife call it in now. After all, she needs to do something.
By: zenobia9000
Happy Chef
This is a tiny family run restaurant. Great place to go for great food and services. Sometimes they are very busy and you may have to wait a bit longer, but it's worth it. Don't miss it.

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