By: danelleannkelsch
2010 Nail & Spa
Nice place but expensive for a nail salon if you ask me. I used to go here for over a year and they almost always did a good job and I didn't mind paying extra cause I like the people who worked there and they are very gentle. BUT instead of appreciating my continued business to them they started messing up my nails and wanted to charge me for a redo. I was not impressed with this it made me feel like all they cared about was money. I have now started going somewhere else who doesn't charge me extra and appreciates my business. Anyhow like I said they are an OK place but they are expensive like $30-50 for a full set and ranges from $20-45 for a pedicure. They do have other features they do waxing, spa treatment, eyelashes and permanent make up. Also if you go here be prepared to spend some time there, they are not quick with it and for the outcome of the product is not worth it! Ill never go back even though I like the people who work there, my top concern is who gives the best quality product for the best price and this is not 2010 Nails and Spa.
By: 70chazz
May's Nails
In today's economic climate it is great to patronize a business which understands treating customers as you yourself would like to be treated... small things like acknowledging ones arrival, questioning how they could make your visit with them all the more enjoyable, suggesting service which compliment service already desired. These are just a few reasons I now use their services. Give them a try and see what you think. For me, what started as a test had blossomed into a 6 months and counting affair. Yes I love them!
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By: Janice S.
Nails Plus
I've been going since January 2016 and I'm happy to say I love going to this nail salon. When I started looking to get a refill, my nails had been done at a shop that is apart of a chain of Nail Salons and my nails look 2 or 3 different nail tech had tried to fix what the other person could not...So after a month of new growth I end up at Nails Plus where the old set was removed with no effort and I'm so happy.As of 5/13/16 my set nails from 1/8/16 still looks like a new set.Thank you Michelle
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By: trayceejae
Michelle Pro Nails
I love going to Michelle's Pro Nails, my favorite is Tim, he moved to the cross keys location from the one across from Target. He does a wonderful job on full sets, they're not big and bulky. They look natural. I got "alot" of compliments on my nails. I recommend him definitly to anybody. Tom, the owner, is great too. He has a good since of humor. 8). I love them all. Kim does really good with pedicures at the other location across from target in my opinion.
By: danelleannkelsch
Florissant Nails
Small place but they do a really good job for a good price. A full set no matter what is $20 whether you want white tips, a take off and redo, whatever its $20. The pedicure is $18. They do eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyebrows is $7 and eyelashes is $20 I believe. I used to go somewhere else for over 2 years that charged me a lot more than this and Florissant Nails does the same if not better quality job.
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By: Kristin M.
Pro Nails
I love this place. I Have been going to Pro Nail since 2007. They are like my second family. When after the second visit they can remember your name....that's a place I would continue to go. Kind of like Cheers, lol. They are friendly and aim to please. Thanks guys for doing what you do! I'm never disappointed.
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By: Vickie H.
Apple Nail Spa
I went there and Vam did my nails. He did an awesome design on all my nails. It was $56 including eyebrows. I go back 2 weeks later and get same things and he charges $68. No way did I go back. Where's the set price? I was a good tipper too . i went back to my old salon less than $50 for eyebrows and nails.
By: angelthomas
Atn Nail And Spa
atn nail and spa had the best services and product. they had all kind of nail, solar, dilkwrap, pink and white, gel pink and white, three color powder, three color gel, marble gel nail, mint wrap. their predicure is amazing, they delivered the product the way u wanted, andycindy always make u laugh.
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By: Patricia B.
Nails Plus
I have been coming here for years...I find the other comments hard to believe...Van usually does my nails...but everone in the salon is very capable...I know their supplies are sterilized...I see what they do...as I used to have a hair salon. Their shop is very clean!
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By: Lauren H.
Extra Nails
Quick with walk ins, great job on my nails, never an issue, never hurt, and best price I've find on gel polish. Super friendly, great place for nail services.

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