By: misspam1029
Marco's Pizza
My husband and I went on Sat. their 1st week open. We had just been talking a few days before I saw that we were getting a pizza place to eat in. So we went and ate there.It was really great. Everyone there was so nice and even though it was Sat and they do take out and deliver too, we got our pizza in good time. And as I've said it was great.I do have one pretty good complaint though only one. They need to get better plastic forks and knives. They were not strong enough. That was our only complaint. So do go you'll love it too. And people start reviewing places around our area. No one seems to do that here. Thanks! And please go or order out and see for yourselves.
By: Charles G.
Marco's Pizza
I have ordered by phone and online as well as take out and have had quick, friendly service and the food has been great! I suggest online ordering because once setup it is super quick and easy! If you have a favorite order and set it up it takes only seconds to order!
By: Lenore C.
Marco's Pizza
Marco's has the absolute best pizza ever!!! Since I've had theirs, I can't eat pizza from any other place. hands down, it's the best!!!
By: sureshd
Mellow Mushroom
go get ur pizza from one of the chain pizza joints. nothing special here. but they have some above avg hoagie's
By: brandisusc
Jersey boys
Friendly, fast delivery,amazing food and the best Chicken Parm and Philly Chez Steak in town!
By: Susan B.
Marco's Pizza
Pizzas are delicious! The employees are easy to work with and friendly.
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By: Tron M.
Stefano's Pizza Restaurant
They make some delicious pizza

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