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  • 1.Deerfield Run

    470 3rd Loop Rd


    3.57 mi

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By: calhounn2
Palmetto Villas
This was actually the first apartment I've ever bought on my own, and I feel like I've been duped. Although the outside area is very quiet and clean, it is ridiculous how high the rent is for what I've been through over the course of my 1-year lease. There are people paying less rent than I am at other apartment complexes in the Florence area, and have wonderful apartments. I pay $600.00 per month for a two bedroom. The list below is a brief overview of my experience at Palmetto Gardens:-Broken Dishwasher (Before it was even used. Was told it was brand new)-Light over the sink didn't wok-Ceiling fan did not work (They refused to replace it and installed a small light)-Broken air conditioner-Back door to small for frame (Letting out my heat/air and large enough to let bugs in. Management refused to replace the door, and I had to stuff the doorframe with grocery bags so bugs wouldn't come in.)-All windows painted shut-Insects (Waterbugs, ants, spiders, and even WORMS. Yes, WORMS)-Broken toilet (I have to flush it three times for the water to actually go down)-Ceiling started leaking in three places (And I lived on the first floor. Ceiling even started peeling, and a large piece of it ended up on the floor)If you are new to the Florence, SC area or just a Florence resident seeking to get their own place, DO NOT come to Palmetto Gardens/ Willwood Gardens. The rent is too high for the terrible living. It is also VERY unstable when it comes to property management. I've had three different property managers for the duration of my one year lease. Maintenance may take 3-4 days to finally come see about your problems. Despite all of this, I've never been late on rent. I will finally be moving out in October of 2013, and I recommend everyone to try out any other apartment complex in the Florence, SC area. Palmetto Gardens should be shut down.
By: jeffflorence
Charles Pointe Apartments
After I moved in to Charles Point I saw bad reviews on the internet and wondered why. I know that there is always someone that's going to complain and figured that's all it was . At first I thought it was clean and quiet. And the reviews referred to the apartment manager Marsha Harper as a Nazi, I soon found out why. First of all they constantly come in your apartment with little or no notice. They always have a "reason" spray for bugs , change a filter or believe it or not to see if your apartment is clean. I'm sorry but if you are an adult paying to live in a house do you really need a stranger walking in on you to see if your house is clean. And the bugs? If they come in to spray all the time I don't know what they use but we have spiders and bugs filled in our apartments. After coming home from vacation on a Saturday on a summer day My air conditioner was not working, there is no posted number to call anyone and i went to several apartments asking if anyone knew who to call, we all looked at our leases and there was no number. I finally called the the number for the lease information and it said if you have a emergency to call a pager number and they will get back to you right away leave a message. After i called three hours later I had no response so i called again. No response, I called again after five hours and left a message saying that if someone didn't respond i was going to call someone to fix it or stay in a hotel and take it off the rent. Finally almost 6 hours after marsha called me back on the same number they claimed was a pager number and said carl was coming to fix it. After he fixed it an hour later it broke again and i had to call again. This time no call back, luckily a friend of mine came over and fixed it. I never even got a follow up to see if it was fixed. In the almost three years I have lived here we get robbed at a rate of about every three months(My car was even stolen),I once went to marsha and asked why we don't at least have security cameras and she said there wasn't enough money in the budget. Since then they bought exercise equipment painted the parking lot (at least $20,000) re shingled the roofs and hired people to work in the office.Wal mart sells security cameras for $299. If you question rather or not this is true check the boards by the mailboxes and you will see the latest letter telling us we were robbed yet again, all they do is put the same letter up and change the date of the last time we were robbed. After being out of town for a week I come home to find one of the many nasty grams we all get stuck in all our doors on a weekly basis, this one was about a noise complaint and i thought nothing of it as we always get some notice as tenants at least once a week. Because i was working out of town at the time and only staying here a few days out of the month i thought nothing of it. The next week i came back from out of state there was another noise compliant notice with my name on it. I went to speak to marsha about it and she said i was getting complaints about noise, When I told her i had receipts from hotels and internet video surveillance showing me at my business out of state she had the nerve to say someone was staying in my apartment. I could go on and on but if you doubt any of this please ask a few tenants before you decide to rent from here. The first 6 months i thought it was ok, i travel a lot for business and have lived in many places and this is the worst place in 45 years I have ever lived at. Please talk to tenants before you rent here

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