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By: Michael B.
Empress Of China Restaurant
Don't believe the hype--most people have no idea what good Chinese is. This stuff is MSG-laden, mediocre at best fare. You can't get food without the MSG unless you ask for it steamed, and then you are experiencing even more bland food. Every time I eat there I am disappointed by the flavor and then upset with myself for braving the MSG since there's so much in the food I start feeling sick almost immediately. The decor is interesting, and there are a few choices that aren't greasy and nasty, so I gave it two stars instead of one. But seriously, Flint has much better to offer if you just look around a little. To the owners: PLEASE CUT IT OUT WITH THE MSG!!!!
By: sblazen
Empress Of China Restaurant
Several Years ago I used to only go to those fast food type Chinese restaurants, until one day my mom convinced me to try Empress of China. I have been hooked ever since.....that was over 7 years ago. I have tried other Chinese restaurants throught the state and never have been able to find any that could match the quality of Empress. I would highly recommend the General Tso Chicken, the Almond Chicken, and a signature dish they call "Empress Double Sticks". It is teriaki chicken and steak on a skewer. They have a great all you can eat buffet on sunday afternoons that features those items.
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By: Oka M.
Canton Chinese Restaurant
Our family loves this restaurant and has been eagerly awaiting for the opening. Words can't express the quality of the food. Delicious!! We have tried many Chinese Restaurants but none could compare. We adore the friendly atmosphere. The portions are large, and you definitely get more than your dollars worth.We will be there in the near future to celebrate a few of our family's birthdays. We've been waiting for the day of the opening. First off, since we cannot wait, we'll be ordering take-out. Will be happy to walk through the doors.Your Miller Friends
By: mlle_scarlet
Empress Of China Restaurant
This used to be the only place I would purchase Chinese food because they're quality was so good. Now the quality is very inconsistent. Sometimes it's the best, sometimes it's as awful as the cheap stuff. I'm extremely underwhelmed by their waitstaff as it's very difficult to properly convey an order. Unusual phrases like "light ice" are not translatable to some of the servers.Luckily, they still have the best hot and sour soup ever!
By: Zachary B.
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet
Though most of the staff does not speak English, they still manager to refill my tea every time i ran out, they have said thank you every time they picked up my plates, and the sushi bar is awesome.The worst thing about this place is the customers base.The best thing about it is probably the Sushi bar, or the hand made crab rangoon.
By: katie.richardson.5851
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet
Best buffet around! Opened 3 days ago. I am not a chinese food fan, this restaurant had all types of food including prime rib. Very clean, great service, great price, great selection, good food! The buffet was huge including sushi bar, chinese food, many types of sea food, prime rib, hand dipped ice cream. Highly recommended!
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet
GREAT selection of food, nice atmosphere, excellent prices for lunch-haven't been there for dinner yet-my folks loved it too! Sushi could be a little better, the rice was a little soft. but the overall quality was fantastic! And they had one sushi that was ALL daikon radish , my favorite! Yum!
By: Austin J.
Hong Kong Buffet
i have gone here for years, they are fairlly cheap, great food and the employees are always on top of things if you need a refill they 95% of the time will ask right before your done. they are extreamly polite aswell.
By: Jun B.
Cantonese Gourmet East
Honestly this is the best place in Flint to get Chinese food, at least imo. I'm from a Chinese-American family and the "mandarin" and "general tso's" chicken are the best I've ever tasted.
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By: str3tch
Golden Moon
I have been coming to Golden Moon for over 20 years and they always have the best tasting dishes in Flint. Their buffet is tops, and the best hot sour soup I have ever tasted anywhere.

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