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By: mysteryshopperfenton
Leo’s Coney Island
We were thrilled to have leo's coney in town and were eager to go once they opened. Of course, opening day was extremely busy -no doubt it would be, but the service was quite lacking in the organized/prompt department. Nearly every table was full and there were approx., 20 waitstaff in the restaurant...yet, we sat in our booth for nearly 20 mins before someone came over to get our drink order. Mind you, people that walked in after us were served first. Considering they were busy and opening day, we didn't expect for service to be so poor. Women who worked there were just standing around glancing at people looking lost. The select few, (maybe two-three) knew what they were doing. After asking for the same item nearly three times, sitting there for 40 mins, and getting our order wrong we were frustrated yet, understanding. The food, was decent, but skimpy portions at high prices. After paying and leaving, we thought we would give them a try again. This time, carry out. Order was undercooked, incorrect AGAIN and the girls answering the phones were just plain rude. When we opened the box, we were surprised to find several short hairs mixed in with the food. GROSS!! This will have officially ended my business with the new Leos's in Fenton. Already see the health inspector on his way and they haven't been open for 2 weeks!! Hoping they could get it right, but i was mistaken.
By: elizabethg23
Leo’s Coney Island
In reply to the review below this: my boyfriend and I were in the restaurant the whole time that incident happened. We sat 2 tables away and the blonde was our waitress as well. The table that wrote that review were rude to her from the beginning. She was a great waitress and had done all she could to give them great service, but some people are just too unhappy with their lives to please. A drink did spill on the man but only a line on his probably 5 dollar shirt. I would say karma was her best friend and he deserved it.
By: thetruth552
Mega Coney Island
I'd say, "If you would like to experience it all; Mega is the place." Great quality and value. Not only is the service fast, its a high energy place that is ran like a well oiled machine. I would highly recommend it to family and friends.
By: James B.
Halo Burger
I have came here at least 20 times and I have had a pleasant experience every time I like this place

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